Windows Vista hits sales of 140 million

Mark Raby reports:

''More than 140 million Vista licenses have now been sold, which averages out to around three copies every second since it went on sale last January.

"That's a very rapid sales rate," said Bill Gates in a news conference, reports the Wall Street Journal.

However, critics are quick to point out a couple things that make the Vista sales number defy actual consumer demand. First off, almost all new computers come with Vista pre-installed, so a new PC equals a new license of Vista.''

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Harry1903870d ago

considering all the problems it is reported to have.

wow4u3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

There arent any problems reported really. Its all just "omg! ms suxors" hysteria.

Vista has been rock solid since release.

Edit: @ Sonarus.

Name a problem. What is wrong with it? Sure, there are some issues, minor ones. No show stoppers or big issues.

Explain what problems you have.

sonarus3870d ago

Your crazy. I have vista and it has problems. Major companies were downgrading vista back to xp. I guess they too were swayed by the MS suxor hysteria

Silellak3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

It's amazing how fast you claim to "sell" software that PC hardware makers have no choice but to include on a system.

Vista sucks for businesses, because:

1) There's no big reason to upgrade.
2) It has higher system requirements than many business PC has. Especially if you want any of the shiny GUI features. How many business PCs have dedicated video cards?

I actually don't mind Vista. I went back to XP, because I had trouble running the Witcher (Games of Windows my ass), but I wouldn't hate if I had to go back to Vista.

The biggest problem with Vista is that it was in development for 5 years and based on what we got it's hard to see where those 5 years actually went.

Fishy Fingers3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Isn't Vista running a completely new Kernel to XP? IF so thats where your 5 years went, that's not exactly an over night job.

The new kernel would probably explain a lot of those compatibility problems people get. I've been fine, just always had to get latest drivers and what not of the net first.

I look at Vista as a test run for Windows 7. A damn expensive one, for all parties.

Tmac3870d ago


Your joking right?

nbsmatambo3870d ago

Windows Vista hits sales of 140M shortly before being returned by all customers =D

sonarus3870d ago

Alright let me break down all the problems i have had with vista...

A couple of weeks ago, microsoft launched a patch to fix office compatibility issues(for the new microsoft office). Once the patch went live, i could no longer save files on office till i updated the patch. Only problem was the update fixed a bunch of bugs but when it came to the office fix it couldn't update. So for 3 weeks i couldn't use office till they sent out another patch for that.

When i first got my laptop, i was losing hard drive space by the hr. 120GB was down to 1GB in less than 4 days. The hard drive space just kept disappearing. I defragmented and tried every fix i could think of. I called sony they told me it was a vista glitch. I basically had to wipe everything i had stored on the new laptop and start over...thanks a lot vista.

There were also a bunch of compatibility issues. I'm sure now vista is better but for us early adopters it was crap. Also couldn't watch videos on web browser for weeks till they patched that.

Hope i am not bringing antiMsoft hysteria with my lengthy post. I mean i can understand xbox vs ps3 but vista vs xp is just stupid

GameDev3870d ago

"Isn't Vista running a completely new Kernel to XP? IF so thats where your 5 years went, that's not exactly an over night job. "

I see someone fell for MS marketing BS, 99% of vista drivers WORK IN XP!!!!!! the only ones that don't work are graphics drivers, seems vista is nothing but a crappy paint job when you scratch beneath the surface.


As one of the early adapter also (I got student deal from my uni. when it first came out, I mean, home premium for $20 is freaking steal deal)
One of the problem I encountered was random hang and slow down, (note my labtop is Toshiba 1.8 intel coreduo with 2gig ram 120gig harddrive and 128 ATI graphic card)

The slowdown got to bad that I can even hit shut down without waiting for 15 min, all in all, I have to format my labtop. Due to bad slowdown, I cant back up my hard drive. I didnt mean to bash Vista or anything, I'm still using it right now, but I dont want people to defend it as people have to admitted that when Vista first came out, its a one bad OS

I'm sure that it has improved since I dont have to slowdown anymore.

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predator3870d ago

i dont care what people say, i been one of them before, vista is actually very good, just built my new pc and i thought i may aswel get vista, thank god i did, beats XP hands down, loving at the moment.

sonarus3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I didn't really follow the whole vista nonsense but i got a new laptop right around the time vista came out (Sony vaio off course :D). It looked good for the first couple of weeks then i ran into tons of compatibility problems. Vista looks good, looks way better than xp but performance wise i'm not sure if that holds true

Tempist3870d ago

I guess in a way that's a Big STFU to Apple in the end.

Any other numbers from the Apple propaganda machine? Or are they content making 'Ha ha vista sucks' ads?

wow4u3870d ago

"It looked good for the first couple of weeks then i ran into tons of compatibility problems"

Explain that. What are you talking about? Are you saying that 3rd parties didnt supply Vista capable drivers for some of your hardware?

How is that Vista's "problem"?

masterg3870d ago


Please stop asking people to write their Vista problems.
If you spent five minutes on Google you might learn something.
Vista is without a doubt the worst windows release ever.
Every time I see a high end PC running Vista I can not believe how slow it runs. I've seen top of the line PC's benchmarking worse than cheap PC's running on XP.

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DomUltra3870d ago

"wow4u - 3 minutes ago
1.1 -
There arent any problems reported really. Its all just "omg! ms suxors" hysteria.

Vista has been rock solid since release. "

Wow your an ignorant fυckin' moron.

Harry1903870d ago

there have been security issues.

wass0073870d ago

why the hell are computers being sold with it pre-installed

toughNAME3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Well its the only OS that has games

Silellak3870d ago

Uh...what now? I'm still playing games on XP...

No new games require Vista. DirectX 10 requires Vista, but so far DX10 has proven to drastically reduce performance for very little visual gain.

toughNAME3870d ago

That went way over your head. lol but your right, I had to change it

Fishy Fingers3870d ago

Well if you go to your local PC store (PC World for me) you'd actually find it hard to get anything but Vista. Do these sales include those?

If so I'm not overly impressed, as what 90% of PCs are Windows you might as well swap "around three copies every second" to"around three PCs every second".

I actually dont mind Vista, but I still us XP for games.

wow4u3870d ago

After a little more than a year, its about 12%-ish (based on usage, not license sales... (though, the number of "people who uninstal Vista to go back to XP is a very small percentage I'd wager)

Doesnt matter to me, I work (and play) on Vista, and its terrific.

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