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Fable Trilogy confirmed for February

Fable Trilogy - a collection that includes Fable 2, Fable 3, and the upcoming remake of the first game, Fable Anniversary - has been confirmed for a 7th February release.

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Community1367d ago
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whitefang19881367d ago

I just think its a shame its only for 360,wouldn't it of been fantastic as a x1 game to have for years to come

UnHoly_One1367d ago

Yeah I agree.

It bothers me at this point that anything is coming out ONLY on a last gen console.

Why not do both?

Godmars2901367d ago

Because they're planning on using streaming as a means for BC?

Nevermind that if they are they're screwing over people who bought the game originally.


Fable seems like a really cool franchise too bad I heard they all suck other than the first

GarrusVakarian1367d ago

Fable 2 was great in my opinion, 3 was ok.

from the beach1367d ago

I would go 3>1>2.

Looking forward to playing the original again though, and this bundle seems like a nice way for people to jump into the series.

NoLongerHereCBA1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Really from the beach? I have played some fable 3 but in my opinion it is really "boring". I don't feel like I am actually looking for quests or live in the world. I just go to the map and select a quest, go to the spot, do the quest and move onto the next one.

It felt like I was just doing quests (as weird as it sounds). This wasn't the case with Fable 1 & 2. In 3 I feel so 'disconnected' from the world in 3. Furthermore the menu is absolutely tedious. Do you understand what I mean?

Loved Fable 1 and 2.

from the beach1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

There isn't a huge amount in it for me, I think they're all nice games but no more than that. I really enjoyed the endgame in Fable 3 so that's why it pips the rest. Still could have been a lot better.

WildArmed1367d ago

I didn't like Fable 2 too much, esp the 'timeskip' period.

My favorite (by far) was Fable:The Lost Chapters. I played it and it is simply one of the best WRPGs I've played.

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Lenns1367d ago

I obviously heard wrong. Fable 2 was the best one. Fable 3 was disappointing, but not a bad game.

Cueil1367d ago

Fable 3 was Fable 2 without the limitations... so I don't really know how it was disappointing unless people didn't like the story and some of the equipment changes

gillri1367d ago

I preferred Fable 2 to 1

UnHoly_One1367d ago

You heard wrong, but everyone has their own opinions, of course.

Maybe try them for yourself and see?

PeteyMcPickle1367d ago

2 was good but 3 was awful.

Lord_Sloth1367d ago

Only thing I enjoyed about 3 over 2 is it allowed 2nd player to actually use their own hero.

SlapHappyJesus1367d ago

I really enjoyed the original and the third game, personally. I seem to be in the minority with the third game, it seems.
I also disliked the second, which also puts me in the minority.

RiPPn1367d ago

I thought all 3 were great with the 3rd being the weakest, but 2 was fantastic. That said Fable 2 and Fable 3 have both been free at some point, Fable 2 was free when 3 was coming out and 3 was free at E3 last year, one of the first games with gold games.

Nicxel1367d ago

I was huge fan of the 1st fable. Played the game over several times. Jen fable 2 got out, I liked the extra features in the game, but the main story wasn't as nearly as great as the first one. They focused too much on the "Sim" side of things. The 3rd fable was just a east of time. The sorry sucked. Again too much of a "sims" game. They even removed a lot of the ability enhancements you got from collecting weapons and clothes/armor. I litterally started the game with one weapon and ended the game with the same weapon. I NEVER even needed to use my money to buy anything other than houses...

With each installment they take out something important to the game. I just keep hoping that with the next installment, it'll be what it was in the 1st game.

DiRtY1367d ago

Fable 2 > Fable 1 > Fable 3.

All three games are good though. Fable 2 was one of the best games I played this gen. I am a fan, but the artstyle for a RPG is just perfect.

It is one of these games that is not visually stunning from a technical perspective, but from an artistic point of view it is a beauty.

Of course all IMO.

SKYVVLKR1367d ago

3 was the only one that blew. 1/2 are fantastic.

Mister_Dawg1367d ago

You heard they suck? Well it must be true then.

Play games for yourself, especially Fable as they are great games.

NeoTribe1367d ago

The first was amazing for the time it came out. Two was ok but was when it started losing itself. 3 was horrific. You can beat the entire game without dieing just holding the attack button. Watch angryjoes review of it if you want a really good laugh.

KingKelloggTheWH1367d ago

Fable one is spectacular, the other two not so much.Definitely try Fable one if you haven't though, I adore it.

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Ripsta7th1367d ago

I guess 360 do get something this year... something they played about 5 years ago

DiRtY1367d ago

+ Titanfall
+ Project Spark

Let's see what the other consoles will get in 2015.

OttoniBastos1367d ago

Ps3 have much more than that for 2014 and its exclusive for that console(Titanfall and PSpark are multigen)

Jyndal1367d ago

I'd like to get it. Been awhile since I played the first and second Fable, and it would be cool to see the first one redone with HD and a few graphical tweaks.

R1CAN6171367d ago

Same here heard part 3 was a disappointment but Fable 1 was just a classic

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