Unlimited RP, DNS Codes for Modded Lobby after 1.09 Patch

A few days back Rockstar rolled out the latest patch 1.09 for grand theft auto online. They also took down online while they performed maintaince by cleaning out hacked money. However, it seems the latest patched version is still open to hackers.

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empirexdude1369d ago

Why doesn't Rockstar implement a system in which players can choose to play with hacks or without hacks. Kinda like what Blizzard did with Diablo 2 servers.

moujahed1369d ago

Simply because they are still trying to make money from the game with microtransactions. This will be a never ending battle simply because hackers are doing this in spite of the Shark Cards.

MestreRothN4G1369d ago

Because Blizzard didn't have to ruin their game design to force people into microtransactions.

And obviously I'm referring to the pre-D3 era.

XPG1369d ago

These are all patched, all you are doing is promoting these Youtube glory boys lol

TriangleOffense1366d ago

Mods and modded lobbies still work and its a damn shame

wls10121369d ago

Rockstar should bring the price of the shark card down...way down for a start.

coinpixels1369d ago

I would how much so far these guys have made.