New Max Payne Movie Pics

CVG provides some shots of the upcoming Max Payne Movie and says the movie is still on track:
"Max Payne: The Movie is still due sometime this year."

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Mcrmarcher3482d ago

Cool i did't know there were making it into a film, loved the story, hopefully the movie doesn't suck

Michael Jackson3482d ago

Looking good! Looks like I'm gonna be getting a max boner from Max Payne.

Ri0tSquad3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

And it never changed. Lol, me and my friends would always get a laugh at it. Too funny. Good thing it changed in Max Payne 2.

gaminoz3482d ago

Yeah the constipated look was classic!!!

sumfood4u3482d ago

That's What I'm waiting for!

crimsonfox3482d ago

i hope they dont redo that scene from the first game when jsut screaming NO!!! haha i hated that scene and plus it took forever to load too...hhaahaha good times

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