360 Browser Update

Segafanclub writes:

This is just a quick update before Segafanclub leaves for school, Segafanclub has found out that up and down motions on either the left joypad or the dpad scroll through the links on the page, you can use that to move around, scroll to links, etc

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TrevorPhillips3792d ago

yea thanxs for the update mate ;)

Vip3r3792d ago

When did the 360 get a browser?

Frag Monger3791d ago

Never. The article title is misleading.

Evil Rant Monkey3791d ago

<It runs through WMC Extender)

Frag Monger3791d ago

Which is only available to 360 users who have a media center PC - which I don't believe is the majority.

DomUltra3791d ago

Just to make it clear, the 360 does not have a web browser by default, the only way you bring up the web browser is if you have a media center PC hooked up.

599 US Dollars3791d ago

Just to be clear, anyone who browses the web on his videogame console is am UltraDumbass.

DomUltra3791d ago

Lol! Don't be sad because your console is inferior in every single way.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3791d ago

I have a laptop, sits on my lap. I also have a PC with an HDMI card hooked up to my (getting old) HD TV

Don't get mad DomUltra because your to f**king broke to by a PC to browse the net on after spending $600 on a console with no f**king games, 4 f**king people online, sh!tty ports of 360 games that look like PS2 games on your f**king PS3rd place, disc read error, freezing, no f**king rumble, no f**king custom soundtracks, no f**king cross game chat, no f**king friends list, still f**king on everything (everything 08 pushed to 09) no f**king DLC, f**king installs, f**king updates every week, still no f**king Home and no f**king HD cables in any PS3 box.

What was that you said about inferior? Slap b!tch! get back in your hole.

Lord Vader3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

An Xbox 360 with a Internet Connection
Windows OS (XP SP2, Vista)
Windows Media Center hooked up

halo2_redvsblue3791d ago

It has to be XP Media Center edition.

Bladestar3791d ago

It's true that the xbox 360 does not have a standalone browser... but one of the key features the xbox 360 has is that it's a media hub.. and if you are already using the xbox 360 to stream music and movies to your xbox 360... which means you are using media center.. that means you can benefit from all media center pluggins... that includes browser... also, others things like watching netflix and other digital stribution services... also... that to me is more important that a dumb down browser...

Drekken3791d ago

good thing Sony doesnt force you to buy a sony tv, sony speakers, and a sony walkman to get full features!!

Bladestar3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

bad thing Sony does not 5% of the features and content media center provides... ohh wow.. you have a dumb down browser that can run most online pages... only if you knew how many pluggins are currently available on media center... you woudn't mention Sony on this article... no one forced me... I already had windows... duhh... Vista comes with media center build in...

Also, sony may not force you.. but if you want to get any benefit from the PS3 .. (including 1080P) you better spend a few grant.. or blu-ray is useless... ohh... and yeah.. you was forced to pay for blu-ray... that's why the PS3 is more expensive than all other consoles.

Also, how come I can't connect my DS, Zune, Ipod to the PS3 remotely like the PSP can? mmmm... ehh?

get over it.. every company do these kind of things..

vickers5003791d ago

Most people do not already own a media center enabled pc. To get all of those features you mention, you have to dump another 400 bucks on a computer, 400 being the absolute MINIMUM. Get over yourself and stop acting like Sony charges more than M$.

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