1UP: WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Preview

Just outside an Alliance stronghold in Borean Tundra, giant Crypt Lords and spider-like Crypt Fiends -- undead mockeries of an ancient civilization of sentient insectoids -- hurl themselves at waves of Alliance defenders. Inside the hold of a "safe" Alliance ship, cultish traitors plot to bring down Human-, Gnome-, and Dwarfkind. In the great temple of Zul'Drak, the Ice Trolls have resorted to sacrificing their own animal gods to keep the Scourge at bay.

Three travelers -- Gnome Warlock Jeff Green, Night Elf Hunter Demian Linn, and Night Elf Priest Sean Molloy -- have just come off the boat from old Azeroth and docked at the troubled frontier of Northrend, where Arthas has finally reemerged after years of secret plans and preparations to claim the world for the Scourge.

There are walruses to be saved, Necropolises to bring crashing to the ground, loot to be farmed -- and they are decked out in greens they normally wouldn't be caught dead in. They form a group and start discussing the latest Northrend gossip in party chat.

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