In South Africa Are The Top Retailers Rejecting the Xbox 360?

LG Writes: "Apparently some of the most well known retailers in South Africa are now refusing to stock the Xbox 360 consoles anymore, they will still stock the games though Apparently not… check the bottom for the update."

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alexM3870d ago

This is why that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME is the least selling console in the world

in europe it costs 1/2 as much as a PS3

But the PS3 still beats it 2:1 in terms of weekly HW and SW sales

eagle213870d ago

Last time J. Allard opened his mouth, he said "360 shipped to 36 countries so he can't comment on the RROD".

Playstation 3 will make it's way to every one of those 120 countries as the price and economies adjust.

Here is a link for noobs. 120 countries is craaaazy. How do people think the PSone sold over 100 million and PS2 sold 127 million? :)

Condoleezza Rice3870d ago

South Africa aren't feeling the 'box too much,I'm really interested in knowing how the Ps3 and Wii are doing over there

HighDefinition3870d ago

All I got to say is this.......

Today, I got a flyer that said "The Future is Blu". I open it up and it`s all Playstation 3. Games, Movies, PSP, everything. This flyer was a WALMART flyer, so I look in the "main" WALMART flyer and look in it, There is NOT ONE 360 product to be found (I`m sorry Bioshock down to 39.99) In this flyer, another ENTIRE page devote to the PS3. Last year they didn`t even advertise the PS3 and ONLY had 360 stuff.
So I look in the Toys R Us flyer, All PS3, NO 360, again. Look in another flyer, I think it was (futureshop/bestbuy) All PS3, NO 360, again. One year has change alot out there, and The Future IS looking Blu.

wow4u3870d ago

This is just as crap as the last time we saw this.

Look at the approvers:
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Vip3r (2) - 8m ago

Hey, the update says the story is false - its just a traffic troll kids. nothing to see here. move along.

aggh im on fire3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

This is garbage. open the latest issue of NAG. theres a double page advert for gaming at Reggies and it includes the xbox360 logo and a green HUD.
The 360 is outselling the ps3 there so why would they stop selling it.

Jigsaw-3870d ago

wrong it's not.not surprised they are doing this as 360 will be 3rd this gen.

Iron Man 23870d ago

How sad,no one wants to stock 3FIXME's anymore because nobody buys them!

Why buy a console that will burn down your house and has no good games this year except for one that's decent at best,PLAYSTATION®3 is the only console a "REAL" gamer needs this year and this generation of consoles until the PLAYSTATION®4 of course.


alexM3870d ago

even in 11 months PS3 surpassed x360's LTD in europe

whats more shocking is the fact that PS3 is just within 5m of x360's total USERBASE WW (according to MS themselves)

By September 2008 ...PS3 will fully overtake x360 in worldwide SALES

since it is 3.5m units behind

16.5m x360s vs 13m PS3s

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