GRID HD Footage

HD footage of Grid from the XBOX 360 demo.

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BilI Gates3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

The physics are way too arcadey for my liking and I hate the music.

So what are you trying to be, GRID? An arcade racer or a simulator? Both just doesn't work for me.

sak5003870d ago

Just trying to be GT5 with better damage model and looks like it its getting there.

HighDefinition3870d ago

And your just reaching for whatever you can....cause it`s coming to a end.

BilI Gates3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

You obviously don't own a PS3 so please just shut up. I've played GRID in true HD and the damage and physics just suck. And don't even get me started on the graphics. It hardly looks any different from the PS3 version of DiRT.

justgamez3870d ago

is trying to do with GRID. It's an arcade racer with arcade physics and car damage? I played online for a couple hours and it's way too easy to put missle someone and take them out of the race.

One thing Codemasters definitely has to get on before this is released is the ability to go the wrong way and cause havok online. Most newer racers make you go invisible so you cant go the wrong way and crash into people but not GRID. It got annoying fast when I ran into more then one moron doing this on XBL and PSN.

It's a pretty game but nothing special. DiRT on tarmac. I will get it though. I am a huge race fan and I pick up almost every racing game that comes out. Besides racing games are a blast to play on the Logitech G25 and playseat Evo.

sonarus3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Let me break grid down for you sak, comparing it to GT5 means you probably haven't played it. Grid belongs in the arcades. I can't remember the last time i played such an arcadey game. Probably since need for speed:D
I hate need for speed with a passion but some people love it so grid will be right at home with those people. Visually, it doesn't hold a candle to PGR4 (which is 2nd place for racing visuals) talk less of GT5P.

Physics and damage are rock solid though i'll give them that. The environment destruction is also well done. The physics aren't very realistic and the cars feel light like paper. Grid is a disapointment in all ways

PLiPhaze3870d ago

I just don't get why the car pivot around the middle, it's a bit like DIRT, it just makes the handling seem odd

JasonPC360PS3Wii3870d ago

WOW! thats funnt comming from someone who has been at the end all along. (and stop cheating the bubbles, damn modder)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3870d ago it's just like every side by side, it goes to the 360.

sonarus3870d ago

Congratulations, i think i'll go play GT5P now... if you don't mind off course

TheTwelve3870d ago

I really feel bad for racing games that come after GT5. They will always be compared and I think they'll always come short.


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trancefreak3870d ago

just dloaded the demo will install and play tnite for the heck of it. VRooM VRooM

LevDog3870d ago

Game was garbage.. I tapped a another racer spun on.. tried to get back on the track and all I did was doughnuts.. Didnt matter the speed I was going.. All I could was doughnuts.. Some of the worse driving physics Ive ever seen.. even worse the GTA4

PoSTedUP3870d ago

right, i went from zero to 223mph in 7.0 seconds. came to the first turn not knowing how to break, aparently i didnt need the break, concidering i made the turn perfectly without the break doing 200mph. ridge racer is better than this game.

Tmac3870d ago

I must detest and expose Codemasters. They promised us a game that could rival Gran Turismo 5, and surprisingly they fell short. With their arcade feel, and less than satisfying graphics. Over all it felt like DiRT on tarmac with racing cars. Better look next time Codemasters.

poopsack3870d ago

Its llike they grabbed Dirt, put it on road and made it impossible to control!

sak5003870d ago

Impossible to control? Try playing with a real controller rather than $10 plastic toy which came with ur ps3. If you have driven a real car, ur car doesnt fish tail all over the road if you make a turn at a reasonable speed. The cars in this behave almost like the real cars specially at turns, u can get the control back immediately if u let go off the gas. But in most of the racing games the cars spin out of control even at normal controllable speeds.

Tmac3870d ago

Take your garbage to the open zone please. People in the gamer zone usually like to have intelligent conversations.

sonarus3870d ago

sak do you work for code masters or something? If you like the game go ahead and buy, why are you bringing fanboy nonsense into this. Its not like its an exclusive game.

Is it because they told you it would be better than GT5? lol Common even you yourself should have known thatw as a lie

poopsack3870d ago

its pretty pathetic though that you went through my comment history to answer me and insult me. I totally forgot Sony killed your family, my condolences man. This game is impossible to play, period. GT5P says so.

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