BioShock movie officially announced

The film adaptation of the critically-acclaimed game will be produced by Universal Pictures, directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean), and written by John Logan (Gladiator), confirmed 2K Games on Friday.

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niall773875d ago

Bioshock is GREAT and all but I dont see how that story can be made into a good movie.

Fishy Fingers3875d ago

Well at least the people working on it are credible. Hopefully 2K keep a close eye on proceedings and have adequate input and I think this should turn out better than most.

kewlkat0073875d ago

Ever read "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea"....this could easily be a movie, it's like Narnia meet Twilight Zone..

I think Spielberg or Tim Burton's Design can pull it off..

Angelitos3875d ago

Bioshock must be going to the PS3. It will have a much larger appeal, and make Bioshcok more popular.

AngryHippo3875d ago going to the PS3?!Could you please elaborate a bit on that? Bioshock is exclusive to PC and 360. The sequel to Bioshock may come to PS3 but no one knows as of yet, just rumours until confirmed by the developers.

Nevers3875d ago

When the movie gets released you know they'll have to release it on BlueRay as well as DVD, so ~

YES ... PS3 will finally get Bioshock!!! hahaha

permutated3875d ago

Guys, cut the fanboy sh!t out.

I hope PS3 gamers get to play this fantastic game, everyone should.

creeping judas3875d ago

i dont think the game story line would make a great movie same as you. but the concept of Rhapsody and its decline, and a stranger entering the city via an accident. could make a great movie. it would have to be done properly.

Arsenic133875d ago

Rhapsody? haha its Rapture. Rhapsody is some music download service.

creeping judas3875d ago

Rapture Rhapsody, potato tomato!!!

my mistake, been a while since i played the game.

permutated3875d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this is the best possible outcome for an adaptation?

dachiefsman3875d ago

I agree with yea permutated...with gore on the ticket it has the potential to be a great movie. I hope they can bring the ambiance and environment of Rapture to the big screen.

permutated3875d ago

Gore has a pretty good track record or aural/visual presentation, look at the Ring for instance. I'm sure that with the Gladiator writer pumping something out, it probably can't fail.

However, if they don't choose Mike Patton to play Andrew Ryan I'll be very, very upset. The man was born to play the role.

falviousuk3875d ago

Lets hope they make a decent effort with this.

More likely screw it up though, like casting colm meaney as ryan etc

NIN643875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Gore Verbinski is an excellent director. He was able to give The Ring an American look while keeping the feel of the Japanese version. I think he will do just fine with Bioshock.

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Angelitos3875d ago

AngryHippo, its because more people will know about it, if its also on the PS3.

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