UGO: Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "Not being a fan of Dragon Ball Z has long been a problem for gamers trying to digest the series. There are just so many characters, so many worlds and so many "Kamehamehas" for anyone to know what the heck is going on. Of course, fans dig all that stuff, and the games have paid tribute to DBZ fanatics by offering up every bit of fan service they can muster...but what about us ignoramuses?

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit has just about all that fan service stuff that the previous games have had, but it's also got something for the non-fans as well. For the fans, you've got 20 playable characters, a wide variety of story battles that take place throughout the history of the franchise, and a bunch of awesome explosions! For non-fans, there's a surprisingly deep, rather intuitive fighting engine to explore. Oh, and some awesome explosions, as well."

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