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4 Reasons I'm Buying An Xbox One Now

Pixelkin writes: "I’m a Microsoft person. Always have been. I’ve had my problems with Microsoft products, sure, and gotten frustrated at times, but who doesn’t get frustrated with technology? (Apple people? Maybe, but they’re members of a strange cult.)" (Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   495d ago
"I’m also really looking forward to saying “Xbox, turn to CBS,” and having it change the channel for me. I’ll feel almost as powerful as Lara Croft, and I won’t have to worry about losing the remote ever again."

Are we really getting this lazy? That's like saying you should only use Kinect to play games so don't have to worry about losing the "controller" like the remote ever again.
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PeaSFor  +   495d ago
that girl is trying to convince herself more than anything here, she even need to write about it...wich is borderline narcissistic, like if we didnt had enough "why i want X console instead of the others" on N4G...

Hey Linda, just go get your console, no need to sell your salad.
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edonus  +   495d ago
Oh No ...... quick. Someone is liking the Xbox One on the internet!!!!!!

Alert the Sony Ponies so they can stampede!!!!!


Funny thing is I didnt even read your post. I just wanted this message as close to the top as possible.... nothing personal to you or your comment.

I have 1 bubble there is no conversation with that.... its always a waste and I will probably get banned for a month just for that little wise crack. You can take comfort in that this site is a protected stable.
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PeaSFor  +   495d ago
You can always disagree with my opinion, but for sharp pain in your ass......go see a doctor instead of wasting your last bubble.
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NukaCola  +   495d ago
When did Lara ever use technology or become lazy?
Exari  +   495d ago
lol she's an old woman, not a girl.. at least from her pictures
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   495d ago
Four reason why I will not be buying an Xbone

2.Awful OS/UI/Kinect
3.No games/exclusives
4.PS4 is da bomb
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Bigpappy  +   495d ago
Just stop already Play Station loyalist. Does this really upset you that much? Now the lady is has to belittled, called lazy and a narcissistic for saying she is buying an xbox because she likes the features. Why exactly do you think Sony and M$ go through the trouble of adding these features to start with?

I remember many people buying PS3's early on simply because it was the cheapest Blu-Ray player. Some people were using their Xboxes more to watch Netflix that to play games.
FamilyGuy  +   495d ago
This article was lame on multiple front.

A person who has always been for Xbox is buying an X1, surprise surprise?

Points one and three are the same, family and media connectivity.
Point four is a single game...

Short article/opinion piece but still a waste of time to read.
Z501  +   494d ago
"Point four is a single game"


Watch as this gen goes on. The term 'Kinect game' will cease to exist. Why? Because 'Kinect games' are going to be few and far between. To the point where you don't even think about 'Kinect games'. YET! It comes mandatory (+$100 extra) with the console. Which essentially just means, you're paying $100 for a remote control.

*notice how MOST Kinect related articles has NOTHING to do with games.

"You are the controller" & "Better with Kinect"
Has nothing to do with games. Just say it already Microsoft.
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KingDadXVI  +   495d ago
You apparently do not have much of an entertainment set up or many children. I have a remote for my Surround Receive, TV, and STB. All I need is for one to disappear and I am crawling around the house looking for it.

When I come home from work now all I do is say Xbox One and I am going. That is not lazy it is convenient.

If a console can give me those options while allowing me to play games like TitanFall, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Halo, Destiny, The Division, The Crew, Project Spark, Max the Curse of Brotherhood, Watch Dogs, etc. Then I am all aboard.

I have the console now and it works great. I will be getting a PS4 to compliment it (along with my PS3, 360, Wii, GameCube, and WiiU). The PS4 works great too from what I have seen but it won't be the control center of my entertainment, it will be a peripheral.

Oh, and congrats Maria. Thanks for the unbiased article choice.
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Boody-Bandit  +   495d ago
"You apparently do not have much of an entertainment set up or many children. I have a remote for my Surround Receive, TV, and STB. All I need is for one to disappear and I am crawling around the house looking for it."

Have you ever heard of a universal remote? I have one Master remote that controls nearly every setup in my home including lighting and ceiling fans. I also have a universal remote for each of my main entertainment rooms (media, gaming, theater and family room).

Also I own a few smart TV's, A couple of the newer models have motion and voice controls and I have app that works on my phone and tablet for voice commands that I can use as a controller / remote.

Why would someone need to purchase a gaming console to do what so many other devices are already doing and have been for quite some time now?
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FriedGoat  +   495d ago
That's pretty much my beef with the xboxone, I have things that do what it does and more. Why would I need an inferior device that STILL doesn't pass though DTS through it's HDMI input. This and the fact that it sacrificed its power for half baked features. A jack of all trades and a master of none.

Completely ridiculous for a so called "entertainment centre".
avengers1978  +   495d ago
Then I guess the games he listed, but I don't want a XB1 for those either. I would take a free one, but not pay 500$ for it.

A price drop and Lost Odeyssey 2 then maybe
KingDadXVI  +   495d ago

"Have you ever heard of a universal remote?"

And exactly how much did that fancy remote cost? Every remote I own has a universal function to it, some things work some don't. The point is I do not have to use them. I like using voice commands as they work really well.

Comparing a Universal Remote to a Xbox One is like comparing a Yugo to a Cadillac. You cannot compare them.

I also have several smart TVs and they have motion and voice control too. My latest is an 8000 series 55" Samsung that is 6 months old and the voice and motion control have nothing on the Xbox One.

I don't have to look for buttons in the dark either or kill batteries by having my remotes light up.

You seem to have missed the whole point I was making I get all the games I listed and the extra functions. I come out a winner.

Don't try to compare something that you don't own.
liquidhalos  +   494d ago
You can get some lovely universal remotes from amazon, they also do special oversized ones which are fantastic for having around kids.

I'm sorry that remotes have become such an important thing in your life however it's fantastic that saying Xbox on has alleviated the pain of having to manually switch on your TV, surround sound and stb. I didn't actually know the Xbox could control your TV power, surround sound and what not, I thought it was just cable. Anyway, great comment thank you, you taught me much.
Boody-Bandit  +   494d ago
"And exactly how much did that fancy remote cost?"

It didn't cost $500 dollars.

"Every remote I own has a universal function to it, some things work some don't."

Neither does the X1 with sound processors, TV's, or other functions like ceiling fans or lighting. Again, what's your point?

"The point is I do not have to use them. I like using voice commands as they work really well."

Voice commands on the X1 are a hit or miss.

"Comparing a Universal Remote to a Xbox One is like comparing a Yugo to a Cadillac. You cannot compare them."

Well I'd rather have the Cadillac (AKA Master remote) at a cheaper price point than the over priced Yugo (aka XBOX ONE). I purchase games consoles to, yah know, play video games.

"I also have several smart TVs and they have motion and voice control too. My latest is an 8000 series 55" Samsung that is 6 months old and the voice and motion control have nothing on the Xbox One."

Ah actually the X1 has nothing on Smart TV's, Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops, Smart receivers, etc and so on. Why again purchase a games console to do something so many other perps already do and have been doing for years.

Just because MS is trying to be a jack of all trades and master of none doesn't change that simple fact the majority of consumers purchase games consoles to play video games.

"I don't have to look for buttons in the dark either or kill batteries by having my remotes light up."

Yeah I don't have to talk to a camera hoping it will react properly to what I command it to do vs just pressing a button on a remote. You know those pesky buttons that work faster and are usually fail safe.

Besides I'm a grown @zz man and I feel like a complete douche when I talk to that camera in front of anyone including my own family. I'd much rather use buttons.

"You seem to have missed the whole point I was making I get all the games I listed and the extra functions. I come out a winner."

Yeah okay buddy. You go with that if it helps you feel better about your purchase. Funny how the only one disagreeing with me is you yet somehow you're the winner? SMH

"Don't try to compare something that you don't own."

Umm I own an XBOX ONE so don't make assumptions simply because I don't share in your opinion. That is the typical insecure immaturity that has become common place on sites like this with people such as yourself. If someone disagrees with your opinion they obviously have an axe to grind or are a fanboy of the other side. No, that's not the case with me. I'm just honest to a fault. Brutally honest that is. I always speak from experience. I have been a gamer and HT enthusiast since their inception.
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JBSleek  +   495d ago
This is just like Siri or Google Now. We aren't getting lazy technology is advancing. What a short sighted view.
quaneylfc  +   495d ago
They are making an xbox version of google now with that cortana porgram.
DEEBO  +   495d ago
i only needed one when i brought my X1,reduce price for 300 dollars no way i was going to pass that up.
thanks gamestop for being so cheap on cash trades i only needed to add 50 dollars to beat you out.
TheGreatAndPowerful  +   495d ago
Wow..they had to reduce that f****r to $300 to make the sale?
DEEBO  +   495d ago
no gamestop didn't reduce the price,it was a cash trade and gamestop will only give you 250 dollars cash 300 store credit.
the guy sold it to me for 300.
Pogmathoin  +   495d ago
DEEBO  +   495d ago
my proof is my gamertag
killacliff for the x1
killacliff77 for the ps4
don't hate me cause i got a good deal lol
you can hate me now!
XiSasukeUchiha  +   495d ago
i don't hate u but i love the fact that gamestop is so sad when is come to sell an XB1

Nice deal though!
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snookiegamer  +   495d ago
You should definitely get the console that's best for you. Xbox One is a very capable console. MS may be as shady as slim, but the console itself is impressive.

I've decided to just see this year out with my PS3, and see what E3 2014 throws into the mix. Ultimately, I'll decide after the trade shows/events as to whether its Xbox One or PS4 for me.

Its 62/38 in favour of PS4 at present, but this could change as time goes by.

Exciting times ;)
Dlacy13g  +   495d ago
Well thought out and logical. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a wait and see approach to next gen. Wish we saw more posts like this at N4G.
gamer2013  +   495d ago
Micro shady?


Yeah, this was brushed right under the carpet btw. So I guess Sony is shady too.
snookiegamer  +   494d ago
What is wrong with you? ...are you so far up MS bum that you feel to defend every little comment??

Yeah, IMO MS are shady, but the Xbox is still a great console.

Sorry I offended you 'Phil Spencer'

...My baaad!
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MikeGdaGod  +   495d ago
good luck with that
snake_eater  +   495d ago
"I’m a Microsoft person." and i stopped right there
Ravijn  +   495d ago
Television ON!.....Pornography!
MasterCornholio  +   495d ago
Hey Xbox fans

Maria submitted this article.

Strange right?
Dlacy13g  +   495d ago
I believe hell just froze over. LOL Seriously though, yes Maria has a bit of an axe to grind but has been known now and then to submit something positive towards MS.
Wikkid666  +   495d ago
Probably just not bright enough to realize that it's positive.
MasterCornholio  +   495d ago
Its not the first time that I've seen Maria submit an article that sheds the Xbox One in a positive light.

True_Samurai  +   495d ago
It's bait for Sony fans to raise hell
SixtyNine  +   495d ago
If she had given you 4 reasons why the PS4 is #4theplayers you'd all be singing a different tune :D. She states in the article that the Xbox is best for her and why. She isn't forcing it down anyone's throat.. But...
Grave  +   495d ago
#1 should be: Because you can actually find Xbox One in stock at any store you go to.
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Plasticgearsolid  +   495d ago
So true im waiting for my local walmart to get a small shipment of 4 units that I hopefully can grab one.
McScroggz  +   495d ago
The Xbox One has some potential, the problem is it would likely cost a lot of money to get it to a point where shines and truly differentiates itself from the PS4 in terms of what it offers. Of course, Microsoft is one of the few companies in the world that can throw around money and see if it sticks - the only question is do they have the desire to do so and will investors see the long term potential gains.
Plasticgearsolid  +   495d ago
How is the price not changing a reason to get one now hahahaha
mafiahajeri  +   495d ago
I'm thinking of getting one but the problem is that I don't see any exclusives on the horizon, or let me rephrase that I don't see any first party studios that are promising anything - fable and halo which are interesting but I want to see more support, especially down the line. I wan't the best of both worlds this gen and being a fanboy is getting old, I hope they show me a reason to buy their console come e3.

Also a kinectLESS bundle won't harm my chances of getting one.
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MasterCornholio  +   495d ago
I doubt that they will get rid of Kinect since Xbox owners love the device. I can't tell you the amount of times I've heard Xbox fans praise it because they can turn on the console with their voice.
Mister_Dawg  +   495d ago
I love how Maria puts up a 'pro' xb1 post. However in reality its a dumbass xb1 article, which makes others think the xb1 is complete pants.
quenomamen  +   495d ago
" I'm a Microsoft Person "
That's all I needed to read, same if she said I'm a Sony, Apple, Dell, Ford or whatever person. When you proclaim you are a whatever person then you don't need to post any other reasons for it.
There is no changing your mind, so why do you need to list any more reasons ? Dumb
sevilha82  +   494d ago
I´m with you bro.

Fanboyism is Fanboyism,they just see black and white and dont analize the grays.

If i can, i will have them both,despising a toy for another and judging others for their free of choice is one of the many idiotic prejudice mentalities tipical of the human being,only compared to racism,xenofobism,homofobism and many others.

why the freaking hate for a toy,a gimmick of tecnologie???

ricochetmg  +   494d ago
sevilha82  +   494d ago
I´m i the only one that think´s that buying a console to watch CBS with voice comands is a waste of money??!

Dont get me wrong i want a Xbox one in the future,but spending 500 bucks to watch tv with a gimmick,is conter nature(as a gamer point of view)i want to play not watch soap operas.and another thing those services may be pretty cool in the US but in Europe they dont exist(besides Great Britan)so another point for me to whait a couple of years until i start thinking of putting a Xbox one side by side to my ps4/pS3 and Xbox 360...

Just saying...
SynestheticRoar  +   494d ago
Read the article those reasons suck. Three were preferences.
NeoTribe  +   494d ago
Another why i like x console article, yay... funny the xbox like articles keep getting smaller. They use to be 10 reasons. Now its not even 5 lol. Ofcourse one of the likes is being able to say "xbox cnn"... i can press a button faster and with no chance of it not working.. Only the foolish and ignorant are dazzled by gimmicky tech.
Lamigol10  +   494d ago
Most people absolutely rip the p**s out of articles like this .... funny that because it's a positive xb1 article idiots defend it !! ha .... this is laughable.
I own a ps4 and xb1 so I'm really not biased ... I do however find this article hilarious.
"I have a samsung gs4 because the case is shiny ... wow" !!! ha ha
TheController  +   494d ago
I have both and honestly, the PS4 is the better machine. The voice command feature on the Xbox is nice, but it doesn't recognize your voice unless you halfway yell at the TV and I've tried to tweak it via settings many times. If they had added a mic onto the controller itself like the PS4, this might not be such a problem.

Microsoft did themselves and us a disservice by adding all of these things that only half work or are only there to justify their failed business ventures in things like Bing, Internet explorer, Windows 8, and Kinect.

For gamers, I highly recommend the PS4, as it does everything the Xbox does, only better. For everyone else, pick whichever seems to float your boat.

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