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Submitted by Shibdib 749d ago | review

Battlefield 4 – Complete In Depth Review |

Overlord Gaming In Depth Video Review of Battlefield 4! (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) 8.5/10

csreynolds  +   749d ago
I don't mean to nitpick, but if this is an in-depth review, should the game have received 8.5/10 considering the many, many problems that currently plague multiplayer (and single-player, although less so) on all platforms?
Shibdib  +   749d ago
Not being the reviewer I can't say for sure why he scored it as such, but it's something worth asking on the website comments or forum.

But IMO an 8.5 is well deserved because when the game does work it's easily the best FPS on the market right now. That's without a doubt.
csreynolds  +   749d ago
I guess the "when it works" bit is what ails me. For what it's worth, I totally agree with you; BF4 is the best shooter on the market - when it works. But as the last 3 months have proved, it doesn't "work" as a finished title should very often. The netcode is still awful, the servers are still unstable, save games are still corrupting, and features that should be present are still missing.

It's a reviewer's job to take these factors into consideration. To put it bluntly, this game is in a pretty poor state - a state that certainly isn't worthy of an 8.5. Just my two pennies.
GailCSteppe   749d ago | Spam
OnlyAzN  +   748d ago
I understand. This is a rating of the game when it works. Now I understand that the game has had it's problems with multiplayer but when it runs. Which for me is probably 80% of the time. It is great. No other shooter I would rather play more.
csreynolds  +   748d ago
A small part of me can see the reasoning behind this approach, but by overlooking Battlefield 4's obvious flaws the site's being dishonest with its readership. The review acknowledges absolutely none of its issues - completely ignoring them, in fact.

An author of reviews myself, I wouldn't recommended a broken product to my readers - irrespective of how great it may be when it functions as it should. It would be like giving a non-functional smartphone high praise because I once had a good phone call on it.

I'm sorry if we're at a disagreement here, but when the majority of a game's community is being very vocal about how broken it is, a review should take this into consideration. Honesty is always the best policy; it's what keeps your audience coming back.
ExPresident  +   749d ago
Reviews really need to start holding developers accountable for buggy/glitchy games like this one. The game was unplayable, and while its playable now, it still has a bunch of issues. I understand a review is a personal opinion, and therefor, rather objective, but with all the glitches and issues BF4 has had it is no where near what an 8.5 game should be.
MarcoGT  +   749d ago
I wouldn't know what score to give single player as it keeps restarting, multiplayer seems good just a shame they can't fix these bugs.
RegorL  +   748d ago
Restarting single player is not a bug it is a feature implemented especially for those of you who complained about the short time needed to play through.

This was the easiest fix they could come up with.

Are you grateful? Nah!

Douchebag696  +   748d ago
I enjoy the game for the most part. Like everyone else has said, "when it runs good the game is great". But the problem is when it doesn't run good the thing is shit. I still get kicked out to the main menu, I still have problems (sometimes) with rubberbanding and this is worse when I'm traveling really fast in a vehicle. I'll get hung up on the stupidest crap on the ground and this usually gets me killed because I'm under fire at the time. I mean really, a brick?! The little guy can't just step over a brick?! I have to do a full fledge jump to make it over that stupid brick and sometimes that doesn't even work?! Come on!

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