Metro: Last Light Recreated In CRYENGINE & Showcased In A New Video

DSOGaming writes: "We’ve featured the work of CRYENGINE modder ‘carlos333′ in the past and today we are bringing you a video, showcasing his latest map inspired by Metro: Last Light."

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minimur121587d ago

what's with all these DSOG 're-created in cryengine' posts, I mean cryengine is fine and dandy but does it really matter? It's just like one of the bloggers has access to cryengine and keeps doing this stuff

Hatsune-Miku1587d ago

metro last light needs to come to the ps4 because id buy it first day

Rivitur1587d ago

The point is Cryengine is free to use so artist looking for jobs tend to recreate game scenes to showcase their talents.
Off topic: Lol at the other guys response about PS4 (not that it might not happen but it just isn't a real response to you) and the ads for other stories under the summary are pissing me off.

minimur121587d ago

so it's not just me?!?

OH praise the lords!

i thought I had an advirus (even with adblocker on) lol

donman11587d ago

Nothing special here. It looks more current gen than next gen.

SlapHappyJesus1587d ago

The game looked so much better originally . . .

Utalkin2me1587d ago

How about representing actual last light gameplay.

beatled1587d ago

the real game looks far better

Pandamobile1587d ago

A CG artist trying to buff up his portfolio in his spare time? Some of you guys act like this is an affront to your moral sensibilities seeing game environments re-imagined in different game engines.

aliengmr1587d ago

You are absolutely right, but I would point out the title of the article (even the articles existence itself) gives the impression of "Hey, look at Cryengine! It can make every game look better!".

That's not the case, but its an article on some dude's portfolio, not really news worthy. Especially so since its hardly that amazing to warrant an article to begin with.

john21587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

@aliengmr: Title states the obvious things. A Metro: Last Light scene recreated in CRYENGINE. As simple as that. The fact that you translate it to something completely different like "Hey, look at Cryengine! It can make every game look better!" is your false personal misinterpretation.

Oh, and it deserves not one but more articles, especially since this is made by a single person.

Seriously now, what next? Complaining about mods?

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