Sony Coy On Western DriveClub Release. But Why?

Dealspwn: "The PS4 and Sony really need a racing game. And we should have one on the horizon. But earlier this week, when I asked Sony’s UK PR team for a release date or even a rough release period for DriveClub, they were only able to say, “I'm afraid we don't have any info on the release date for DriveClub at the moment.”"

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

Sony wants that 60fps. That's my guess anyways. The hype for this game is going to die if they don't announce the release date or show some updated videos.

Off topic: does anyone else agree N4G constantly has trouble keeping the website up and running without issues?

bggriffiths1422d ago

Agree with you on the hype momentum yeah.

And yes, the site's having issues for me too. submitting stuff was losing the pics yesterday and today I keep getting 'service unavailable' messages on a plain white screen. Annoying.

GribbleGrunger1422d ago

Ah, so it's not just me then.

dantesparda1422d ago

im having issues to, but its definitely just you gribble, lol

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1422d ago

Same here. I'm using the mobile site now.

If they can't get 60 fps they should at least aim at 45. But whatever they do it needs to be locked.

Hatsune-Miku1422d ago

Sony coy on drive club western release of an unfinished game. But why?

FamilyGuy1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

It's weird that it doesn't have a release date yet because it's already gone through its esrb rating. Usually that happens within 2 months or so of a games release.

I expect it to be soon but they seem to want to make it a surprise or something.
Maybe they're still adding details, deciding on pay structures, they could still be deciding how much of the content goes in the PS+ version, waiting on a PS4 system update that'll make the game run better, waiting on something related to the PSN online servers, car licensing. It could literally be anything.

Sony is letting the devs finish the game, that's all there is to it.

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GarrusVakarian1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

"The hype for this game is going to die if they don't announce the release date or show some updated videos"

I don't think it will, it's the PS4's first exclusive racer, they have shown the game multiple times, each time looking better than the last, i can see the hype maintaining. It might dim a little if they keep being so quiet, but it won't die. And to me, the quiet periods just mean it's being worked on hard.

And yeah, this site has gone full retard today and yesterday for me. 'Add reply'..."hmm, something went wrong"....lmao. I also have to keep refreshing the page due to it saying "The service is unavailable".

FACTUAL evidence1422d ago

Wouldn't have to worry about this if it were a launch title.

frostypants1422d ago

I hope it has something to do with VR headset integration, but I know that's wishful thinking.

Noobz11422d ago

The extra time is certainly going to improve the game but I hope the delay isn't just so they have a better line up for Japan.

Kennytaur1422d ago

I think most of the hype died when it got delayed. People are looking forward to it, but there's not as much excitement as there used to be.

GentlemenRUs1422d ago

It's those TABOOLA ads causing the site issues...

Anyway, Japan time exclusive :(

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DanielGearSolid1422d ago

I'm not mad... If the game isnt released broken, I'll be cool wit it

BadlyPackedKeebab1422d ago

Just from generally being a gamer and following game news for the last 20 years something smells with this to me. I really hope to be wrong but much like Watch_Dogs this thing has gone so quiet I dont expect to see it for some time. Not a terrible thing given how full the releases are going to get come March. Maybe Sony are saving it to fill out the gap between the March and Sept gluts?

GarrusVakarian1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I can understand your doubts (and i know what you mean about having a certain sense about things when you have been gaming/following gaming for a long time), but a game going quiet isn't always a bad thing, it was delayed for polish and that's exactly what's happening.

I also think it's unfair to compare it to us not hearing much about Watchdogs for a while because Ubisoft and Evolution studios are very different, games aren't just cash cows to Evo like they are to Ubi and Driveclub has looked better and better every time it has been shown, while the same cant be said for Watchdogs.

"Maybe Sony are saving it to fill out the gap between the March and Sept gluts?"

I think that's entirely possible.

BadlyPackedKeebab1422d ago

Yeah, I dont mean the fact its quite is all out bad as in the game is completely screwed but given the way devs start beating the PR drum in the months running up to launch it kind of tells me we are not seeing this in March like a number of rumours have suggested. Just from the feel of the PR at the moment I think its fair to assume this baby is still 4-5+ months away. We can always be very pleasantly surprised!

Azmatik1422d ago

Ya i hear you there ive been following gaming fot a long time too and you could be very right. On second thought Sony america has been acting very weird for example War Thunder has no excuse to not be in NA even the devs said its all on sony. Just a hunch i think sony is delaying games on purpose so everyone goes out and picks up KZ and knack n such games plus i bet they're trying to spread out the free 2 play games. Nothing wrong with that but i rlly think ps4 needs a racing game and airplane game which would boost sales even more!

OrangePowerz1422d ago

Better to announce a date when they are sure, we don't want another situation like GT5 with several delays.

There is risk to loose hype, but if they market it aggressively once they have a release date they can get the hype back.

Right now there isn't much hype anyway and the same goes for Watch Dogs, the hype died completely. It doesn't really make a difference if they make an announcement next week or in 3 weeks.

sprinterboy1422d ago

Gt5 was never delayed, it needs a release date to be delayed

WeAreLegion1422d ago

I'm telling you guys. It will launch with the VR headset.

frostypants1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

I hope you're right but I think it's a longshot. If the VR headset is released before the end of 2014 (at the earliest), I'd be shocked, and I really doubt they'd hold back this game for that long. On the other hand, if the headset is further along than anyone realizes...

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