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Submitted by smattoliver 682d ago | article

Dear Gaming Industry: You Know Next Gen is Here, Right? | Pixelvolt

It seems like developers have not been fully utilizing the potential that the current generation game consoles have been providing. This article takes a look at how game developers are not utilizing the new consoles and still developing the games for last-gen consoles. (Industry, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

cyguration  +   682d ago
Inb4 excuses about devs needing time to understand the tech, even though the new consoles are just (lower) mid-ranged PCs.
thorstein  +   682d ago
That's all they are? Awesome. Truly. How do you know so much about the industry? The idea that a console does a few things for a dev that a PC can't:
1. Dev knows exactly the specs for every users' system.
2. Dev knows exactly the install base for those specs.
3. 160 million users of said install base.

Perhaps understanding the business end may help.

As for the article: "Dear Gaming Industry: You Know Next Gen is Here, Right? | Pixelvolt"

Dear Pixelvolt, you do know that there are 160 last gen systems out there. Higher install base=higher sales.
N7KIRK  +   682d ago
I have no clue where N4G commentators get their understanding of business. They talk about Microsoft and Sony like they're trading cards, and always with this sense of "I know better than the company I buy from". Most of these "kids" aren't shareholders, investors, or entrepreneurs of any sort. They're simply consumers.

There was an article not too long ago discussing Sony's plan to buy Nintendo's chip factory. The first comment under that article stated "I hope Sony uses this to help Nintendo or they could put them in the ground." or something of that sort. Really? Business is not trading card game. It's never as simple as "Helping Nintendo" out.
MestreRothN4G  +   681d ago
inb4 the hatred because the top games won't be released for PC... again

cyguration  +   681d ago
Wha? Titanfall is coming to PC.
MestreRothN4G  +   681d ago
"Cod with mechs = top game"

Tornadobounce  +   682d ago
No point yet
alejandroelputo  +   682d ago
defecation is what developers do to consoles
vikingland1  +   682d ago
Did this author see what happens when last gen games are ported to current gen? Eg: TR Definative edition people called it a cash grab.

Personaly I would love to see some more ports. But I would say I'm in the minority.
NeoTribe  +   682d ago
Not sure wherw all the hate comes from for these ports. If naughty dog announced a defin version of last of us for ps4 with suped up graphics people would have the opposite reaction. Guess it depends on whats ported.
king_george  +   682d ago
The Last of Us port is probably (imo) the most wished for example. I know i would pick it up day one anyways
vikingland1  +   681d ago
I would too.
Kevlar009  +   682d ago
Seeing how the install base for PS3 and 360 exceed the PS4 and X1 by a factor larger than 20 it's no wonder they are still making games for last gen. Also the author assumes Devs will just instantly transistion from one gen to the next, as if they've been working with the PS4 and X1 tech since their conception. Unless you're a 1st party Dev you've most likely had Dev kits for about a year at most, many third parties are porting last gen into current gen titles since all they need to do is bump up the visuals.

It doesn't matter which console they sell a game for, whether it's for PS3 or PS4 they're going to be selling it for $60. And while I made it sound like porting was easy (tbh I have no idea), it still costs money. The only reason to make a game for a current gen console to go with a last gen console is to appease fans. Many companies don't want to spend extra money to make a few people happy (since most people probably won't care too much if there is only a last gen version).

I can understand wanting more games for the shiny new console you just bought, but from a Publisher standpoint making a current gen version is a costly service, not a necessity.
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LoliconMaster  +   682d ago
It takes a while to make games. The don't just pull them out of their butts you know?
II__BONE__II  +   682d ago
really?'re shitting me!
Wigriff  +   682d ago
Out of his butt. ;)
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DC777  +   682d ago
And so reality begins to sink in
SpiralTear  +   682d ago
If you have more powerful hardware, you should be doing things that the last consoles couldn't do and that doesn't mean making the AI of fish in the water slightly more dynamic. The public doesn't know what to expect from these consoles at the moment since they're so new, so now's the time to take a risk and do something unheard of.

There's nothing that promotes buyer's regret more than getting a new console and seeing games on it that could've been done the gen before.
SolidDuck  +   682d ago
Whenever new consoles launch there's like an overlap year or so. This isn't news.
Pillsbury1  +   682d ago
By the end of this year you will see a big difference. Look at madden and how it looks bad on ps4.
strigoi814  +   682d ago
oh "next gen" the most used words to say im cooler than you
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isarai  +   682d ago
these games are not massive AAA budget titles and have been in development for quite a while specifically for current gen. Making a next gen port is not as simple as drag, drop, and check the 1080p option, making a port is hard and cost a lot no matter how familiar the tech is, let alone brand new hardware who's final specs have only been around for about 10 months.

Add on the fact that the consumer base for next gen titles are extremely small compared to current meaning it would be an outlandish risk to make a next gen version when they already have a hard enough time selling to a 160 million+ consumer base. paying all that cash to make something for a 8million consumer base would almost guarantee a big loss.
BOLO  +   681d ago
No it's not here...720p is not next-gen.
kingduqc  +   681d ago
Or get a pc and play the games like they where "next gen" back in 2010...

PC does everything consoles do and better. There is no need for them anymore.
Kivespussi  +   681d ago
Aww, come on. Stop with the PC elitist crap. Sure, PC can be more powerful, less restricted, has cheaper games(though PS+ and the deals it gives you is catching up to steam) but there's just as many reasons to favor consoles.
Hicken  +   681d ago
How's that PC remote play working out for you? How are Forza and Zelda?


Shut up.
ShaunCameron  +   681d ago
Maybe if I cared enough about RTS's, MMO's and flash mini-games I would get a PC.
No_Pantaloons  +   681d ago
Haven't bought a ps4 yet, and I would agree that the industry seems to be asleep at the wheel right now. Anticipated "next gen" games are being pushed back and a string of ps3/60 ports seem to be inbound. Considering the ending gen was the longest in gaming history developers should be more than ready to astound the masses with their latest offerings, yet sadly that's not happening.

They certainly should still support ps3/60, but games like Dark Souls 2 should be going first to the new gen systems, and while some may cry about install base as the reason, I would say longevity should balance that out as these will be the systems that most people will be buying for in the many years to come.

The already released ports like Tomb Raider DE are even more troublesome. Many are claiming it takes significant effort to port these (I wont even debate that,) but that would make it even more egregious, since they have little to actually offer other than a fresh coat of paint and a few minor tweaks.

Lastly is the games announced for both gens like the upcoming Dragon Age Iquisition. I am worried, even terrified at the prospect of games being made outright for both. Again this was the longest generation ending, those systems and the new ones are not even remotely close in power meaning either a cutting edge game is getting severely cut down or an old game is getting a prettier face lift. Either way that's nothing to get excited about, and makes me wonder why its happening, because I've been gaming since the original NES and its never happened like this before.
I love my old games and keep them forever, but new means "out with the old, in with the new," you cant have both at once. The industry needs to start acting like a new gen has started.
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