Wii U weekly Deals: Sonic Lost World $29.99, Wonderful 101 $23.99, AC IV: Black Flag $29.99 & more

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JusticeSoulTuna1552d ago

Wow, Wonderful 101 that cheap already? Makes me wish I had a Wii U.

Joey_Leone1552d ago

Its the Sega Dreamcast ALL over again.

jacobvogel1552d ago

WiiU System Bundle with The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, Ninja Gaiden 3 and Wonderful 101 for $324.99 ??

Now that's a great deal.

timothyckeegan1552d ago

MSRP of Wind Waker bundle is $300
The Wonderful 101 for $24 on Best Buy and Amazon.
This means you will get Ninja Gaiden for free.

GamersHeaven1552d ago

Not a bad deal Mario bundle is a better deal you get the mario game and lugi it's 280$ Mario game is 50$/Lugi 25$ on amazon.

timothyckeegan1552d ago

So is Sonic worth it at the price of $29.99?

bobsmith1552d ago

nah im waiting on donkey kong tropical freeze for 20$ more

Alex_Boro1552d ago

Tried the demo out for Wonderful 101 and the gameplay felt really boring. Still doesn't warrant a 25 dollar purchase from me.

Nodoze1552d ago

The game is a blast. Picked it up for 29 and it has not left the tray. Highly addictive, and a surprisingly decent story narrative. The graphics are incredible.