Gears of War 2 gameplay footage on Xbox LIVE Marketplace tomorrow

Microsoft has announced that the first Gears of War 2 footage will be viewable on Xbox LIVE Marketplace from 7am BST on May 10.

The video will feature a personal introduction by Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski, with the trailer said to capture the essence of the bigger, better and more badass gameplay in "Gears of War 2."

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AngryHippo3874d ago

....i cant wait to see this.

Nadine Coyle3874d ago

2morro is taking forever to get here.
its like next year will comequicker then 2morro in some very weird way lol.

DomUltra3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Hard to be pumped for this game after the overwhelming amount of jaw dropping Killzone 2 footage we've seen floating around the internet for the past two days.

@ Below?

Sue me for being honest, I like the original Gears of War, but Killzone 2 as it stands right now has the best graphics and is arguably one of if not the most anticipated games of this generation.

I have no doubt Gears of War 2 will deliver the game play, and it will be the best graphics on the Xbox 360, it won't have the best graphics of the consoles anymore but at least you guys got that.

Killzone 2 is a huge game, there's no way it can fail, and watching yesterday's footage just reassures everyone just that.

GiantEnemyCrab3874d ago

Why would you even care? You are a fishhead POS3 fanboy. GTFO!

alexM3874d ago

no x360 game will ever come close to this

even CRYSIS is owned so GAYERS 2 with downgraded UNREAL CRAP engine has no chance against KZ2

I agree it is hard to get excited for GEARS 2 since it would be nowhere near KILLZONE2

TheSadTruth3874d ago

Ask yourself this.. why would Microsoft release gameplay footage the day after Killzone 2 / Resistance 2 unless it was better?

While Killzone 2 is the best looking game I've ever seen.. most anticipated? No one's ever even heard of the franchise outside of these video games news sites, and the games creator has a poor track record based on the original. Killzone 2 still has to prove itself, GoW is already proven.

sabbath4203874d ago

you have a lot of faith don't you? you say there is no way kz2 can fail??? How big was the first one?

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Lord Vader3874d ago

Oustanding. Best news I've heard all day.

Vespertine3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

I absolutely agree. It definitely makes a change.

I cannot wait to see this footage, don't forget to check or for never before seen gameplay footage tonight (or when it's Friday in the United States) at 10:30PM PST.

Lord Vader3874d ago

Excellent Info = Bubbles+ 4u Vespertine...

Vespertine3874d ago

No problem.

Thanks for the bubble :)
Same to you.

power of Green 3874d ago

From a PS3 fanboy point of view, thats not saying much. KillZone 2 is on par with COD4/Fallout/Farcry/Warhound.. .

ceedubya93874d ago

Its safe to say that expectations for this game are pretty high. I doubt that footage would be shown this soon unless there was something to impress the audience.

kewlkat0073874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

1. It's no longer a NEW IP/Franchise
2. Gears of War by many, deserve it delivered.(Plenty Awards/Honors)
3. It now, has a Fan-base(Automatic Sales/Pre-Orders in the BAG) EPIC knows this.
4.The game is looking to improve on the "First Installment" with whatever Fan griped about.

One thing I do know using the new updated Unreal Engine, the game automatically improves with what they are now able to do.(EPIC showed us + Whatever the graphics will look like)

ceedubya93874d ago

So you mean to tell me that NO one expects this game to be better than the first? When a sequel is released for a big game, it is expected that the game be better in all areas and improve on what was accomplished before. Now if it actually turns out better, that has still yet to be seen.

Just because Epic put out a great game the first time doesn't mean they can just sit back and put out a minor "update" and just be fine. They know they created a fan base, and they aren't going to get lazy and half do this thing. They want to please their fan base, and draw in new fans.

What big sequel do you know of in which expectations were not high? Do you have low expectations for Gears 2? Are you saying fans have low expectations for Gears 2?

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