3DS Weekly Deals: 5% Off eShop Cards, Sonic Lost World $20, Pokemon White Version 2 (DS) $18 & more

3DS weekly deals and sales at Amazon, Frys, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, Gamefly and Target.

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jacobvogel1613d ago

Sonic Lost World is a great game and that's a great deal.

andrewsimons1613d ago

I never played any of the Pokemon games. Should I buy white version 2 or Pokemon X?

3-4-51613d ago

I hadn't played since Red back in like 1998.

I got White 2 and I like it a lot.

I still need to finish that before I play X.

I bought X on day one and have yet to play it. Probably the only game I can say I've ever done that with.

I want to fully enjoy the last 2D Pokemon before I fully enjoy the first 3D pokemon.

I would say you can't go wrong with either.

SilentNegotiator1613d ago

If you like turn-based jRPGs, go for it.

Spenok1613d ago

Personally I would say X or Y because of all it's new features. The ability to trade over the net SO easily and all the extra pokemon etc. Best in the series IMO.

edgarohickman1613d ago

I've never seen 3DS console deals lately only 3DS XL.

Apollo11613d ago

Toys R Us used to have deals on 3DS Consoles for $139.99, not anymore.

SilentNegotiator1613d ago

Toys R Us had some great pre-Christmas deals. I wish I had gotten one then.

KrisButtar1613d ago

Did anyone notice prices went up in Canada at EB Games

Spenok1613d ago

So I've really been wanting to buy Castlevania on 3DS. That $15 is really nice. However I need another game to go with it. Was thinking about remember me. I have almost every system, sans 360 and Xbone.

Any suggestions?

P.S. Trying to make it at just about that $35 mark for free shipping ;)