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Check Out This Cool X-Ray Of A PS4 Controller

Check out this cool X-ray of a PS4 controller, thanks to redditor Jackatakk333. (PS4, Tech)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   278d ago
X-ray controller looks nice indeed and for PS4 that's nice edition too!
ahmedghoula  +   278d ago
That battery should have been bigger..
Studio-YaMi  +   278d ago
I actually noticed that the batteries on my DS4 does run out fast,still that's not a real/big problem with me since I always charge my controllers after every gaming session via my laptop USB ports.

It works like a charm,had no shortage in battery juice since I got the system on launch & I game for like 3 to 7 hours daily.
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RyuCloudStrife  +   278d ago
I have mines plugged to a near-by wall outlet like a cellphone charger next to my couch. No issues for me either :).
SpinalRemains138  +   277d ago
Its the light bar. If the battery didnt have to power that light all the time, the battery would last at least twice as long.
dsswoosh  +   277d ago
I have no issues with controller batteries.

My xb1 controller lasts 50 hours plus.

Seriously good design all around.
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Pogmathoin  +   278d ago
This is taking the love a little too far I think..... Its just a damn good console to be honest....
AusRogo  +   278d ago
Dude its just an xray..
How is that loving the console lol
jon1234  +   278d ago
woah this is like looking a evas xray in mgs3, i can see the ds4s boobs also!
CrossingEden  +   278d ago
Do one of ALL the controllers please.. and @ahmedghoula, I agree, the ps4 controller isn't the best for long haul gaming sessions.
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TKCMuzzer  +   277d ago
It's the battery that runs out, you can use the controller for as long as you want with a lead, so the DS4 can do as many long sessions as you need.
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Maria, I know I've only known you for a short time but, will you marry me?
Ron_Danger  +   277d ago
Wait a minute... Where are all the tiny robots? I remember sucking them up in the controller and making them dance in The Playroom...

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