Namibia: Where PS4 Demand Is Huge

Sony’s PlayStation 4 console has been available world-wide since late last year, and the African continent has been scrambling to get in on the action. In South Africa, virtually all stock has been sold out, but one African nation is trying hard to stay ahead of ever-increasing demand: Namibia.

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XiSasukeUchiha1617d ago

Demands of PS4s is huge everywhere

Pogmathoin1617d ago

Demand is huge in sierra Leone I believe as well. Sony is storming everywhere...

YellowTempes1617d ago

Why don't we ever hear: "XBOX ONE demand is huge in Burkina Faso" or any other country for that matter?

MasterCornholio1617d ago

"All other Namibian retailers however said that the popular gaming console sold out within 48 hours of receiving stock from neighbouring South Africa.”

Because the Xbox One isnt out in Burkina Faso? Plus this news is relative to the PS4 as you can tell from the article. I know you dont like the news but you cant silence the press from reporting this.

YellowTempes1617d ago

What I meant is that I only hear "PS4 rocks, PS4 owns" on N4G and little about the XBONE. Is it biased or something?

Skip_Bayless1617d ago

Get it of your head.. The X1 wouldn't have sold out there. X1 is in most demand in the U.S. and it isn't sold out here.

pyramidshead1617d ago

The demand isn't there, I guess.

Sammy7771617d ago

Xbox One's demand is there just in USA

MysticStrummer1617d ago

I'm in Texas, and what I've seen since both consoles launched is XB1s on the shelves next to empty PS4 shelves. XB1 is obviously selling, but if Sony's production was keeping up with demand PS4 would be widening the gap pretty steadily.

BOLO1617d ago

Guess American's love being spied on by the NSA.

MasterCornholio1617d ago

Or you can plug your fingers in your ears and say la la la while believing that the whole world is being run by Sony fanboys.

That seems to be in fashion lately.

5eriously1617d ago

If you work it out please infom M$, I am sure they want to know themselves!

Hicken1617d ago

What tier do you think Burkina Faso falls under, according to Microsoft?

Seriously, though, you don't hear it because it's not happening. Demand isn't huge for the system, which is why it stays stocked so well. If demand WERE high, it may well have outsold the PS4 by now, as Microsoft may actually have managed to produce more units.

But there are far more XB1s on shelves than PS4s. It's hard to tell if that REALLY means demand is higher, because we don't know how many were shipped. Even so, it's likely that there is next to no demand for the XB1 in Burkina Faso, Namibia, and many other places around the world.

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R1CAN6171617d ago

Ive literally seen a stock of Fresh PS4's on Amazon sell out within 10 minutes
before I can click it into my Kart :/

Metallox1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Well, that's a surprise, because Namibia it's not known for beign one of the most richest countries in Africa. In fact, the unemployment rate it's very high there. But well, it's good to hear the console demand it's rising around the world.

MestreRothN4G1617d ago

We have people with money in any country. Poorer countries usually have terrible money distribution, so everywhere there will be potential costumers.

mafiahajeri1617d ago

The universe: where ps4 demand is HUGE...

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