Fans Eviscerate Trailer For Rambo: The Video Game

Publisher Reef Entertainment and developer Teyon thought that a gameplay trailer for their upcoming action title Rambo: The Video Game couldn't hurt, but the bullet-storm of YouTube commenters would beg to differ.
Maybe it's the fact that the trailer flaunts QTEs, that the game looks like an on-rails shooter, that a tank sounds like a flock of birds dying in a vat of hot oil, or that the in-game shadowing looks like a smattering of poop smears. Whatever the case, the amount of hatred is seething: (Culture, Rambo: The Video Game)

Snookies12  +   89d ago
At this point, it almost seems like they should just drop the game and move on with their lives.
Albie360  +   88d ago
What a total pot of shit!!!!
Yi-Long  +   88d ago
It just looks like a PS2 games. It's pretty terrible.

Stallone was never a pretty guy to begin with, but the character-model they used here deserves to be hunted and killed by law enforcement.
Wigriff  +   88d ago
I didn't know Rambo was a Colonial Marine...
nidhogg  +   89d ago
it's just-- it's ugly. plain and simple. and the trailer? it's laughable!
bacrec1  +   88d ago
The YouTube comments are hilarious. If it was going to be an on-rails shooter, they should have just ported the SEGA arcade game. I play that at Dave & Busters, it's not bad.
Mikelarry  +   88d ago
Seriously whats the point of this game, i mean why would you want to put this on your resume as a developer. everything about this game is just wrong
stavrami-mk2  +   88d ago
Ocsta  +   88d ago
Sweet Mother. Time Crisis had a baby with the worlds most generic looking FPS. Kill the abomination! Kill it with fire!
jaymart2k  +   88d ago
That might of been the worst game I'v ever seen.
mamotte  +   88d ago
Hey, hey, have a little faith. Maybe we have another Deadly Premonition on the way.

-End sarcasm. Or maybe not.-
iceman1346  +   88d ago
anyone here buying this sh!t ?!
pody  +   88d ago
Yes! I just hope I can use it with Move. Looks so brutally awesome!
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tigertron  +   88d ago
I can't wait to play this on my PS1.
modesign  +   88d ago
another rail shooter gem. lol.

when your new in gaming, make a rail shooter and a horrible one at that.
cyphertech  +   88d ago
I can't wait to play this on my 2 way pager.
windblowsagain  +   88d ago
You wanna war you can't win.

Err no.

Looks like it belongs on a tablet.

Autoaim and qte's.
KillrateOmega  +   88d ago
The game looks like regurgitated cat feces.
Volitiel  +   88d ago
Wow, they made the game even more mind-numbingly boring than the movies!
djplonker  +   88d ago
This looks like time crisis's crack whore girlfriend!
punisher99  +   88d ago
lol I'd rent this game just to be able to replay those scenes in the movies.
hulk_bash1987  +   88d ago
That thumbnail picture is freaking hilarious.......but yeah this game looks like a turd threw up on my screen.
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KillerPwned  +   88d ago
It does look really disappointing but being a huge Rambo fan I'll get this when its under $20.
cellur111  +   87d ago
It will probably be $10 in a couple weeks after release.
KillerPwned  +   87d ago
I don't doubt it very much like Duke Nukem Forever.....But I bought that at full price and I don't regret it lol.
DARK WITNESS  +   88d ago
I have not the word to describe how bad that looked.

I have not been following it at all, but can someone tell me what platfrom it's suppose to be for?
cellur111  +   88d ago
Why would they even think about releasing this? Their best option would be to just drop the project, from now on they're going to be known as that developer who made the worst rambo game ever.
Morgue  +   87d ago
This game looks horribly fun.
andron666  +   87d ago
Ah years worst already??

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