Phantasmagoria: The Movie exclusive interview

Classic horror-adventure point and click game Phantasmagoria will be made into a movie thanks to Black Castle Productions. Producer Sabrina Cooper was kind enough to answer my questions about this upcoming project!

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Garethvk1589d ago

That would be good as I played through both of them. I wonder if this will spark a new game but since Sierra is gone I wonder who has the rights now.

Catoplepas1589d ago

Activision. So I wouldn't bank on seeing another game in the franchise.

Unless they can shoehorn it into COD DLC perhaps....

Garethvk1589d ago

Very true. When I was starting our site, I worked at Sierra. They were great. They supported the site just asked that I do not do anything on their items unless I clear it first. I would have stayed had they not shut it down and moved to CA when the new owners took over and ran it into the ground.

captainexplosion1589d ago

Exploring the mansion was absolutely amazing and I will never enjoy a game a fraction as much as I enjoyed Phantasmagoria. I have always loved haunted houses and this made exploring one a reality. I wish they would remake this game. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to play the original.

captainexplosion1589d ago

meant to say I didn't have the opportunity to play the sequel.

dennett3161589d ago

The sequel is on GoG, and while not as good as the original, is at least cheesy horror fun in a different way. It goes on sale fairly regularly, I'd definitely recommend picking it up.

cyguration1589d ago

Back when everything wasn't COD/MOBA/MMO/F2P crap.

Man, those were the good 'ole days.

dennett3161589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Enjoyed Phantasmagoria, and even it's slightly more rubbish sequel. The set up of the first game should make for a decent little horror flick if it's pulled off well. Build the atmosphere right, put in a few nods to the game, decent actors...I'll definitely give it a watch.
Would be great if it did well enough to see the sequel get an adaptation too.

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