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Arrogance Will Be The Downfall Of Nintendo

Nintendo has to make a change. Stopping short of channeling the prevalent "Nintendo is doomed" meme that has become so popular on the Internet for the last five years, the Japanese game giant that singlehandedly resurrected the industry in both the East and the West is on the verge of being left behind by Sony and Microsoft and has to adapt. The industry continues to expand, yet Nintendo is still playing catch-up. The company's arrogance and stubbornness has led it to this point, not unlike Sony's downfall in 2006. (Industry, Wii U)

GraveLord  +   590d ago
What do they have to be arrogant about? The Wii died much quicker than PS3/360. 3DS is selling way behind what DS was in its time. They should have seen the Wii U's failure coming.
Yep  +   590d ago
And you wonder why you have one bubble. You're blatantly trolling by calling the 3DS and Wii failures.

If the 3DS is a failure, what do you think that makes the PS4?
Kingthrash360  +   590d ago
your argument was valid until you brought the ps4 up...its a 2 month old machine. but it's true he is trolling and thats why he has one bub. if the wii is a fail then so is ps360...smh
i've always felt nintendo's arrogance and playing it safe would bit them in the a$$.
when i bought a wii it collected dust after a month. it was used only when a new mario or zelda came out. looking at it as it collected dust i promised myself i wouldnt buy the next Nintendo system unless they've changed.
to this day i havent bought a wiiu. they stay on that old beaten path bringing the same old games, and while they are great games it was still the same worlds we've been playing since '87...run, jump, eat srooms. save princess ..repeat. while this is ok for some i would perfer they acually make something else. they are great developers, that have gaming minds and are great at their craft but they just dont bring nothing new to the table. 3rd parties ran away leaving only those 1st party games to wait on....and wait, and wait, and wait. i got my ps4 day1, why because sony brings it...best hardware, great innovative devs like nd and ss. upgraded controller, ps+, etc.
Nintendo arrogance was ok when its competition had not as talented devs...but now that's changed, Nintendo fan-base has changed. thos kids who got a wii for Christmas got a ps4/x1 for Christmas. the kids, they've grown. Nintendo hasn't, you can say their fan-base has out grown them. i know i have. look at them numbers...they don't lie
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Yep  +   590d ago

"your argument was valid until you brought the ps4 up"

Oh don't be sore. You know what point I was making. The point I was making was that the 3DS is not a failure. If it was, that would mean the PS4 and every other console that is selling lower than it is one too.
NatureOfLogic  +   590d ago
Nintendo going third party is looking more and more likely everyday. I think going third party is their best way to recover or they should make a deal with Sony. Mario and Zelda on Playstation hardware would be very nice.
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InTheLab  +   590d ago
He might be trolling but where does he say the 3DS is a failure? He said its not selling as well as it's predecessor. That's a fact.

Bringing up the PS4 is actually trolling harder than the OP.
d3nworth1  +   590d ago
He didnt say the Wii failed he said it died. When you say a console is dead that means its not getting support anymore not that its a failure. So he's actually correct. The Wii stop getting support long ago while the ps3/360 are still coming out with games. He also never said the 3DS was a failure. He said it is sells are behind what the DS was. The XB1 is selling behind the Ps4 but it's far from being a failure. I think you took what he said out of context. Though I wouldn't say those are reason why they should have seen the Wii U's failure. The Wii U's failure was due to lack of games and proper advertising.
thorstein  +   590d ago
Alright, lets assume the DOOOM and GLOOOM article about Nintendo is correct. Nintendo then goes Sega and makes software, not hardware (except in the handheld arena where they dominate).

Nintendo would then bring their software to their former, would be partner, SONY. They, most likely wouldn't go Xbox.
AsimLeonheart  +   589d ago
The PS4 is exceeding expectations and breaking records so it is a HIT. While the 3DS is missing sales targets like the Wii U. Being "top selling" isnt that big deal when your hardware costs only $129 or $200 and games cost only $40 instead of $400 or $500 for console and $60 for the games.
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LonDonE  +   589d ago
While i agree with u, please for the love of god use proper paragraphing when writing a long reply! it makes it so much more easier to read.

Because without spaces in the message you wrote people can find it hard to read.
Please dont take offence to what i'am saying!
I am not being a grammar nazi, i am merely pointing out that reading your reply was annoying! I hardly ever use proper punctuation and grammar when writing replies online, since i cant be bothered.

As long as the reader gets the point of what i am trying to say then who cares right? But at the very least you have to space out the paragraphs properly, because when reading a persons eyes can jog, and then they lose where they are at in the message.
It just makes it so much easier if a message has paragraphs spaced out properly!

Anyway thanks for a good read, i agree with u!
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GamersHeaven  +   590d ago
Sorry I gave you a disagree.You are right the Wii sales died after hitting the 100 mil mark.Nintendos arrogance was they believed a new gimmicky controller would put them at the same level of success as it predecessor with out big marketing,casuals don't work that way.One of the many bad decisions was the name its one of the most confusing names in gaming history doesn't sound like a new console more like a addon.Nintendo ignoring the competition as they did with the N64 (Cartridges) Gamecube (Online/3rd party developers).There repeating the same mistakes as if they don't have to compete this is a three way race this isn't the 90's anymore online gaming is essential part of gaming,third party support as well.Nintendo needs new blood there nothing wrong with the old way but ignoring what is a big part of console gaming and what gamers want is.
kevnb  +   590d ago
Those " failed" consoles still made money. Nintendo has always made more money than Sony or Microsoft and they do their own thing. There is no point in them trying to do things any different than the Nintendo way.
Evilsnuggle  +   590d ago
PS3 and 360 didn't make money because of both of them took a lost on hardware. Wii was a fluke fad it sold less software than both PS3 and 360. Nintendo made money on cheap hardware and software. But 3 party publishers got killed on the wii THQ and Majesco 3 party took loss. So that is why Nintendo has no 3 party support . 3 party make money off of PS4 ,PS3 , 360 and xbone.
DC777  +   590d ago
The difference is 360 and ps3 still in the hands of almost 200 million people and they can still get ports for most new games. That will stifle all new system sales once the hype dies down. Things aren't the same this time around. These ports to last gen systems of the big releases are going to keep numbers low all around. Wait and see.
timeline79  +   589d ago
All i see is a ton of butt hurt fans ect including companys trying their best to spoil Nintendo's image when the WiiU is the best console right now Sony and microsoft are trying too hard to convinse consumers to leave wiiu alone its very childish....

But their is a few reasons in my eyes as to why gamers will find out eventually that wiiu is the best when you see games like Project CARS,Mariokart8,X,Bayonetta2,e ct ect specially in the Uk gamers love Mariokart and when these games are on WiiU it will outsell xbox1 and ps4 every month after that mark my words.
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ErryK  +   589d ago
@timeline79 No, stop talking. You're not making sense.
3-4-5  +   590d ago
3DS is on pace to be th 5th best selling console of all time.

Go look at some stats.

It's already in 12th place and rising.

Yea it won't sell DS numbers, but it will be up there.
Yep  +   590d ago
How about we settle this once and for all.

Everything will be the downfall of Nintendo. Just like it was every generation since the 5th.
EcoSos3  +   590d ago
Dont waste your time with the ignorance in this site, we still have 3 months before Nintendo post how much they made or lost. They just lower their sales expectation nothing else.
-Foxtrot  +   590d ago
Why do people call this site and it's users when articles like this get made. N4G pushes articles from ALL OVER the internet on here

So if you get a lot of articles on a certain subject then I don't see how N4G users are to blame. They are just agree/stating what everyone else is saying.

Sony 2006

Microsoft with the Xbox One reveal

Nintendo...Wii U problems

Everyone gets a slice
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EcoSos3  +   590d ago
Because the people in this site believes that Nintendo may have a second year of losses they can star saying that they need to go 3rd party. What about Sony havent they been lossing money for like 5 years in a row now but they "oh its fine theyll be alright" this why Im saying that most users in this site are ignorant.
-Foxtrot  +   590d ago

But it's not really about money or who is loosing more the point is the Wii U as a CONSOLE, is selling very poorly which has made Nintendo cut it's sale forecast by 69%.

The PSV is doing poorly and we've had articles on that aswell but with that at least for Sony the PS3 AND their next gen console the PS4 are selling well. The only thing Nintendo has is the 3DS to keep it going.

Sure money is a part of it but it's not the main reason why these articles are popping up.
AsimLeonheart  +   589d ago
The forecasts are always optimistic and the actual figures turn out to be even lower. You do remember that just a week ago they were expecting 9 million Wii Us sold and the reality turned out to be much different.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   590d ago
So true-

And Now you know that you have seen through the illusion of the Matrix-

What if I told you...

Nintendo failed a longtime ago but because the Super Machines that secretly run Sony and MS could not sell consoles without a whipping-boy to compare themselves too-

- they enslaved humanity and then created an illusion in the minds of all humanity that Nintendo still exists.

Take the Blue pill and your breath will be minty fresh.

Take the Red and you will be as high as I am....

You are so right. They have been saying Nintendo would fail since N64 and people have been hoping it since SEGA came West. "Intelligent" Bubble for you.
Phil32  +   590d ago
It has nothing to do with arrogance and everything to do with incompetence.
deafdani  +   590d ago
That claim surprises me a lot coming from you, Phil. Incompetence?

Is that why they had the most successful console of the past generation, and the most successful handheld, and the most successful handheld currently, which was the best selling gaming device of last year? Because of incompetence?

Yes, the Wii U is in pretty damn poor shape right now... but calling Nintendo incompetent for one blunder (that can still, and probably will be corrected) after a string of successes for several years is making them a disservice.
Th4Freak  +   590d ago
They're very strong in the handheld market but what about the home consoles? N64, GC and Wii U all failures. I don't think the entire company is incompetent but Iwata and the console division are indeed incompetent.
Phil32  +   590d ago
I meant incompetent with how they handled the Wii U.

- Had six years to prepare for HD development yet were still blindsided

- Further ruined third-party relations

- Called the system the Wii U despite the 3DS/DS having brand confusion prior to that

- Did not read the market correctly at all

That's why I think they were incompetent and not at all arrogant. Sorry for not explaining further with my initial post. D:
Studio-YaMi  +   590d ago
Nintendo's success with the Wii is because of gimmicks,they should have known that and try something else with the Wii U,the way they introduced the Wii U to the consumers was their falling,it almost felt like they were showing you a gaming peripheral to your old gen Wii instead of a new console,that's why it wasn't picked up by the same market that overflowed the Wii(casuals).

If the Wii U was handled more professionally by the PR & marketing teams at Nintendo,then things would have been a lot better for them.

With the Wii they were Competent,with the Wii U..their incompetence is really showing.

They didn't study the market well this time around and now it's biting them back,I really hope they get back on their feet and end up profiting from the Wii U since it's a great system on it's own.

I almost said the same thing as you haha,really good point on the 3DS/DS fiasco as well.
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SoapShoes  +   590d ago
@th4Freak - N64 a failure? Maybe by comparison to the Playstation but by no means was it a failure. 40M+ sold is still good and a lot more for that era than it would be now.
Lukejrl  +   590d ago
I think it is incompetence led by arrogance. The incompetence in seeing the way their system network is not on par with ps or Xbox. To not unify accounts so that if my wii u dies I do not have to send it back to Nintendo to get my games on a new one. Then the arrogance for being called out on the problems and saying "we do our own thing".
There was an article written about a developer's experience on wii u. The guy said Nintendo was not familiar with how psn or Xbox live worked. Which is ridiculous. Who on earth doesn't look at the competition and see what they can do better or differently. That is incompetence.
DC777  +   589d ago
An incompetent marketing team surely. The name (which they should drop) being the biggest mistake. It looks like Wii with some decoration after it. With Wii there was great marketing and even a little video display in stores with a woman telling you about the console. With Wii U there's just a demo to play with the game pad. Were there signs for "Nintendo X" or something if would have at least got people to take a peak and see what's new. There are plenty of people who will buy something just because it's new. But if you can't even discern the one box that says wii with a free Mario game from the other box that says wii with a free Mario game. Well who is going to think anything is different? Go back to Nintendo.
JackieCruise69  +   590d ago
This article should be titled

"Hi guys! I'm bored, here' let me post another pointless doom article!"

Haters are bored apparently.
LOL_WUT  +   590d ago
Oh yeah? Well your not exactly helping by commenting and giving the article more heat ;)
InTheLab  +   590d ago
I don't think it's arrogance. Nintendo just doesn't know what they're doing. The company is poorly managed and their current troubles with the WiiU and early struggle pre-price drop 3ds is a symptom of their incompetence.
ape007  +   590d ago
i agree with u, it has management problems, it's a shame since they have pure gold game development studios, imagine if MS or Sony has the gaming legacy that nintendo has, imagine the premier online services for classic games , AAA remakes, engine/gfx support for current projects, online support etc...
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ginsunuva  +   590d ago
We made so much money off the Wii that we'll never... aaaaannd it's gone.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   590d ago
They made more money from the Wii than their posted losses, and that's not even including the DS and 3DS.
This isn't gonna kill them.XD
Studio-YaMi  +   590d ago
I just read your comment with the voice of that banker guy from south park LOL,couldn't help it! xD

+Funny bubble
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Eonjay  +   590d ago
Just because the company isn't making money doesn't mean iton the cusp of downfall. The PS3 was largely unprofitable for quite some time and the Xbox has been a net loss of about 3 billion since the inception of the Division. Both formats continue to exist.

Btw. If Nintendo fanboys are defending a product that they haven't purchased, then Nintendo's downfall will be their own arrogance.
RPG_Lover  +   590d ago
The downfall of Nintendo is shitty, factless, sensationalist journalism.

"He pushed for the 3DS an unwise successor to the DS, which tried to capture lightning in a bottle but ultimately failed miserably"

40 mil units sold in 2.5 years.
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R00bot  +   590d ago
Some people still won't admit that the 3DS is popular. It's doing better now than any console has ever done. Ever. But people still won't admit it, or don't mention it when talking about Nintendo. They just assume that Nintendo is doomed because the Wii U is underperforming, without acknowledging the 3DS's existence.
McScroggz  +   590d ago
The 3DS is an awesome system, but it's not "doing better than any console has ever done." There were years where the DS sold more than 20 million. It peaked right about 30 million, in one year mind you. The 3DS has peaked at about 15 million so far.

There's nothing wrong with being happy for a system. Just try to be accurate ^_^
DC777  +   589d ago
Sure they said the same about 3DS and it's a beast now. Problem is they are getting all the games instead of Wii U.

Anyway none of these companies make money off hardware. The profits for all 3 were from 5-15 dollars. It's games that make the money and when you make mostly your own games like Nintendo you've got it good once you install a good user base.
for we are many  +   590d ago
Nintendo has been expanding and recruiting more people and increasing its workforce from 5k-6k to 7k , building new HQ instead of Selling their buildings and terminating employees.
This has also factored in the Expected year-end loss.
Good news are that 3DS is the best selling VG device worldwide, Wii U was able to sell 500k in Dec in US alone and the fact that 2014 is full of big name Exclusive games that will only help sales.
R00bot  +   590d ago
Indeed, the 3DS had a stellar year in 2013, and it really turned around to become the fastest selling system ever.
2014 looks to be a year much like that for the Wii U, with great exclusive coming out all year. Hopefully it'll turn the Wii U around (not that it's doing too badly right now, but it's not doing well).
REDBEARD  +   590d ago
I am extremely tired and far too old for all this doom and gloom. Wake me up when there is actual gaming news. I will be sleeping with my Master Chief plushie and my Mario Kart blanket while dreaming if The Last Guardian will ever come out.
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Lilrizky  +   590d ago
More like ignorance
KillrateOmega  +   590d ago
I've come to love reading the comments that the obviously butthurt, pro-Nintendo fans leave on these types of articles XD

Some act as with the poster of the article has committed the ultimate act of blasphemy by daring to criticize Nintendo. Most always fall back on pointing out the success of the 3DS. Some just post some incomprehensible nonsense.

Nintendo is not doing as well as it could be. Just accept it, guys. It's nothing to blow a gasket over.
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R00bot  +   590d ago
Ninendo isn't doing great, yeah. But there's no way their downfall is going to be caused by their "arrogance" or by the Wii U.
The problem isn't that the article is criticising Nintendo, that's fine (at least, for me it is), but the problem is that the article is implying that Nintendo is both arrogant AND doomed.
First off, nothing is ever doomed. For all we know the Wii U could outsell the PS4 and Xbox One in it's full lifetime. I'm not saying it will, but it can.
Secondly, yeah, maybe Nintendo might be a little arrogant (aren't all companies? (I'm looking at you, Microsoft)), but they have reason to be like that. They have billions of dollars in the bank due to their constantly dominant handhelds and often successful home consoles. They have reason to be arrogant. Even with all these reasons to be arrogant, other companies are still more arrogant by far. Look at Microsoft, they just expected people to be OK with all the Xbox One restrictions they originally had in place. Look at Sony, after Microsoft's unveiling of the Xbox One they have been continually making fun of it. Then when the Xbox One did come out, it actually performed comparably to the PS4.
I could go on, but Nintendo is not arrogant (in comparison to other companies (EA)).

Constructive criticism is OK, though. This is not that.
strigoi814  +   590d ago
how can you not be arrogant if some fanboys are close minded and thinking they know whats better for Nintendo as a whole?? they are running a company not just a simple convenient store that if you cant sell this item you wont get it to order it next time...media is just making it worst because they have been invaded by clueless hipster gamer wanna be's..Nintendo is just being Nintendo its part of gaming business and failing is where you can learn mistakes from.

but i still dont get why Nintendo was out of the talk when it comes to sales before when Wii is there on top of xbox360 and ps3..fanboys where like "ah wii sales doesnt count" lolz but now WiiU does oh my hipster fanboys you guys are so show off and silly and funny
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RPG_Lover  +   590d ago
Nintendo is selling more software and hardware than Sony or MS, they post even worse financials, yet they dont get this kind of abuse.

Vita is selling even worse than Wii U globally. Think about that for a second.
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R00bot  +   590d ago
Playstation fans don't even acknowledge the Vita's existence.
Just like they don't acknowledge the 3DS's existence when talking about Nintendo.
strigoi814  +   590d ago
i have a vita but i approve that..lmao
NeoTribe  +   590d ago
The sooner they fail and go third party the quicker i get to play zelda games. The only good ninty ip.
R00bot  +   590d ago
What about New Super Mario Bros.?
Donkey Kong?
Star Fox?
Wave Race?
Kid Icarus?
Last Story?
Fire Emblem?
Golden Sun?
Advance Wars?
Rhythm Heaven?
Chibi Robo?
3D Mario games?
Paper Mario?
Mario Kart?
Smash Bros.?
Animal Crossing?
Brain Age?
Wario Land?
Mario Tennis?
Punch Out!!?
Professor Layton?
Wonderful 101?
1080 Snowboarding?
Pandora's Tower?
Disaster Day of Crisis?
Elite Beat Agents?
Sin and Punishment?
Dillon's Rolling Western?
Bayonetta 2?

None of these Tickle your fancy?
Beastforlifenoob  +   590d ago
Nintendogs? LoL really you call that a good franchise? Thats a POS casual horrible game.

3d mario games, paper mario, mario kart, new super mario bros.,mario tennis?
LOL its like saying COD modernwarfare and black ops are different franchises.

1080 snowbaording- Really were counting snowboarding franchises where there last apperance was in 1998? (we can play this on emulators for your friking phone)

X- we barely know anything

Excitebike- Again last entry was in 1984 and again can be played by any emulator on a phone

pokemon- Already 39 pokemon games were tired of this milk

Dillon's Rolling Western- A very average indie title

Disaster Day of Crisis- Very medicore game last released in 2008 and holds a beutiful metacritic of 6.9

Yoshi- Yoshi is simply a character in mario franchise its like me saying Nathan drake is a game

Starfox- Latest release 2005

Wave race- Latest release was in 1996

Pilot wings- Latest release was in 1990

Kid icarus- Latest release 1986

Warioware- is a minigame casual thing its latest release game and wario recieved a brilliant 60% on metacritic. GREAT!!!!

Rythm heavan- definition of cheap casual title

Brain age? A highly mediocre game. Barely a game if that

Bayonetta? Bayonetta 2 is not a franchise its simply a game.... Bayonetta wasnt exclusive to nintendo systems

PLEASE PLEASE stop counting obselete franchises, characters, writing same franchise more than once, mediocore games and casual titles that list will fall to 4 or 5

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deadfrag  +   590d ago
Thats the problem with stupid gamers like yourself,they talk and think Nintendo is doomed,than come and say they want to play Nintendo games but on the competition consoles...!Nintendo will not go software only and all you people that want to play there games and have the nerve of coming to the web proclaming and writting doom, the fall of Nintendo,will have to buy a Nintendo console to play Nintendo first and second party games.GET THAT IN YOUR MINDS!
#15.2 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Benjaminkno  +   590d ago
Is that why Sony is going to die?
Max-Zorin  +   590d ago
This generation of journalists is stupid.
HacSawJimThugin  +   590d ago
I am 33 and grew up on Nintendo. I have loved and hated them throughout the years but they are seriously stuck in the past. I feel Nintendo gave up on the people who made them what they are and now it's biting them in the ass hard. Mario, Link, and all that jazz is cool but they never grew up with us IMHO. They feel like MS and Sony isn't competition but those companies stole Nintendos fans due to Nintendos unwillingness to pay attention to the times.

I love Mario just as much as the next person but they need new IPs and stronger hardware point blank period.
RPG_Lover  +   590d ago
1) People can tell you have no point when you qualify your negative statements with your age.......

2) Nintendo software sells better than and is more critically acclaimed than MS and Sony software. That is backed up by at least 10 years of end of year financials and metacritic. The rest of what you said is factless.

3) New IP? Wonderful 101, xenoblade, ect ect ect.

Stronger hardware? How is vita fairing with that strong hardware? cant even outsell Wii U.
#17.1 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
HacSawJimThugin  +   590d ago
I'm sorry you are butthurt over my opinions but they are just that, my opinions.

I am in no way bashing Nintendo, I even plan on buying a Wiiu when Bayonetta 2 comes out. I am simply saying that by not directing competing with PS/Xbox they are hurting themselves. They put out console that is just a little bit better that the PS3/Xbox360 knowing that their successors were around the corner thinking it would do fine because of the Wii's success...dumb move on their part.

Negativity wasn't my aim at all but name some 1st party titles from them that aren't sequels of other sequels *cue Jeopardy music*....

Like I said before, I love Mario and them like anyone else but they need new blood(1st Party) in their catalog. Not rehash galore ad nauseam.
Tito08  +   590d ago
1-Well, him point out his age means he has seen the most of Nintendo more than you do, these 30+ year old gamers are Nintendo's very first fans, and you probably was born yesterday, so you pretty much have no say against him.

2- At this point in time, nobody cares if Nintendo's software sells more than the competition and most 3rd parties, why? Because their games aren't on Nintendo machines. There's PlayStation, XBox, mobile(iOS/Android), PC/Steam. They have so many choices that Nintendo is pretty much the last place they have in mind, it was not like in the late 80s-early 90s where everyone had to be on their knees for Nintendo to support them, even Sony and MS make PC gmes, do you really think they're worried about Nintendo making more money? You're a lost case.

3-W101 is pretty much their newest IP, Xenoblade was on Wii, and besides, while the Xeno series didn't really start on Nintendo consoles, so it isn't exactly a new IP. And don't give ect ect ect bullcrap cause that makes it sound like you lost your argument.

And last, why bringing a handheld for the woes of a console, when it has nothing to do with it, you Nintendo fanboys have to bring another device just to justify your machine of choice failing, delusion at it's best.
#17.1.2 (Edited 590d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Benjaminkno  +   590d ago
Is that why Sony is dying?
BOLO  +   590d ago
Nintendo! It's not like you didn't have the cash or "know-how" to make the Wii-U a powerful machine...You chose to release a low spec console and now it has to ride out the generation. Should have named it "Nintendo 7" and so forth and put the Power 7 CPU in it with a strong GPU!
LaserEyeKitty  +   590d ago
NES needs to start making their own games for the WiiU in 2014 and onwards, and do so competitively with the other consoles' releases. The biggest problem with the Wii's non-first part software was it was created with the idea to play them like a PS3 and XB360 in mind. A LOT of 3rd party games on the Wii wasn't fun or engaging because the controls seems like it was an after thought, whereas NES games on the Wii were built around the controller.

The same will happen for the WiiU. If games are made for it with the gamepad as an after thought, they will fail and fail miserably. NES must start making their own games, across all genre, to prove that gaming with the gamepad can offer a unique and enjoyable gaming experience. Something they've been seriously lacking. If I was a dev company, I'm not going to just "Make a game that can use the gamepad." That sounds like business suicide, so NES needs to show the devs "Hey, here's a gamepad and here's how games can be dynamically played on them."

NES is expecting 3rd parties dev take a risk in creating games for the WiiU, while NES has yet to even prove to 3rd party devs that gaming on the gamepad is a viable option. In fact, that little notion almost shows a lack of confidence NES has in the WiiU's capabilities.

Nintendo, bite down on the bullet, grab the bulls by the horn, and starting making more games on the WiiU that utilizes the gamepad in unique ways. The potential is there, just as it was in the Wii - do not squander it. 3rd parties will come on their own, but you need to show them why they should make games for you system first. Get up off your ass, pull your heads out of it, and start giving the world a reason to buy your system - don't just give us another Mario game.
irishyort  +   589d ago
they have billions of dollars in a bank account...

but you know what, it their machines are truly just not selling (the 3DS is still killing it IMO), they could go with the Japan connection and team up with Sony and kill of Microsoft in a possibly overwhelming fashion.

They could become the SEGA of Nintendo gaming.

Either that or go all out Samsung, get into cell phones with gaming, computers and laptops and TVs...

Possibilities are endless with that amount of $$. I just hope they don't become completely irrelevant one day because they can't swallow their pride!
Reeze  +   589d ago

I don't see it as arrogance. For goodness sake, Iwata started crying when the servers went down because that meant people bought Wii Us for Christmas. He thought nobody would buy one, and he said later that he knows God is looking out for him.

Whenever there's a delay, Nintendo apologizes and makes the game much better than before. They're a video game company, and they make games they like. Iwata said they misread the global market, and that's true.

None of that spells arrogance to me.
jimbobbeers  +   589d ago
Sony were arrogant once, and they lost huge market share, Nintendo are making the same mistakes. Sony have learnt, let's hope Ninty do the same ASAP.

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