Dark Souls II to become a ‘Teen’ game?

Dark Souls II has been given a ‘Teen’ rating. What does this mean for the sequel?

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-Foxtrot1406d ago

Oh boy...especially considering they are pretty harsh with the ratings.

eyeDEVOUR1406d ago

It means nothing ... wasnt any obscenity or vulgarity in the first one, just a healthy dose of blood. ;)

Irishguy951405d ago

Agreed, from the Beta it was just the same as the other two in that way.

SilentNegotiator1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

But then there's the thing; the first two games certainly should have earned their M-ratings in violence alone. You could impale enemies, cut off limbs, etc.

Hellsvacancy1405d ago

I don't like boobs in games, I like em in my hands/face

Kivespussi1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Games, hands, tv, internet, no matter where, I think we can all agree on is that boobs are great.

On topic: The AGE-rating doesn't matter a single bit. The policies for ratings are pretty weird for ESBR and PEGI anyway, so...

PurpHerbison1405d ago

Boobs are great... but I prefer booty. That being said, we need more female character models sporting that junk in the trunk. Boobs are getting played out, and like I said, they are indeed great, but come on. Let's see some ass.

Mutant-Spud1405d ago

Considering that boobs are about the only thing today's digital artists can get right when designing female characters the prospect of realistic and achievable arse animations looks a forlorn hope.

Spurg1405d ago

You can blame Gwynevere for the previous ratings on Dark Souls :)

BiggCMan1405d ago

Not so much Gwynevere, she was fully clothed. But Quelaag definitely is to blame like it says in the article. And maybe some of the violence, who knows.

Playing the beta for DS2, it felt just like the first two games so I don't think there is anything to worry about there.

Now the weird thing is, I don't recall any nudity or partial nudity in Demon's Souls, and that was M rated o.O I really don't know.

MightyNoX1405d ago

Your observation is astute. Quelaag was what got Dark Souls it's 'M' Rating.

As for your other question, Demon's had this area called 'Tower of Latria' with enemies called 'Plague Babies'. Even though they're monsters, you were still, essentially, murdering babies and the ESRB took issue with that.

DragonKnight1405d ago

The plague babies deserve to be murdered. I hate them. Do you know how hard it is to do anything in 5-3 because of them? No poise, plus infinitely respawning blood soaked babies that cause plague in a swamp that also causes plague? Screw them and thank the Old One for the God's Wrath miracle.

Spurg1405d ago

You know I meant this as a joke right...

PurpHerbison1405d ago

Come on Spurg, this is N4G... If someone sees an opportunity to 1up you, they will.

cyphertech1405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

As soon as the first Dark Souls was announced, I knew it'd get here eventually. However, it's never been that gruesome to begin with. I remember when Socom: Combined Assault on PS2 got a Teen rating and all they did was take away blood. I love how something as small as red splashes makes something too mature.

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The story is too old to be commented.