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Submitted by Alexious 679d ago | video

Driveclub - First Analysis of the Alpha release

Take a look at this offscreen Driveclub video, showing once again the amazing graphics made by Evolution Studios. (Driveclub, PS4)

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mmc-007  +   679d ago
its still in alpha? o.o
Good-Smurf  +   679d ago
No,last gameplay video they released is the Audi R8 one showcasing day and night transition is a Beta software.
Before they started to release 5,10 second teasers on their facebook page.
Here's the video:
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pedrof93  +   679d ago

Hufff...tinha d dizer isto.

This is the same from E3 isn't ?
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mmc-007  +   679d ago
miss leading title.. The day/night transition was amazing
sigfredod  +   679d ago
Crew members photo option confirm? take my money
Shakengandulf  +   679d ago
Looking good, take your time guys.
johndoe11211  +   679d ago
Dat crowd!
imt558  +   679d ago
It's OLD BUILD ( Gamescom ) before game delaying. Don't worry!

This game is not alpha anymore because the release date is near.
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darksky  +   679d ago
It's an old build ..mostly likely the same as Gamescom 2013.
stavrami-mk2  +   679d ago
so what was the analysis ?
RedSoakedSponge  +   679d ago
anyone wanna let us know what these guys are saying in short? i only speak english lol.
Adolph Fitler  +   679d ago
Sense of speed looks impressive.... It would be WAAAAAAY more impressive if it was titled Motorstorm & instead of tar roads, dirt, mud, sand, snow & other offroad fodder to throw a nice buggy, truck or bike around. EVERY racer seems to be road oriented (except that average looking one that also was supposed to be a launch title, as it seems to have both race styles), but apart from that half hearted looking attempt, NONE of the systems (Wii-U, PS4 or XBOne) have ANYTHING offroad race themed on the horizon...No ATV games, no bike racing games (dirt or road), no rally games, & no uniquely awesomely fun titles along the lines of what Motorstorm offered PS3 owners who love some redneck style racing.... P1sses me off, when an awesome IP like Motrostorm will probably be lost forever.... Motorstorm & it's sequels were THE BEST racing games available last gen, they tore sh1t up, were graphically unbelievable good (even though haters bring up that infamous target footage, that...think why they call it "TARGET" footage dummies, rather than in game, in engine footage)....Anyway, the game looked better than ANYTHING in the genre on both PS3 & 360, & when Burnout dropped the ball after Revenge & came up with that horrible open world mess in Burnout Paradise, Motorstorm became the arcade racer to beat...Hell, it became the "RACER" to beat...arcade, sim or those hybrid, genre confused, commitment phobic, over rated GT wannabe's such as Forza. Motorstorm beat sh1t out of all of them, without a shadow of doubt, & the only one's that came close to it in FUN, (BUT STILL FELL WAAAAAAY SHORT) were Pure & Split Second.

I really wish they would up the excitement of this game, by adding elements of Burnout, Split Second, Motorstorm & such, by simply having stunning crashes, environmental hazards & elements prone to change by players (such as in the case of Split 2nd), maybe some San Fran Rush elements with HUGE air & jumps & such.... I just don't want another, hard nosed, straighty one eighty, run of the mill, stock standard, road racing game.....Give us something with excitement plus elements that stands out from a no doubtedly, incoming in future crowded genre. Please Evolution????
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sourav93  +   679d ago
Well, Dirt 4 is supposed to be coming soon...the devs have been teasing in on their twitter page.
_FantasmA_  +   675d ago
Not surprised coming from Adolf Hitler that you want environmental hazards like fire, but this an arcade racing game like Test Drive, Project Gotham, and the king of arcade racing Midnight Club. I don't a Burnout or Split second. I just want to race against people online and challenge them in a open world like in Midnight Club Los Angeles. You want Burnout, go play Paradise. You want Split Second? Then go play that.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   679d ago
I was seriously disappointed to lose this at PS4 launch but it looks like a well-worthwhile wait :)
snookiegamer  +   679d ago
This game is no longer at alpha stage. The build shown in the above video is more than 6 months old.

Driveclub late feb, early march for sure!



Thanks for taking your time out to provide that link for us. Appreciated :)
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imt558  +   679d ago
Here is the latest builds ( the short videos only, you know, famous gifs ) :
nategrigs  +   679d ago
Looks bright and colorful.....but this is a pretty worthless video. It does look like an old build (as many above posters have pointed out) and is of the same level we've seen plenty of times before. The analysis isn't even in english. They could be talking about what they had for breakfast for all I know.
bjmartynhak  +   679d ago
Damm! The chasing camera angle is still making the car cover the track

Edit: See 1:37 before disagreeing.
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kayoss  +   679d ago
When was first reveal it was not so impressive. Now that I saw some of the latest picture of it. It may even rival forza 5.
MysticStrummer  +   679d ago
If you're talking overall visuals, it's looked better than Forza 5 for quite awhile.
NeoTribe  +   678d ago
Doesnt take much to rival forza. The test will be if it can handle gran turismo and that other supposed top notch racer commin. Cant remember the name.
danny818  +   679d ago
Will this game be free for ps plus or will it be a demo?
MysticStrummer  +   679d ago
PS+ edition isn't a demo but it's not the full game either, though you can get the platinum trophy without buying the full version, or so I have read.
danny818  +   679d ago
Thats actually very odd. We'll see if it ends up being a full game. Because it wont make sense to have like a half game for free. May e the multiplayer aspect will be free. I guess were gonna have to wait and see :/
MysticStrummer  +   679d ago
As far as I know, buying the full game just gets you a few more cars and tracks so the PS+ version will be more than half the game, and I think if you download it and want to upgrade it'll be cheaper than just buying the whole game outright. I'm guessing the disc version will be full price no matter what, but I may buy it if I like the PS+ edition enough. I prefer owning a physical copy when I can.
SKYVVLKR  +   679d ago
Has car customization been confirmed?
FamilyGuy  +   678d ago
Decals only and not any custom options on those either. Just enough to represent your club by having your crew all use the same colored emblem variation.

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