SCEE PlayStation Day: Play is Unexplored

If you are on the go, and want to keep up to date with the latest films, play your favorite games and tunes, and get to your destination on time, PSP is for you.

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wow4u3847d ago

You can already do this with your PC.

I've got a TV (and Radio) Tuner in my PC. I use my Xbox 360 the front-end to pause/play/record live TV(and radio) in my living room.

Windows Mobile allows you to stream your stored media (music, TV & movies..) via the Cell Network and/or WiFi (any PDA or Smartphone..).

Why would I want to buy a closed box with limited HD capacity for this application?

Its cheaper to do this with your PC, and the media is available on EVERY device in the home, not just your PSP/PS3.

PlayTV isnt as good a solution by any means.

supahbad3846d ago

as long as you have a wifi connection you can access anything saved on your hdd from your PSP, thats why this is cool for me. just me or have 360 fanboys gettin louder lately?

PoSTedUP3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

you got something similar to tivo, this you can record it and put it on your psp, and watch it live on your psp, far less cheeper than anything out there. then you got a high quallity gps with updates, far less cheeper than a equivilant gps device, my dads 400 dolla 1 dosent even do that.

Algullaf3846d ago

Play Tv let u record in HD and even record An HD video Its really usefull and really fun Go See what Play TV Can Do for u On YOUTUBE then Come and talk here Looser.

If u dont have a PS3 So why u talking about play tv WAHAHAHA really u r sick go to DR better than ur Brain get Burn.