Will Apple's second attempt at a gaming platform work?

Josh Holat writes:

''You all remember the Apple Pippin, the greatest biggest flop of a game system ever, don't you? Since then Apple has stayed relatively far away from the gaming market all together. However, I believe some of there products have, coincidentally, brought them somewhat back into it. Look at the iPhone and its accelerometer. Those two devices together make a great pair for a handheld gaming system and developers have already begun to take advantage of that with games like Spore (in the keynote). Still, I think there is yet one more product that could soon be a nice little gaming device, and that's the Apple TV.''

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blynx1823873d ago

They fail at a 2nd attempt.

tweaker3873d ago

That is one clever name. haha

Pain3873d ago

Anything beter then MS gaming is Good in my books.

Mabey then u wont need to Build a new rig just to play a game console can do years ago.

freakyzeeky3873d ago

They'll update that console's hardware as often as their iPods!

DailyAddict3873d ago

Without a doubt in my mind, I think an Apple console would fail for a lot of reasons. One, it's Apple. Steve and Apple are known notoriously for wanting to be in control of their systems for 100% and this will not fair well with developers that would want root control of the system to develop for that Apple probably will not allow. Second, also tied to Apple's nature for wanting absolute control, I'd imagine that peripherals would ONLY come from Apple. No logitech equipment or any of our favorite third party accessories. With that, means very few accessories would be built and anything Apple builds will be overpriced. After that, I just think it just comes down to whether or not people really want another console in the market. 3 consoles to own right now and it costs a small fortune to keep up with all of them. So, I think an Apple console would fail.

However, an Apple handheld on the other hand I can see doing very well. Apple dominates the portable music player market and has a great OS to boot with excellent mobility. The iPhone is a fun device and in terms of sales, is second only to BlackBerry. The accelerometer would work great for a motion controlled handheld and I think they'd pose a big enough threat to force both Sony and Nintendo to rethink how they do handhelds.

SaiyanFury3873d ago

The iPhone may be a fun device, but due to it's high price point, I don't think it will take over the general smart phone market. My wife bought a new Blackberry Curve last week for 220 dollars last week, after a 100 dollar rebate. Last time I checked the cheapest iPhone was 400 bucks.

As for Apple having a games console, I think they'd follow their trend of overpricing things. In a day and age where price can either make or break your console, I don't think Apple would stay afloat for long.

Harry1903873d ago

really tough competition out there.

jinn3872d ago

no, but if it does the lifespan of their console will be as long or shorter than the Dreamcast