74 pupils suspended for downloading game

DarkZero: Dozens of pupils at Tollbar Business and Enterprise College at Waltham in North East Lincolnshire have being suspended after downloading an unnamed game from an internet site.

The school remarked that the downloading of the game was a breach of IT policy and suspension was the only course of action to take for such an offence. However, it was not revealed how long with suspension will last.

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Tetsuryu3869d ago

Remind me not to enroll in those schools.

Marcello3868d ago

I wonder if they will get the slipper or the cane if they do it again.

BrotherSic3868d ago

I am happy to say that was the school I used to attend hahaha

it was 8 years ago but it is still funny :)

cloud3603868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

i never got suspended but i almost got exluded and exited from class for backing up "America"

My teacher just came up to me and told me to move seats and started laughing at me. I started arguing but moved anyway. He didnt tell me why i should move. Later he was taking the mick out of America saying how there all fat and stupid based of 2 people.

I asked him he cant say that based of two people. I told him his sad taking the mick out of a whole nation just to make himself look good. Everyone in my class was hating on USA. Just because i said USA is better than UK they ttold me to move there.
I said "if i want any sshit from him i will squaezze his head".

But he didnt exit me becuase he knew he was being racist.

He didnt want me in class either. I hardly ever lokk at his face but only talk to him if i want a question answered. I need to learn.

My Matsh eatcher is one of those teachers who just chills and makes jokes. he doenst seem to care about the class sometimes, lets them to what they want and doesnt care bout homework not handed in?

I-sneeze-ALOT3868d ago

Yeah, wow its so wierd seeing Toll Bar on N4G. I didn't go to toll bar but i went to humbo comp down the road (much better school) we didnt have to wear stupid little ties :P .

bourner3868d ago

i got suspend once for asking the teacher if he was gay . how lame is that

DethWish3868d ago

A bit drastic..
Have downloaded games on the school before, never even got a proper warning, just teachers sighing and removing it :P

Poker players on the other hand, have been warned with full suspension.

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The story is too old to be commented.