Valve & Oculus To Deliver VR in 2015, Says Dev

Valve & Oculus are partnering together to deliver the ultimate VR experience in 2015, according to a developer who attended Steam DevDays.

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XiSasukeUchiha1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Soon Next year VR gaming greatness imaging this on Steam machine damn :)

Mexxan1225d ago

That''ll be a £2000 plus Steam machine no less, Entry level will be left in tears.

JBSleek1225d ago

You can use a PC.

Steam Machines are PCs running Steam OS.

Pandamobile1225d ago

The Rift is going to cost around $250-300 when it launches and works on pretty much any PC.

Volkama1225d ago

Not confirmed, it's what they've said they're aiming for though. I'll be surprised if they achieve it what with all the tech upgrades they keep giving it, but it's still good to know we're not looking at the kind of prices 4k TVs launched at....

Alexious1225d ago

@johnnytower: it's not confirmed, but they have to try and keep it low if they want it to spread as a mass phenomenon.

I don't see it being more than $300/€, which is already quite a lot, mind you. But if the final version is really as mind blowing as they say, people will pay.

kingduqc1225d ago Show
DEEBO1225d ago

Steam machine will be my 1st gaming pc.

JohnnyTower1225d ago

Build a gaming pc, lad. You will get better specs for cheap. And you can get unlimited options for cases nowadays. Make your pc look like a receiver, or UFO, or even an oven.
I would look for pc options before Steambox.

brave27heart1225d ago

Im looking at Pc gaming but the though of building one is daunting to me. Im a console gamer all my life and love the idea of plug and play easy gaming. Steam machines might provide that I hope.

Scatpants1225d ago

I've built a couple PC and they're not really that hard to make pretty much everything can only plug into one place and there's only like 5 or six parts you really need. Motherboard, power supply, processor, Ram, HDD,video card, case, and I would replace the stock cooling fan for the processor, and thats pretty much it. Definitely not as hard as it seems. The first one I built took me a few hours because I was being slow and careful. The second one I built took like 45 minutes.

JBSleek1225d ago

Build a PC. Cheaper and more options.

Alexious1225d ago

I agree. I don't really see the point of a "Steam Machine", honestly.

webeblazing1224d ago

you dont see the point in steam boxes but this site use to be flooded with comments like this. a lot of gamers dont want to build pcs. even if you tell them how easy ad cheap it is they still rather someone else do it for them. i had countless friends ask me to build them a pc, no matter what i tell them they still just want someone else to do the work. thats the market steam is going after which i dont see how people cant grasp around this concept. the $500 steam boxes seem like a good deal seeing how i would pay over $100 for the nice small cases they be in.

you not seeing the point is kinda turning new gamers that want to get into pc gaming. this small step can grow into them building their own rig one they.

im not trying to single yall out or make it seem like im coming at yall, just saying this could be good for pc gaming.

Gabenbrah1225d ago

Looking forward to VR gaming, that's true next gen gaming IMO,

_QQ_1225d ago


mochachino1225d ago

If VR works well and is affordable it would be amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.