The Reality of Early Access Gaming

Marketing and selling a game before it’s finished intuitively seems like a bad idea, but as Notch proved with Minecraft in 2009, it can work. Really really well. For the first time gamers had the chance to be part of the traditionally secretive game development process, to see features added and altered based on their feedback and most importantly, to play the game as it was being made.

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SynGamer1789d ago

Early Access game a great way for developers to start getting funds early, enabling them to either expand the scope of a project, or complete the project if funding is low.

Over the years, we've seen the term "BETA" used VERY loosely, especially with shooters like COD and BF. Early Access is essentially that; a beta (or sometimes alpha), and people need to understand that there are still plenty of bugs and issues that need to be resolved.

BUT, with Early Access comes user feedback and the opportunity to make the game better. For me, that's a trade-off I'll gladly pay for if it means dealing with bugs and glitches early on :)

General Shrooms1789d ago

The terms alpha and beta have almost lost their meaning. They became buzzwords mostly used for marketing.

General Shrooms1789d ago

Buying an early access game is an investment. All investments have their risks. If a game doesn't pan out or goes belly up then the consumer needs to chalk it off as a failed investment.

Then you have games like Battlefield 4, which is largely an unfinished game that masquerades as complete and charges a full price.

s45gr321789d ago

I am not a fan of Early Access, I wish I could pay as little as a dollar. I know it sounds stingy but hey is a beta/alpha of say game. My investment may be low but if the game goes belly up I only lose a dollar. But to pay $30.00 or more for an early access game ummm is a personal huge risk for me.