Interview: Gouda Talks ToS: Dawn of the New World

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is the sequal/spin-off to the insanely popular Tales of Symphonia, slated for release sometime in 2008 (maybe September). This far out, publisher Namco Bandai is keeping things close to the vest, but after pleading and begging, Dawn producer Tsutomo Gouda gave up a few goods in GamesRadar's exclusive interview.

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PS360WII3875d ago

Good interview. The interviewer really wanted to see if one of the games was more hardcore or not. I liked how he answered that they are going for the same ideal with each game.

It'll be fun playing this game and the collecting monsters could always be fun. Did it in Enchanted Arms and Nocture it just works in rpgs it seems

ItsDubC3875d ago

I like the fact that they opted not to put much emphasis on motion controls because it doesn't really fit the game. We've seen too many instances where devs try to push motion controls onto gamers in games where it doesn't really make sense to have them IMHO.

Sept '08 sounds good to me =)