Killzone 2 E3 2005 vs Playstation Day 2008 "If you take a good close look at the comparison you can see that Killzone 2 2008 has the clearer picture with far better colours and lighting effects. It just has an overall slicker look. I know what your going to say now… the E3 2005 looks better in motion…"

Screenshot comparisons and also a video.

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HighDefinition3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Screen for Screen, It NOW looks better than the E3 trailer.

Which to some people is the equivalent to having their head shoved in their @ss. GG did it, and the GP by the way looks great. Before anyone says sh!t, they have 9 months to work on the AI, 9 MONTHS.

Killzone has been well worth the wait, it would seem.

BTW, by the time this comes out, the PS3 will most likely be $299.

marinelife93870d ago

Wow they're right. The 2008 demo does look better. I gues Phil Harrison wasn't lying after all when he said in a lot of ways it looks better now.

chaosatom3333870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

To think that this is in Alpha stage is saying something.

It will be like Crysis of console.

sonarus3870d ago

lol they took the worst part of that fake trailer and took the best part of gamers day stuff. In those screens it definitely looks better but there are areas of that fake trailer that can't be done on even the highest end pc.

From those screens though, hands down it surpasses but when you watch the old video and compare it to this, you'll see the diff

Marceles3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Meh...the only thing I'll give to the 2005 trailer is how good the ground looks on the bridge with the rubble, cracks, and the crater, everything else I have to give to the new looks better than 2005.

Panthers3870d ago

I have to disagree sonarus. The 05 trailer, the characters looked plastic. The only thing amazing about that was the crash at the end and rocket launcher firing.

The real game looks stunning.

sonarus3870d ago

Yes the old one the characters looked plastic. Thats it. Characters are improved. Watch the video and you will see what i mean. Old vid can't be done on some pc's yet. The explosions the fire effects too much of that stuff is impossible with todays tech. The screens showed here like i said don't show the parts where the old trailer reigns supreme.

The faces look better but the armor/clothes are no where near as detailed as the fake trailer.

Don't get me wrong KZ2 is the most impressive looking game on a console but pound for pound against that trailer, not even the mighty crysis can pull thru

Silellak3870d ago

Can't watch this right now, I'll have to check it out when I get home, but if they really outdid the '05 trailer - and it sounds like they did - then color me impressed.

I wonder if that means Motorstorm 2 will outdo Motorstorm's original CG trailer?

Marceles3870d ago

I'll agree with you on the armor as well, but you gotta admit they're really close, they're right there...I wouldn't say they're nowhere near as detailed as the old trailer, but the old trailer's armor actually looks like it has weight and volume to it whereas the new trailer armor looks a little flat, at least on Rico. With that said, we have until February '09 and I think it's possible and enough time for them to clearly surpass the CGI at first glance without needing a side-by-side.

JBaby3433870d ago

It surpassed that 2005 CGI and I don't see how anyone can deny it. It looks better in pretty much every way. They actually did it. They not only met it (E3 2007) but now have surpassed it. Can't wait for this game.

Tarasque3870d ago

[email protected] the screens look at the video comparison. Not even close.

sonarus3870d ago

Exactly marceles. I just saw the fake trailer again and it doesn't even look as good as i remember. I saw we wait for better gameplay vids or another official trailer. It seems like they toned down the blood effects a bit. Maybe because of rating.

Anyway game looks fantastic without a doubt but there are just some parts of that trailer that can't be done. 9months the game will probably be polished more and look even better than it does which is a scary thought really:D

TresTrendu3870d ago

You guy's crack me up, I must have better eyesight than most.

masterg3870d ago


I don't agree with you on this one.
I think that in many ways the 08 version comes out on top. Fire looks terrible in the E305 version.
I do think the explosions look better on the E305 version. But it does not look like something that cant be done. Hell I think it has been done. I think the explosions in UT3(PS3 version) and crysis look amazing. Absolutely stunning. Both equal or better than KZ2 E305.
I do believe that this will one of the things that they will improve graphically in the next 9 months.

mistertwoturbo3870d ago


That video was from the 2007 E3. They need to compare the 2005 E3 video to the latest video which is now the PS Gamer's Day 2008 videos. Obviously the latest trailer shows vast improvements over the 2007 trailer. And again I will reiterate, they've still got 9 months to go!

QuackPot3870d ago

STFU about "fake trailer" sh*t.

2005 E3 was a target trailer...TRAILER.

Any intelligent gamer who saw the video for the first time would have known this. Noway, would GG have a in-game available in 2005. Even the great Insomniac wouldn't have been able to pull that feat off in such a short amount of time.

In game was confused by an interviewer with a Resistance demo....which was gameplay.

enough said.

Damn fanboys and their rants.

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niall773870d ago

but yes we know Killzone2 will look great (in a gray and brown way) but we want some gameplay footage not shot with a phone camera

HighDefinition3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

In case people didn`t can D/L the PS day vids on PSN and the KZ2 trailer is there somewhere to watch on your HDTV.

It`s the "Play is hiding and waiting" video.

Timesplitter143870d ago

Well search the internet Mr. Genius. It's full of it.

xg-ei8ht3870d ago

Anyone who wants to see this game in it's true form.

Needs to watch this video.

720p using x4aa with x8af, that is what the game is pushing.

Use the torrent file, its very fast.:)

gameraxis3870d ago

killzone looks better than crysis, don't just look at the jungle levels in crysis look at it all (indoor rooms) etc. and killzone looks better

people, we don't need to say best looking game on console anymore. its simply the best looking game. Ive been comparing the two trying to find out what people are talking about. crysis has this "pasted on" look to it while killzone looks so tight and clean.

and yes i was looking at it on high end pcs i just don't see why crysis is better, great looking I'll agree but better??? just an opinion tho

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alexM3870d ago

KZ2 killed everything on Wii and x360


Gayers 2 is killed even before its launch

The Closing3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Both will most likely be great.

Plus you fanboys aren't the brightest bunch are you? You don't even realize gayer's doesn't even rhyme with gears, but there is a word that means the exact same that does. I'll give you a hint, it starts with a q.

Phil Harrison Mklll3870d ago

gears 2 will look like unreal 3 on the ps3 ha ha sad xbot slaves

The Closing3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I don't own a 360 you inbred.

DarthTigra 3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

If you disagree with nasim/doodle/alexM/sammymantra / tanod,or say anything that is not a 100 percent prasing sony you are an xbot to him.

The Closing3870d ago

No matter. He's not too quick if you know what I mean.

JBaby3433870d ago

But I don't see Gears 2 coming close to this. Hats off to Epic if so but I seriously see no way considering UE3 can't even match Uncharted and KZ2 even surpasses Uncharted.

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Fishy Fingers3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Hand on heart, I believe they have out done the E3 trailer. Especially in certain areas, the textures are better now and the lighting engine, well thats in a league of it's own.

The final screen is gorgeous, technically there is so much going on there. Very impressed, Killzone aside, I'm interested to see what else they cook up with this engine, we all know the PS3 is fussy about UE3 but I don't think they're going to have to rely on it for much longer.

Fishy Fingers3870d ago

That be sweet.

Me, I'll take a few more FPS games please :) Mind you I'm a FPS whore, I hate having a "character" on screen, FPS just seems to draw me in more.

The Closing3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I wish this game had the option for fps to 3rd person view.

AlterEgo3870d ago

why FPS games couldn't have the OPTION to be shown in 3rd person?

all it [seems like it] would a simple pull back from the camera and fix it in that position. bam. presto. instant purchase for a lot of games i crossed over simply because (back in the day) i HAATTEEED first person games.

I'd MUCH rather play 3rd person (a la MGS/SOCOM/Warhawk/Ghost Recon)

but as of Rainbow Six: Vegas, COD4, Portal...and a few others...I've kind of started to appreciate FPS for what they are, even though I really don't see how the game is hindered by having the player showing.

My gripe is...the character is ALREADY MODELED! Like in some games...there's mirrors where you can see your character fully detailed...or like in R6: Vegas...going into cover...the player is already modeled completely...but there's still only an FPS option.

Same in this scenario. Of COURSE I'm getting Killzone 2...and probably a LOT of other FPS games that come out, but I still prefer 3rd Person shooters.

Actually, can anybody explain why the 'option' isn't there? I do think I've seen some games with the option...though not very many. It seems like a VERY small addition that would make a world of difference because now you have 2 target audiences instead of one. Me and ALL my friends IRL are JUST now getting into fps due to COD4.

sonarus3870d ago

You and i are one and the same alter ego. Used to hate fps with all my heart. But this gen its like i am forced to like it.

The Closing3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I still hate fp view because you can only play the game so long without getting dizzy. It's cool it short bursts, but shouldn't be the only view in games. With the perfection of the over the shoulder camera view last gen with RE4 I've come to expect to see all shooters done in a similar fashion. This game should be worth the dizziness though.

JBaby3433870d ago

The option to choose between 1st and 3rd person would be sweet. I'm excited to see what else can be done with this engine because the textures, lighting, and amount of stuff on-screen (especially volumetric explosions and what-not) they will be able to do amazing things once it's refined even more.

Luca Blight3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

The reason FPS shooters don't have the "option" to go into 3rd person is because you bring on a whole new set of obstacles in 3rd person. Think about it...

1. The camera in first person is from the view of the player and is controlled as if you were actually there, if you go into 3rd person, you'd have to design a whole camera system to account for this.
2. Whole new animations would be needed for the main character. Whereas in first person you don't really need any main character animations besides basic gun-holding/reloading ones (infinetely easier than modeling the whole human body in action and interacting with objects/terrain), 3rd person games require a lot more thought and development in this particular area. Furthermore in first person all you really need to do is make sure the main character's view is a locked 6 feet above the ground (unless you jump or crouch), in third person you need to account for how the character reacts with his surroundings (amongst other things)

It's definetely easier to go from 3rd person to 1st person than it is the other way around.

Foolsjoker3870d ago

There is an actual reason behind the problems between having a game that is a FPS turn into a 3rd person one. Depending on the way the game is, there are illusions that pop up with the change of view that must be accounted for. This is all dependent on the way in which the makers create the game of course.

By illusions i mean depth, its basically what we use in real life with 'stereopsis'. So somethings just wont look right, ive heard a number of animators have this issue. Not sure how R6:V does it though, but than again the detail differences are incredible.

Kleptic3870d ago

the part where Sev pulls that other guy up over the ledge is the single coolest in game scene I have ever witnessed in looks like a sci-fi movie...

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DarthTigra 3870d ago

Imo,everything in the game now excluding the gun looks better than what was shown at E305.The gears 2 gameplay vid is coming tonight i would like to see how it compares to killzone.We are probally going to get 20 comparsion videos and pic's zooming in 1000 percent to show the surperior game(Graphically)lol.

HighDefinition3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I don`t think GeoW2 is gonna even come close to what KZ2 is doing graphically. From GeoW I expect to see more enemies on screen and a bit more polish. Hopefully it moves better as well, more like Uncharted, that would be nice.

The Closing3870d ago

Everything looks better now, and that's quite a feat. Both Gears, and Killzone will most likely be great shooter games. But you can't compare them graphicly since K2 is on a whole nother level.

HighDefinition3870d ago

But hey.

Even if, it`s quite unbelievable.

JBaby3433870d ago

Not that it will look bad but honestly this looks superb. I'm glad the extra dev time has really paid off. I don't see any way that UE3 engine can match this. But we'll see soon enough and the flame wars will have several more battles.

Kleptic3870d ago

I can't wait to see what Epic has done with Gears 2 tonight...I trust that Epic will deliver another great game...but imo its just a matter of development time that could hold Gears 2 back...

that MS guy was bragging about there being 2 Gears of War games before Killzone 2 even launches...I wouldn't brag about that...4 years tends to be a great window to make a near perfect game...GTAIV is a recent example...the fact that Epic is still messing around with UT3 on 360...and they spent a lot of last year finishing up UT3 on a totally different platform...that doesn't leave a lot of time to get Gears 2 up to this caliber...but we will find out tonight...

this could end up being the best shootout of this generation...

King_many_layers3870d ago

What is with the Gears of War comparison to KILLZONE. it's ridiculous. Texture wize Gears of War 2 should look better and I can say that from using LOGIC. Look at the demo released of SIREN: New translation ( or blood curse ) the game is in third person as you start. the textures look bloody great, go up near them and they still look great, BUT, if you use the first person view from there you see a significant difference, which is why it seems that the textures are lower in FPS games Because you go much closer to them. If KILLZONE was a third person shooter than this would be way ahead of what we have now and that's absolutely fantastic at it's fairly early stage in time.

Please stop this strange comparison.

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