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Sony “Shares” Deep Down Screenshots Directly from a PS4: Leaves One, Deletes all the Others

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia held a series of events in Japan named "Try! PlayStation 4." During the event Japanese gamers got to try out several PS4 games, including a demo of the upcoming RPG from Capcom Deep Down. Some screenshots of the game were "shared," but only one remained, while all the others were deleted. (Deep Down, PS4)

iGAM3R-VIII  +   212d ago
amazing, can't wait for this game tho'
dsswoosh  +   212d ago
This literally looks like the most boring game i have ever seen.
theDivision  +   212d ago
Way to troll. It's obvious from your other posts that you see the words "PS4 exclusive" and label it. Deep down looks graphically stunning and the gameplay seems to be decent at least and above all it's free, so even if it doesn't meet expectations it won't cost me a dime. Try to put a little effort in (and get some evidence to support claims or reasoning for an opinion) before you knock something just for its brand.
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fanboybeatdown  +   212d ago
Not sure it looks the most boring, but it is a very worrying sign that Sny captures screens and then has to censor it's own screencaps.

Couple of things could be the reason:
- screen capture on ps4 is not that great and portrays the game in a bad light OR
- the game just doesn't look that good.

I believe that even the WiiU can do 1080p screen caps, so why are these ps4 screencaps so bad that they need to be censored?

Let's face it, the one remaining screencap doesn't look that good either. So the conclusion appears to be staring us in the face.
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NewSunday  +   212d ago
of the 2 capcom next gen exclusives
Deep Down<Dead Rising 3

I know its not out yet but i feel like scavenging dungeons could get exhausting. hopefully they have outdoor and unique environments. thse stone walls will get old. the gameplay better be really good
webeblazing  +   212d ago
it dont seem like hes trolling to me. it do seem boring to me. and being that this game is coming from capcom i question how good the game will be.
Parapraxis  +   212d ago
That's LITERALLY the stupidest comment I've ever seen.
andrewsqual  +   212d ago
Yeah you are right, they should have made it on Cryengine or Unreal or Frostbyte.
What can a proprietary engine built from the ground up do? http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Oh..... exactly what the developer wants it to.
kopicha  +   212d ago
for one to make negative claims on something he/she have not even played before simply demerit anything that comes out of your mouth. it is like simply seeing a person on picture without even actually knowing that person then go around say this is the worst person on earth. nice try there dude
jacksons98  +   211d ago
Xbox fanboy rule #23
When you don't have anything else to say about a game call it "boring."
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Edward75  +   212d ago
Too bad they didn't leave the other screens up, this is one game I'm so looking forward to playing.
Meltic  +   212d ago
when is this released ?
Abriael  +   212d ago
no date yet.
Meltic  +   212d ago
will it be single player too or just online ?
Abriael  +   212d ago
@Meltic: there will be single player, but from what they say I presume it'll be online only.
Prime157  +   212d ago
I think it's a free to play model, so most likely it's better online with others, but you'll be able to play by yourself if you really want.
Patrick_pk44  +   212d ago
They want to release it in the the first quarter. So early this year.
Mikey94  +   212d ago
@Meltic its online only.
Meltic  +   212d ago
crap.... want SP too
pyramidshead  +   212d ago
That's what's holding me back to. Too many decent games coming out that are online only :(. Devs need to understand not everyone has super speedy nets yet, and it could only hurt sales if not everyone can play the damn thing :p.

Plus a single player campaign is always welcome, always. No matter how bad it is at least you'll be able to play that portion when ever you wanted.
DialgaMarine  +   212d ago
I think it's going to be online only in the same sense that Demon's Souls was. Jump in Jump out co-op play and PvP, but the ability to play by yourself as well.
Dirtnapstor  +   212d ago
I'm hoping so. I agree with P-head, SP campaigns are needed, not necessarily because of net-speed, but for me it's about the experience, the journey, the crafting of a good venture to wisk me away!
mafiahajeri  +   212d ago
PS4 booth in a train station... Classic.
pyramidshead  +   212d ago
damn where's that gif of the train with Kaz's head on the front smashing a bus out of the way when you need it lol.
djplonker  +   212d ago
This game looks awesome and it will not get held back because of "weaker hardware" ps4 is the place to play this gen and I can prove it!

From the Uk's leading game retailer

Xbox day one edition - In Stock

ps4 page - register your interest (Out of stock)
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Sm00thNinja  +   212d ago
Whatever helps you sleep at night kid! But on topic deep down, while not as impressive as initially shown looks to satiate my PS4 RPG cravings
djplonker  +   212d ago
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andibandit  +   212d ago
@djplonkers, the first 4 words were on topic kid, rest was just bashing.
Sm00thNinja  +   212d ago
I'm sorry to have...... Offended you, but your traveling to every article posting links to something completely irrelevant as to gloat as if your responsible for Sonys recent success.? We're what? 3 months removed from launch we get it the PS4 is sold out..... On another note I have an Xbone, a Wii U, and a PS4. All my gaming needs are being met, and I'd also argue my RPG needs are being satisfied by the Wii U at the moment.
desertpunk86   212d ago | Offensive
-Foxtrot  +   212d ago
I don't know why but despite looking nice I can't really get excited for this. I think the free to play thing is putting me off
mafiahajeri  +   212d ago
F2p doesn't mean it's going to be bad look games like dota 3 and the immense success they have from selling customization items. Deep down should be considered no different people need to want to play this to get into actually buying things, and I don't think Capcom will half ass this because it's free which is what people first think of when f2p is mentioned.
-Foxtrot  +   212d ago
But it's Capcom, this is going to be plagued with Micro transactions, it's like the "DLC" of this gen, like how DLC was introduced last gen and got out of hand.

DoTA worked since it had Valve behind it but games like Diablo 3....well look how that turned out.

"and I don't think Capcom will half ass this because it's free"

Well we won't know untill it's released but the fact is it's Capcom...it's kind of something they would do. If this was Valve making this then there wouldn't be a problem but when you have Capcom with a bad habbit or trying to scam as much money as they can out of you you have to think about it. I mean it's pretty I'll give it that but then again so was FF13 and it was bad.
webeblazing  +   212d ago
this is one of the few times i agree with you foxtrot. its capcom, a publisher that constantly screw gamers and their devs over
skoorydook  +   212d ago
I agree, would much rather just pay a one off cost
theWB27  +   212d ago
How else would a f2p game make any money if it doesn't have MicroT's?
-Foxtrot  +   212d ago
Yeah but knowing Capcom they are going to take the p*** like they did with DLC last gen
DigitalRaptor  +   212d ago
This game is a joint effort from Sony Japan and Capcom.

So if Capcom gets out of line with the Microtransactions, Sony can get on their ass about it. I don't mind them if they are fairly structured like many other free-to-play games. I'm hoping for the best with the way they handle it, cause everything about it looks pretty damn cool.
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theWB27  +   212d ago
CAPCOM...got ya. Can't really defend them : )
KillrateOmega  +   212d ago
I'll give the game the benefit of a doubt and try it. If the microtransactions are handled poorly, then I'll drop it. If they are handled well, then I'm down...deep down.
Sm00thNinja  +   212d ago
Lol clever. Indeed though if the micro transactions are handled similar to Warframes ill be all for it
tommygunzII  +   212d ago
I feel the exact same way.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   212d ago
Damn looks so nice (daydreaming about PS4-XB1 gen.)
tommygunzII  +   212d ago
Really looking forward to this game. Looks fun and challenging.
RussellGorall  +   212d ago
Still looks like a tech demo.
Adolph Fitler  +   212d ago
Isn't this a Pay2Win game? They need to change these F2P games up a bit...There is stuff on the Aus. PSN store for some of these games, where the flat charge for all content & such is $180Au...WTF is that sh1t? This F2P model is very unpolished & scary to think about, when gaming eventually goes this way, in a mainstream capacity.

I hope this game is good, but I probably won't be getting it for the above reason. F2P just means MORE EXPENSIVE IN THE END, from what I've seen. I really don't want that, I want to buy a game, & know what I've got...A COMPLETE GAME.

I really wish Capcom gave MS Dead Rising 3 exclusive, & instead of this Deep Down, instead they give Sony Rival Schools United By Fate 2, exclusively for PS4...And if not, a new Resident Evil that harkened back to the slow, shambling, masses of zombies in confined spaces that RE1, 2, 3 & even Code Veronica offered. If they could make a next gen version of RE that was half as good as RE2, I would be extremely happy. This is a series & genre that Capcom have to re-ignite, & re-invigorate, as they have really f^cked it up & turned it into a totally different genre, game & story. They may have RE's original characters keep turning up in them, but IT'S NOT RESIDENT EVIL...I don't care what anybody says...Resident Evil 4 & onwards, are definitely NOT RE games, in any way shape or form...As good as RE4 was/is, it should have been called something COMPLETELY different, & not included any RE characters.

As good as Deep Down looks graphically, it looks to be stealing a lot of it art style & ideas from Demon & Dark Souls, & it looks quite obvious that those 2 games are the superior games, not to mention there will be another out soon in Dark Souls 2. I have tried to get excited over the game, but the whole F2P thing just won't allow me to...I mean, EVERYBODY with SF4, Mvc3, & other Capcom games on 360 or PS3, knows that Capcom charge stupidly high prices for totally irrelevant, non gameplay related content for there games...I mean, common...If it was anybody other than Capcom or Activision, I would be slightly less (deep) down on this game... but Capcom are without a doubt, the worst nickel & diming publisher/developer in the industry.
Graphically the game looks nice....But after watching gameplay, it looks uninteresting, dull & slow...Hope it turns out better than my low expectations.
Sadist3  +   211d ago
Amazing! A screen shot! Never seen anything this exciting before! It's a screen shot of a guy in armor! This is revolutionary!
MuhammadJA  +   211d ago
You mad?
dream2100  +   211d ago
that ps4 game is horrible. ps4 is a low power to big games like this just horrible.
MoB21  +   211d ago
Why is this an article
Aghashie  +   211d ago
Well... I don't know what to think for this game. I saw a gameplay video on YouTube and all I was thinking was Dark Souls.

I am sorry, not trying to... You know... troll a game that is not even out...

Deep Down makes me want to play other medieval knight games... or play something else, or not to play at all. Meh...
twdll  +   211d ago
This is why I bought my PS4!... Well, this and Second Son. :)
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