Console Monster: Iron Man Review

Console Monster writes: "There is never usually any shortage of video games that are tied into a motion picture. There is however a shortage of these games that are actually worth playing, with the vast majority of them being simply atrotious. Is Iron Man a worthy addition to the genre, or simply another shoddy effort? Read on to find out.

Iron Man the video game is very loosely based on the storyline of the latest Marvel film of the same name, and when I say loosely, I mean loosely, with lots of the games cutscenes showing things that happened completely differently in the movie. Now I understand that in order to make the game more action oriented there would need to have been some changes, but quite frankly I was disappointed that it didn't follow the movie's storyline more closely.

Other similarities to the movie include the voice work of some of the actors involved, most notably Robert Downey Jr. who plays Iron Man. While it is great that they decided to use some of the movie's voice talent, the overall feel is that the actors just weren't really getting into their role, and so a lot of the lines feel very flat and poorly delivered. Couple this with the rather odd looking character models in the cutscenes and you have a pretty lame excuse of a story, but hey, at least they tried..."

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