EA, BioWare Ditch Mass Effect PC 10 Day Re-Authentication

After revealing yesterday that Mass Effect PC would employ an online activation system that requires users to re-authenticate their game every ten days, BioWare and EA have decided to back down and listen to those who actually purchase their games. In other words, the community.

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Snoozer2823869d ago

Good news, was taking it a bit far.

Silellak3869d ago

Good news, except that they're still using SecuROM, which is just a waste of time for developers and gamers.

It doesn't work, and it can hurt the performance of games that use it.

All companies should follow Stardock's example, and remove copy protection entirely. ALL games will get pirated - don't punish your legitimate customers for it.

trancefreak3869d ago

That would of been a joke. i cant stand these nuances with games. freakin hackers ruin it for the good guys. I buy all my pc games and i have a library collection for all my games to stare at lol. im going to get this game for my pc cant wait.

dexterwang3869d ago

As much as I hate pirates (tho I used to be one when I was young and couldn't afford games), the pirates will ALWAYS find someways to crack and hack a game, especially a singleplayer game.

Out of all these years of gaming, only a couple of games went uncracked, or at least to a lesser extent. And those games came with terrible terrible scripts that lags your computer and bugs your system.

I feel sorry for the developers but don't see a useful solution for them... I just hope they don't try so hard to fend of pirates that it ruins the game for the people who actually buys it

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The story is too old to be commented.