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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 680d ago | opinion piece

One of the Greatest Companies of Our Generation is Flopping

The PS4, starting at $399, and the Xbox One, starting at $499, aren’t just doing better business because they’re flat-out better systems. (Industry, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

RPG_Lover  +   681d ago
Nobody is flopping. What we need to end are these factually and integrity bankrupt articles.

"The biggest reason Nintendo is losing out to the likes of PlayStation and Xbox is simply because they’re making inferior products. No video gamer would invest in a Nintendo product knowing that there’s something much better out there,"

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hellzsupernova  +   680d ago
Yeah Nintendo aren't going anywhere anytime soon. However they need to change, their stubbornness needs to end. They make the best software on the planet yet they make some bad hardware, yes the wiiu is bad, it's overpriced nobody wants it, the games that are meant to save it haven't done a thing and it's always on smash bros will save it or Mario cart, but they never saved the GameCube.

If they dropped the game pad, dropped the price by 50% (cause apparently half of the cost of the device is in that stupid thing) and bundle it with smash bros and it will fly off the shelves.

Yes the 3DS is killing it but even that is failing to live up to their expectations.

Iwata needs to go, he hasn't done anything good in a while and doesn't seem to want to make a change. It's a tough pill to swallow but you know I'm only speaking the truth.
Utalkin2me  +   680d ago
Sorry kid, once you said the WiiU is bad and over priced and the pad being "Stupid". Just shows your true colors as a gamer and really what kind of person you are.
hellzsupernova  +   680d ago
Please stop the personal attack. Please point how how what I said says anything about who I am?
My first console was a game boy donkey kong is my hero! First game I ever owned! Played the hell out of smash bro on GameCube. Nintendo stopped talking to me with the wii, and now this abomination.
I want Nintendo to succeed I really do without them I wouldn't be a gamer, but now I mostly game on pc and playstation, and I don't have a lot of time so nintendos wiiu is not going to be an option at the price it's at.
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Rockstar  +   680d ago
I agree UTalkin2me...

When the Wii U came out I was excited like I was when I was a little kid. No more forced waggle controls, No more eye bleeding associated with poor picture quality on the wii etc. To me the old nintendo was back! I love my Wii U so it pains me to see how badly it's performing. I won't say I hated the Wii (I have one) but I was far from liking it. The fact that the Wii did better than the Wii U just blows my mind, it should be the other way around. Hopefully Ninty pulls up their socks and give people more incentive to get one.
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Utalkin2me  +   680d ago

First off i did not attack you, obviously you're a defenseless type person anytime you communicate, which is obvious by how you project yourself.

I can not make myself any more clearer on your comment. I highlighted what you said and replied. Sorry you have problems understanding.
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ShinMaster  +   680d ago
Worst case scenario:
Nintendo dedicates itself to just handheld gaming. I don't think they're going anywhere.
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Irishguy95  +   680d ago
Aye only the Wii U is flopping. And the reason is the lack of third party support and last gen leaving nintendos name where it is now. You can't just abandon hardcore gamers and expect them to want your next console. Casual gamers are fickle and follow the trend. We'll see who gets them out of MS and sony this gen

edit - It's not their 'fault'. They didn't mean to abandon the hardcore. But the third parties abandoned them. And Nintendo just made the same mistake again with regards to hardcore.
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dotwithshoes  +   680d ago
What did they do to abandon these so called "hardcore" gamers?
smoothdude  +   680d ago
I don't think that Nintendo ever had those hardcore gamers. They have always been a family company and they have not changed their vision really. What has changed is the gaming demographics.
Stephamphetamine  +   680d ago
Losing millions upon millions and not selling any wiiU consoles isn't flopping? Lol wiiU is dead, Nintendo soon to follow unless major changes,
Thehyph  +   680d ago
Do some research...
smoothdude  +   674d ago
Saying that Nintendo is dead because it isn't selling in the US is like saying Xbox is dead because it isn't selling in Japan. Dude you buy Nintendo for Nintendo games, and if you don't like Nintendo games, then don't buy the system! Simple solution LOL!
thezeldadoth  +   680d ago
meanwhile i've played a few awesome games on wii-u. I've already played more on the WiiU than i have the last couple years on the other consoles. It's already been worth it to me, even if it goes downhill, which considering smash bros, mario kart, bayonetta, x, zelda, donkey kong...those could be the only games i play on the system and it would have been worth it
MasterCornholio  +   680d ago
Bringing the Vita won't change the Wii Us situation.

Thats the truth.

P.S Both the Vita and the Wii U are selling way below expectations.
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bullymangLer   679d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
amywelshcastle  +   681d ago
Flopping is a little extreme don't you think?

Nintendo have plenty of back up reserves, and the 3DS is still the best handheld. The Wii U may not be doing so well but it's not the end of the world.
hellzsupernova  +   680d ago
Gamers trying to talk business, you don't build up a big reserve to blow it on a failing console, the 3DS may be king but it is failing to live up to nintendos expectations.
hellzsupernova  +   680d ago
Just for the record I mean the wiiu is failing not the 3DS
Utalkin2me  +   680d ago
Kid, you really need to give your hate a rest. Kind of embarrassing really.

Maybe someday the admin will clean the multiple user accounts out.
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hellzsupernova  +   680d ago
Lol I have one account....what do you think my duplicate account is? Lol
torchic  +   680d ago
thank you!

"Nintendo have $10bn in the bank!"

so? they have $20bn worth of outstanding shares; investors who Nintendo need to cater to. investors don't like seeing their investments bleed all over the show and Nintendo, being a public company, has the responsibility to make sure the company is always doing well and progressing.

I never understood this "$10bn in the bank" excuse.
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Utalkin2me  +   680d ago
Again you fail to read between the lines. I did not accuse you of multiple accounts. Sorry again you went into defense mode.
Chrischi1988  +   680d ago

So, what should Microsoft and Sony do then? MS never stopped bleeding because of the console business and Sony had trouble to make the wound stop bleeding for more than half of the time they are in the console business... And Nintendo struggled one year with the Wii U, one device, not all of them, same can be said about Sony.
Vegamyster  +   680d ago
Pretty much, it's selling incredibly well and software sales are also very high yet people keep spouting "the end of Nintendo!" just because the Wii-U isn't doing very well.
Magnus  +   681d ago
Nintendo might be sinking in one industry which maybe home consoles but they still have the handheld market which they are doing great at. Nintendo won't flop everybody loves their franchises too much. Every gamer has grown up playing some sort of Nintendo franchise whether it be Mario or Pokémon. And gamers from different generations have fond memories of Nintendo franchises.

If anything Nintendo might fallow the same path as Sega when the saddest day happened and Sega stopped producing consoles. And Sega seems to be doing very well at making great games. Other thing that might happen is Nintendo might write off the Wii-U and start a new with a new console. And have it on the same bar as PS4 and XB1. Who knows what Nintendo will do but they will not flop. Virtual Boy was a flop and Nintendo rebounded back after that. And Nintendo will rebound back with this problem they face.

Every console maker has released a console that does not sell well or screws up. Sony released the PSP go and Sony bounced back. PS3 had a slow start and Sony fixed that and bounced back. Microsoft had consoles cooking themselves with the RROD and they bounced back. Sega stopped making consoles and they dropped out and they bounced back in the developer and publisher market. Nintendo won't leave the videogame market too many gamers of different ages have fond childhood memories with their consoles and their franchises. Nintendo will bounce back. Same articles appeared when Nintendo released the 3DS and it wasn't doing well with sales. Articles popped up saying it was done it was over. But Nintendo fixed the problem and they bounced back. And now 3DS is a great selling handheld console I own one and I play it. Nintendo not flopping they just hit a bump and they will fix it.
RPG_Lover  +   680d ago
Sony sunk in consoles for the last 10 years, yet here they are fine.

People over react. Sony is in a better position to do the Sega.
DragonKnight  +   680d ago
"Sony sunk in consoles for the last 10 years, yet here they are fine."

Oh yeah, selling over 230+ million consoles in the past 10 years (PS2 + PS3) is really an immense anchor on Sony. /s
deafdani  +   680d ago
@dragonknight: true, Sony sold lots of consoles... but they also sustained very heavy losses with them, especially with the PS3, which didn't even start to report profits for Sony until several years after launch.

Nintendo, generally speaking, has been a much healthier company than Sony and Microsoft's gaming divisions, even with home consoles, never mind their handhelds.
thezeldadoth  +   680d ago
^whoever disagreed with this comment, is obvious fanboy troll
Chrischi1988  +   680d ago

Selling 230+ million console doesnt equal to making profit. Nintendo made profit on its flopping Gamecube, Sony needed like 5 years for the PS3 to create the first dollar for Sony. PS3 during its launch was sold for $600 and sony sold them at a loss of $200. You know, these companies are in that business to make money and not to sell a lot of consoles at huge loss.
DragonKnight  +   680d ago
@deafdani and Chrischi1988: For one thing, can you point out where in Elemental's comment that profits were specifically being spoken of? And secondly, Sony's losses for the PS2 ended a LONG time ago, same with the PS3, so making a profit is making a profit. The point stands, Sony has NOT "sunk in consoles for the last 10 years."

That you would argue semantics shows a weak argument. Why try so hard to reinforce a clearly fanboyish comment designed to troll?
RPG_Lover  +   680d ago

PS3 made 0 profit and in unit sales alone lost almost 90% of its market share. That isnt good.
DragonKnight  +   680d ago
@ElementalKnight: Sorry but you're wrong. PS3 has been making Sony profit for about 2 years now, and no it didn't lose almost 90% of its market share. Stop pulling numbers from out of the void.
GameSpawn  +   680d ago
People also seem to forget that the PS3 was a pawn to get Blu-Ray standardized.

Guess what? It DID. The PS3 is the SOLE reason HD-DVD is dead. The PS3 caused more and more people to buy Blu-Ray films, enough so for Time Warner (Warner Brothers) to make their decision to drop HD-DVD and go full on Blu-Ray. Time Warner was the domino the market needed and after Warner's decision the rest of the hold outs followed suit.

So the initial losses of the PS3 are FAR FAR FAR outweighed by the Blu-Ray licensing gains long after the PS3's lifetime.
mediate-this  +   680d ago
That was sega's own fault. They released three systems back to back. If nintendo rides out the wii u and supplys crazy games they will be fine.,
Gabenbrah  +   680d ago
Nintendo is flopping? Last I checked, Nintendo are killing it with the 3DS and aren't in nearly as much debt as Sony, Sony are the ones flopping if we're talking about the 3.
rarity  +   680d ago
You really hate sony don't you?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   680d ago
He's right, though.
Check their financials; despite the PS4's success, it isn't pulling them out of their debt hole.
Whether you think it's bashing or not, it's a plain fact that Sony's finances are worse than Nintendo's, despite the Wii U's underselling performance.
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thezeldadoth  +   680d ago
i'm not sure whats worse. your fact ignoring comment, or the fact that 5 other people hit agree. you troll douches are gonna ruin the industry you claim to love
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live2play  +   680d ago
you really hate FACTS don't you?
DeadIIIRed  +   680d ago
None of these companies are going to "flop." Worse-case scenario they'll be restructured or sell off certain divisions. Nintendo may stop producing home consoles, but they'll be major players in handheld gaming and software for a long time.
kewlkat007  +   680d ago
Nintendo been in the game for the longest and out of all competitors, they can afford a flop. Just learn from it and rebound. It's not like they cannot. They have the IPs and still King of the handheld.
Beastforlifenoob  +   680d ago
The entire wall street flopped in 1 year...

It had $350 bn in the bank (about 35x larger than Nintendo)

Anything can flop, anything
Chrischi1988  +   680d ago
Not only that, but I wonder if any other than nintendo of the 3 could afford a failing system. MS would probably leave that business or sell the console devision right away, I mean they are close to selling it, even though Xbox sells fine. And Sony is not what one would call a financial stable company.
_QQ_  +   680d ago
Nintendo flopping? with already the highest rated next-gen game?!? not to mention Monolith>Gods and X will be beyond a masterpiece!!!

Not to mention 3DS outsold PS4 and Xboxone in December even with launch hype?!?!?!. such flop.
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Majin-vegeta  +   680d ago
I personally am getting X but you can;t say it will be a masterpiece.When we have seen little to no dam info and gameplay.Mono is nowhere near ND level.Until they can prove themselves like ND.

You can't compare a system that's been out for 2 year vs two systems that have been out for a little over 2 months.
_QQ_  +   680d ago
Xenogears is considerd the best Story in a game by pretty much everyone who has played it, that part is subjective. Xenogears has one of, if not THE deepest story in a game, that is fact. There are even 15 page analysis essays by fans for that game's story, Its pretty much treated like a Novel. Xenogears is considerd a masterpiece

Xenoblade is one of the most decorated JRPG of last gen.
For its beautiful environments, excellent Story, Deep RPG elements and Gameplay, also considerd a masterpiece by many. So the Monolith team has certainly proven themselves as much as ND, as much as Blizzard, as much as Nintendo EAD, they are easily among the best.

Now lets take a look at what we know about X, we know the gameplay will be similar to xenoblade with the addition of mechs. We know Tetsuya Takahashi,the man behind xenogears,xenosaga,xenoblade ect is also behind X.
We know one of the most revered Anime composers Hiroyuki Sawano is creating the score.
The World will be large scale like xenoblade. Kunihiko Tanaka, The character designer from Xenogears is returning for X.
Knowing all of that the only way this game won't be amazing is if its broken.
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   680d ago
Why not?
People did it all the time to the Wii U using the PS360.
Only hypocrites are complaining now that the shoe's on the other foot.
deafdani  +   680d ago
I really don't think you can compare Naughty Dog with Monolith Soft, dude, they're as different as night and day. One specializes in excellent linear games, the other in open world games.

Stephamphetamine  +   680d ago
Flopping as in the wiiU and Nintendo losing millions and millions of $$$, more then ever before. Shareholders calling for a new CEO, yep not flopping lol, doing real good there.
SlapHappyJesus  +   680d ago
They are not flopping. They are not flopping. They are not flopping. They are not flopping. They are also, believe it or not, not flopping.
They just came off an astronomically successful last generation and they are the home of every most popular handheld ever made. They have enough cash to eat another Wii U and another Wii U after that.
You can keep retyping the same regurgitated garbage until your fingers fall off, but that will put Nintendo in no less a fantastic financial situation than the one they are in. Do they wish the Wii U was selling a lot better? Sure. But that's as far as this goes.
Stephamphetamine  +   680d ago
Read more
SlapHappyJesus  +   680d ago
Explain yourself more. Perhaps with a bit less attitude next time because, I would assume, we are both grown and should be a bit more mature than that.
Theyellowflash30  +   680d ago
Man...these doom articles are pooring in LOL
tweet75  +   680d ago
the only reason the wii u is selling less is because dragon quest X has not been released in north america
deafdani  +   680d ago
Lol, what? Dragon Quest is HUGE in Japan, true, but that's it. It really is a extremely niche product in America, don't be ridiculous.
jdevcaelistis  +   680d ago
You know I don't care if it would sell hardware units or not. I just want the game! I would like to see it sell more units if they localized it. But, really I just want to play it.
JackieCruise69  +   680d ago
Nintendo is flopping because the Wii U isn't doing that well? LOL
Um, Hello, 3DS? Forget about that monster?

I guess by this logic, Sony is flopping too.
Yep  +   680d ago
Just wait till the dust settles. Eventually you get used to these repeat doom articles.
Npugz7  +   680d ago
Bye bye Nintendo!
CELLA  +   680d ago
i hope this is true
Justindark  +   680d ago
your a fake gamer just sayen..
CELLA  +   679d ago
i been a nintendo fan in 1985 had all the consoles
nintendo been going down hill starting from the gamecube we do not live in the past any more
punisher99  +   680d ago
Lets be clear about something. The Wii U is flopping. Not Nintendo as a company. As a company Nintendo is more than fine. They will always have the hand held market. The only thing that might happen one day, is that they might stop making consoles and just focus on their hand held fanbase.
Adolph Fitler  +   680d ago
Jesus Christ....another Nintendo doom & gloom article.. As a great man once said when a bear was loose at his Basketball game, "EVERYBODY PANIC".....
I might sell my Wii-U on Ebay RIGHT NOW.... I guess it's Nintendo's turn this gen, as Sony copped 3yrs of negative media coverage & non-stop internet banter when PS3 was revealed & years after launch.....So, at least it's not Sony again...Now I can get sick of all the Nintendo doom & gloom negative stories...It's just like those PS3 years, only now at least there is a different brand name being attacked.

"Sony sunk in consoles for the last 10 years,"

Argh, no,..PS3 has been around for 7yrs, & PS2 was before that & MASSIVE. So, Sony had about 6-7 rough years, & that was expected by anyone with half a NOBODY had dominated as heavily as Sony did with PS1 & PS2, & especially or 2 gens straight. The biggest selling console before PS1 arrived, was SNES, it sold 60+million, Sony 1st attempt (PS1) DOUBLED that at 120+million, & then PS2 almost tripled that at 150+million.
Your thinking of Sony AS A WHOLE....There TV department is the main money drainer, as cheaper, superior Korean brands SMASHED Sony's tv business & still is. So, your 10yr Sony doom forecast is more a reference to there TV, Stereo & such departments, as opposed to there console business. But, you are right in that there console division (which was there most financially viable at one point) has suffered over the past 5-6yrs....But, it is looking like PS4 can bring them back.....They just need to work something out for there other, financially draining departments, as now I believe they are kind of more merged, so bad tv sales & losses, now affects the console end of things, with limited cashflow for marketing (as seen with the terrible, & almost non-existant PS3 marketing), as well as R&D for new machines, AS WELL as new games, new IP's & such....(which was also seen with PS3, with closures of MANY of Sony's 1st party developers).
KakashiHotake  +   680d ago
Seems like the Media is all over Nintendo these days. It doesnt make sense because they just recently had the one of the greatest selling consoles of all time, and the greatest selling portables of all time. The 3DS is doing great, and while Wii U started out slow, it's been doing fine lately for the past few months. Nintendos situation is no where near as bad as the media makes it sound.
jdevcaelistis  +   680d ago
It comes down to the fact that the industry grew significantly at the same time development costs and time grew significantly with the introduction of hd and photorealistic visuals. Its a much more desired commodity while at the same time a less available one. Capcom is saying that now development time is going to double with the ps4 and xbone. I could see that being the case. AAA developers are expected to push the envelope graphically. Whereas indie developers are free to use the hardware to easily make games in a timely manner. Why do you think Ubisoft has been making so many assassin creed games? Because they spent way too much money developing the first one with very little payoff. But, they did complete the engine. Now they can build a business model that can actually make them money by releasing sequel after sequel. You can apply this to just about any AAA 3rd party developer with very few exceptions. The media knows this and knows that gaming is gonna be pretty boring in this transition because developers are working on new engines to take advantage of the hardware. The sheepish public doesn't understand half of what they are asking for and no business in its right mind would be willing to say no. Which is good because thats what advances the industry. Basically people need to get lives so they have something else to do while games are being made for their consoles. Thats the last thing a gaming publication or website wants because the want a consistent ad revenue stream. They can only get that by stirring up controversy.
Hicken  +   680d ago
Funny how every Nintendo fanboy has to bring up Sony. Yeah, article sucks. No, Nintendo's not going bankrupt or anything of the sort.

But geez, Sony isn't your scapegoat because the Wii U is doing badly. Just admit it's not doing what Nintendo would like and move on. It's getting pretty sad. Almost as sad as these lame ass articles.
maniacmayhem  +   680d ago
I love how you want others to accept that the WiiU is doing badly, when not to long ago you were rabid, mad, crazy and attacked anyone who said the same about the Vita.

All I read from you was bile and venom as you accused everyone of being a xbox fanboy for even suggesting the Vita was doing poorly, even telling those people to stay out of Vita articles.

And you are the voice of reason eh?

That's the real sad part. Does it even cross your mind how big of a hypocrite you are?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   680d ago
Why would it?
Hypocrites only see their own side of the story.
Most people know that the Wii U is doing badly, but only the idiots use it as an excuse to say Nintendo, as a company, is on its way out the door.
staticdash22  +   680d ago
Vita is a handheld, we are talking consoles

Therefore your argument is IRRELEVANT
Hicken  +   680d ago
You're now actually ATTACKING me for being moderate. The hell is wrong with you?

I'm doing the same thing for Nintendo and the Wii U that I did for the Vita: saying it's way too early to scream doom and gloom, even while things look bad.

Oh, but you say I was being rabid? Proof, or GTFO.
Yep  +   680d ago
For once, I kind of agree with you here. Unfortunately, on N4G, people feel forced to bring up Sony because 90% of the userbase here isn't capable of realizing the fact that neither of these companies are doomed.
Justindark  +   680d ago
i think sony is brought up because the majority of this site are sony fans. which tend to attack nintendo constantly with hate articles or saying nintedo release's the same games over and over again. so the nintendo fans feel the need to defend there preference kinda like a foot ball team or fighter argument in the sense. i never really see nintendo fans on xbox or PlayStation articles but i do see sony harassing xbox and nintendo games contently rubbing that ps4 is stronger/ specs that power this uncharted that in xbox and nintendo gamers faces. or the famous attack nintendo gets is oooh casuaaal oooooh not hard coore while xbox gets oooh gto or w.e that car games is better the forzaaaaa crap that goes on here all the time
alejandroelputo  +   680d ago
Just shut up and let Nintendo do their shit. If the Wii U turns flopping next year even with the release of SSB and Mario Kart then you can state the obvious that Nintendo is flopping, for now just lets continue to be quiet and not bash Nintendo. Remember that Nintendo makes the best software on the whole planet.
Majin-vegeta  +   680d ago
* Remember that Nintendo makes the best software on the whole planet.*

That's subjective aside from Pokemon Ninty just don;t make games that appeal to me anymore.
punisher99  +   680d ago

Just to give you a little feedback. I was ready to hit the agree button on your comment until I read this "Remember that Nintendo makes the best software on the whole planet." Without that, your comment would have been flawless.
Justindark  +   680d ago
play some nintendo games and then say that there games r one of the best plus there longer the the majority of the 3rd part games out there
strigoi814  +   680d ago
want some hits bash Nintendo. sigh this is what future gonna be like of our journalists
deafdani  +   680d ago
The future? That's how it's been for a good while now. :P
BOLO  +   680d ago
Nintendo isn't going anywhere anytime soon. They made it with the N64 and Gamecube, they'll make it with the Wii U.
maniacmayhem  +   680d ago
I said it in other articles and I'll say it some more here. Nintendo needs to start making the games that appeal to a wider audience and not just their fans.

I hate to say it but Nintendo needs a GTA, a Bioshock, a TLoU or Gears of War. They need that title that attracts an older type of crowd (tweens, teenagers and twentysomethings) that are not interested in Zelda, or the many Japanese focused type of games that Nintendo puts out.

I hate to say this because I don't agree with it but it is a thought that maybe Nintendo should start focusing on games that appeal more to a western audience. Now before everyone shoots me in the head, I'm not saying Nintendo should abandon their fans or their types of games but they need to expand and start making other types of games that the majority are craving for.

The WiiU doesn't have to be the biggest seller and make millions on millions but it does need enough to break even and make Nintendo just a little profit so they can ride it off into the sunset, then get back to the lab and release another system in 5 years time.

Just my opinion.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   680d ago
The thing is, those kinds of titles take time, just like any other game.
And Nintendo is set to deliver those kinds of titles in 2014, but people don't like waiting.

It doesn't help that the gaming media has gone Full Pachter, though.
They should never go full pachter.
It destroys credibility to say that one console being a low seller is the sign that Nintendo as a company is dying, ya know?
maniacmayhem  +   680d ago
Agreed, those titles do take time. I blame Nintendo for not planning correctly, it's pretty obvious where the interests of most gamers are nowadays, Nintendo could easily look at PS3/360's big sellers and know what the market wants.

And they have already addressed issues with their lack of 3rd party support. Like Sony, Nintendo should have been asking these big name 3rd party devs want they would like to see in their new system.

And yea, one system not doing well is not the end of Nintendo. I didn't feel the need to address that since we all know that is not the case.
staticdash22  +   680d ago
I haven't bought a nintendo console in years. I haven't bought a nintendo game, not had the desire to do so in a long time.

Not saying the company is flopping, but the Wii U certainly is. I just can't muster up any excitement for this console, and at this point I'd choose the Xbox One as my second console because they make software more attuned to my tastes. Their themes, content, etc just don't move me at this point in my life. I'm 20, and Stuff like Alan Wake, The last of us, and Mass Effect are what I find appealing. Not saying that people don't like nintendo games, but I am no longer apart of their target demographic.

The number of sales for the console, are saying that others feel the same way. Hopefully they make a rebound, but I think they need a younger, more modern thinking, fresh blood as a new CEO. IMO of course
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cellur111  +   680d ago
Nintendo wouldn't be in this problem if they had done the wii right. Sure they sold over 100 million of them, but how many quality games were released on it besides by nintendo? Hardly any.

Nintendo should have first of all made the wii way at least equal to the ps3 and xbox but instead they made inferior system filled with gimmicks and aimed toward kids,old people and parents. To make it worse they never pushed third parties to develop quality games for the wii.

Now we have the Wii U and the same exact thing is happening. A inferior system to the xbox one and ps4 and Because Nintendo never pushed for third parties to develop for them no third parties want to release games on the Wii u and instead the only quality games we get are by Nintendo and they get released very slowly, and even worse Nintendo most popular games arent even released yet. All of this led to Nintendo losing out on sales from the "hard core" gamers and there target audience. Combine all of this with a horrible name for a console and you get the poor sales the Wii u is getting.
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Armadilo21  +   680d ago
times have changed, Nintendo has milked Mario Dry. Mario games don't sell like they used to. you play one Mario game you have just played all Mario games
Lord_Sloth  +   680d ago
No! They just launched the totally unique Dr. Luigi!!!
Adolph Fitler  +   680d ago
"Remember that Nintendo makes the best software on the whole planet"

Wow, I wasn't aware that Nintendo bought ND....If this is so, then you are right, Nintendo now has the BEST software developer ON THE PLANET...
But lets come back to planet earth for a second.... In answer to your statement....
NO...Just NO...Nintendo WERE the best in the SNES stop living in the past, as when PS1 launched, Sony QUICKLY became the best maker of software ON THE PLANET....Nintendo lost all 3rd party support, & they even lost THERE BIGGEST drawcard in RARE....MS bought Rare & ruined them...Meanwhile ex-Rare staff formed a team called Free Radical, & made THE BEST, most FUN, FPS EVER made for console...the success of Timesplitters BECAUSE OF PS2 owners (like me), ensured that Xbox & GC would get future iterations...Same with Burnout & SSX in fact, all established & made successful on PS2. Now, getting back to point... Sony managed to assemble a stable of 1st party development studios, that put Nintendo's to shame (although many great ones were disbanded with PS3, due to Sony's massive financial constraints from Tv to console divisions)..BUT...Sony STILL have Nintendo beat in this regard....When I consider games like GT, GOW, Unchartered, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet, Ico, SOTC, Journey, Flower, Socom, Twisted Metal, LBP, Tearway, Motorstorm,The Getaway, Siren, Heavy Rain, Folklore, Modnation Racers, Warhawk & Starhawk, Killzone, Resistance, Infamous, TLOU, Sly Cooper, & the list just goes on, with forgotten classic of yesteryear from PSone, like Medievil, Syphon Filter & Jet Moto to mention 3 biggies, to more obscure, criminally ignored PS2 classics like The Mark Of Kri, Primal & Ghosthunter.

The diversity from The Getaway series being open world GTA style games set in the awesome London, through to nearly EVERY genre in gaming....Sony has had it all covered, & have come up with there own identity, with certain games of there's being instantly recognizable as a Sony game, just as Nintendo has a certain identity to there games.

I do like me some Nintendo gaming..They certainly aren't a slouch when it comes to 1st party quality....
BUT, I do feel they are allowing themselves to be left behind in software, by not evolving with the business, & trying to expand upon there IP's, with NEW, MATURE themed games. Why should Miyamoto's creative brain be limited to making Mario games for the rest of time. I would love to buy a new IP that Miyamoto has been given the freedom to go to town on.
I would love to see some new, superior, FULLY 3D Mario action, that abandons time limits (I want an exploration based, action/adventure platformer, not a racing game hidden as a platformer).
I would love for them to shelf Mario for 2yrs or so, & build a totally new platformer, aiming to better Mario64 (the pinnacle of the series), a full 3D, open world platformer, with a more dark, mature based theme (Alice:Madness Returns was great for example), a new story that doesn't involve a $lutty, well worn & torn Princess being kidnapped, & me having to save her arse, dressed in G@Y red overalls, & a 70's gay porn moustache, then having to ram my anus onto dudes heads. I mean, common....Mario is great & all, but his recent offerings (despite ridiculously over rated reviews) HAVE NOT BEEN STELLAR, by any account.. They are just going through the motions, banking on gameplay, tricks & artsyle.... I just yearn for the developers within Nintendo's stable, to come out & do something new, that stands up & gets everyone's attention...
wakeupcall4  +   680d ago
I just don't get the point of the Wii really would someone tell me why I should be excited about it?
jdevcaelistis  +   680d ago
Do you like to play video games? You can play new ones on the wii u.... If you only play games to run around and shoot people online odds are the wii u isn't the system for you. I'm a game developer. I'm developing a game for the wii u because I know people that own one will buy it. Not so sure about the sony and microsoft market. They only seem interested in repetitive action and eye candy. Obviously thats not everyone. I'll get a ps4 eventually when more titles release for it. A few more 1st person shooters and a crappy action adventure game aren't gonna cut it though.
MasterCornholio  +   680d ago
Your calling Uncharted a crappy action adventure game?

I seriously doubt you are a game developer.
KevinCubes  +   680d ago
Infamous looks to be a great game
ibrake4naps  +   680d ago
I can't believe there's not an exclusive zelda game for wiiu yet! :-(
TheRacingX  +   680d ago
This article is a poorly written opinion piece with no real facts. The Wii has outsold the PS3 and 360 to date and they were making profit day 1 from it....just because this guy calls it inferior because it didnt have 1080P visuals, doesnt make it junk. The gamecube was technically superior to PS2 in everyway (except for the disc media) and it didnt sell....why? 3rd party support was just an afterthought of lazy 1/2 assed ports....with the Wii? games like Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong Country, SSB, were great, fun, and for the most part visually what happened there? 3rd parties all but abandoned it because they didnt want to spend to restructure their game for with Wii U what is it again? Anemic 3rd party support, a few games here and there, ported over, with a couple of features thown in.....Nintendo HAS LOST their 3rd parties, and need to find a way to get those games on their system. The Wii U is not junk and is very capable, games like Knack and Ryse could be done on Wii U it takes work and know how to make it happen...and $. If you can make games like Uncharted, Crysis, God of War, Gears, Forza look good with 256/512MB of Ram you can make games look nicer with have to want to do it. Most 3rd parties dont, what Nintendo SHOULD do is license the games themselves and put them on Wii U. They would only have to pay teams for the port work and they could QC it themselves to make sure its not crappy. Bayonetta 2 will be an interesting was a gamers game only on PS3/360 NOW only on the Wii U....will those gamers get a Wii U to play it? or just abandon it? Would they go buy one if they knew there were other games available they would get and not just Bayonetta? The next few months will be interesting for Nintendo.....

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