Let's See Microsoft Innovate Its Way Out of This

Kevin Maney writes:

''From way over in Indonesia, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates let it be known that Microsoft never needed to buy Yahoo to make headway in search and advertising. It just kind of wanted to.

"We have always felt we could do very well on our own and now that's the path we are focused on," Gates told AP in Jakarta on Friday. "The standard strategy for us is to just hire great engineers and surprise people at how well we can compete, even with a company that's got a strong lead."

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niall773870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

its not the best situation MS has been in, admiting they just wanted yahoo because "kind of wanted to"

v1c1ous3870d ago

now yahoo is the one saying "no wait, Come back!"

jaja14343870d ago

Yes it always tickles me when a company says no, but the stockholders say yes. Just makes me giggle is all.

Drekken3870d ago

Reminds me of a rich person buying an ugly @ss piece of art for too much money cause they could... Only to find out they were an artist anyways!

wow4u3870d ago

That is worthless traffic troll. Complete emotion and hate-filled attack for traffic.

It didnt even make sense.

eagle213870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

They have this "we're on top, no matter our failures", and have little internet minions helping out their "cause". I personally don't care what happens to their marketshare for all their products. I have never purchased with my own hard earned money, any Microsoft product. And I likely never will. :)

Vip3r3870d ago

So they can't admit defeat?

NarsilianShard3870d ago

"we can do well on our own"

yeah....msn is a real winner

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The story is too old to be commented.