An Interview with The Last of Us' Hana Hayes

These questions tell of her experiences with Naughty Dog, her co-actors, and experiences with acting.

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DerekFlint0071557d ago

Reading that interview, young Hana comes across as a very nice and talented individual. I thought she did a splendid job in Last Of Us and i wish her every success in future roles.

Spore_7771557d ago

Good interview. Great work done in TLoU.

II__BONE__II1557d ago

Spock dies in the Wrath of Kahn
Darth Fader is Luke's father
Dr.Malcom Crowe is really dead in the Movie The Sixth Sense

GarrusVakarian1557d ago

Lmao who the hell is Darth FADER? Hahaha.

LKHGFDSA1557d ago

I was hoping this was a voice actor from the upcoming DLC but it's the girl in the intro scene? eh, I won't bother read it.
I thought her voice acting was intentionally "bad" (bad as in it isn't nice to listen to, not that it's unrealistic)
You could tell they chose her to be killed within minutes of her reveal, I knew it when I first played it.
Imagine if you had to listen to her mumbling and vague way of talking through the whole game, it would be terrible.
I'm surprised anyone is interviewing her tbh.

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