Spiffy Driveclub Live Action “Commercial” Created by Italian Film Company

Italian film company Freim Produzioni recently published (most probably independently, as a portfolio showcase or as a pitch to Sony) a live action commercial clip for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub.

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GTgamer1557d ago

Bad acting but I can't stress how much I love DriveClubs soundtrack.

FamilyGuy1557d ago

I want to hear more tracks, that theme song is the only one I know of so far.

I love the concept of DriveClub and it's what they seem to be trying to portray here. Driving... in a club. It's like being in a clan in a first person shooter but with racing. You win and your team grows in fame, you can race as a group or separate but you're always a team. I really like the concept and can't wait to pick this up day 1, whenever day 1 happens to be.

FamilyGuy1557d ago

lmao WTF indeed!

I know what I just watched, I just don't understand why it exist...

Destrania1557d ago

Okie dokie then haha. DriveClub is going to be spectacular.

XiSasukeUchiha1557d ago

Sony Damn just like a Rap god, Rap god!

XisThatKid1556d ago

I hate Sasuke but I agree with you and love the reference.

DigitalRaptor1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Brilliant concept. Really goes with what Evolution are looking to achieve with the game.

A socially connected racer, that you can interact with even when you're not racing.

So friends, socialising, thinking about the next race, and checking up on "Dave" who has just won a race. A bit unrealistic with poor acting, but the message is there.

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