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Submitted by gamerqc 754d ago | interview

Phantasmagoria: The Movie exclusive interview

Classic horror-adventure point and click game Phantasmagoria will be made into a movie thanks to Black Castle Productions. Producer Sabrina Cooper was kind enough to answer my questions about this upcoming project! (Culture, Industry, PC, Phantasmagoria)

Garethvk  +   755d ago
That would be good as I played through both of them. I wonder if this will spark a new game but since Sierra is gone I wonder who has the rights now.
Catoplepas  +   754d ago
Activision. So I wouldn't bank on seeing another game in the franchise.

Unless they can shoehorn it into COD DLC perhaps....
Garethvk  +   754d ago
Very true. When I was starting our site, I worked at Sierra. They were great. They supported the site just asked that I do not do anything on their items unless I clear it first. I would have stayed had they not shut it down and moved to CA when the new owners took over and ran it into the ground.
captainexplosion  +   754d ago
Exploring the mansion was absolutely amazing and I will never enjoy a game a fraction as much as I enjoyed Phantasmagoria. I have always loved haunted houses and this made exploring one a reality. I wish they would remake this game. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to play the original.
captainexplosion  +   754d ago
meant to say I didn't have the opportunity to play the sequel.
dennett316  +   754d ago
The sequel is on GoG, and while not as good as the original, is at least cheesy horror fun in a different way. It goes on sale fairly regularly, I'd definitely recommend picking it up.
cyguration  +   754d ago
Back when everything wasn't COD/MOBA/MMO/F2P crap.

Man, those were the good 'ole days.
Tornadobounce  +   754d ago
Awesome. Loved that game
dennett316  +   754d ago
Enjoyed Phantasmagoria, and even it's slightly more rubbish sequel. The set up of the first game should make for a decent little horror flick if it's pulled off well. Build the atmosphere right, put in a few nods to the game, decent actors...I'll definitely give it a watch.
Would be great if it did well enough to see the sequel get an adaptation too.
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gamerqc  +   752d ago
Thanks all for the comments and approval.

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