Enemy Front Marks The Return Of The WW2 Shooter- Published By Namco Bandai.

While, Enemy Front isn’t exactly treading new ground seeing as though it’s another military first person shooter touting pretty realistic graphics….yippe. The only thing that kind of sets it apart from the slew of shooters is that it takes place in World War 2…..again. Releasing out for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the spring of this year. The game features close quarters combat; class-driven, cover-based enemy behavior; vehicular bosses; destructible environments; multiple mission types such as sabotage, espionage, assassination and assault; gameplay customization; authentic weaponry as well as exaggerated, over-the-top weapon effects; and “faithfully recreated theatres of conflict” including France, Norway, Greece and Poland.

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BattleReach1589d ago

The upcoming 2 years we need WW2 shooters on Next Gen. Think of a Next Gen Medal of Honor, Call of Duty or Battlefield with great graphics. And then start in 2016 with Modern Day Shooters again.

Caleb_H1589d ago

I miss simple shooters that didn't have a million create a class combinations. I just want well refined gameplay.

AnotherProGamer1589d ago

soon when we are flooded with WW2 shooters again we will miss modern shooters. its the cycle

Patrick_pk441589d ago

Play Red Orchestra 2, the best World War shooter out there.

SlapHappyJesus1588d ago


Very much agreed.
Such a fantastic title. I really need to start putting more time into it.

UnholyLight1588d ago

They were the best. I always love reliving the amazing stories of the most important time in our recent history. Maybe it helps people's interest in WWII shooters due to the fact that most people's families were involved in WWII!

Next gen will bring the power right now and down the road to give us some truly amazing WWII games/stories. I feel like WWII games should never have disappeared the way they did. If Dice or IW/Treyarch/Sledgehammer go back to WWII then that would be the beginning of getting back to amazing games like CoD 2 and MoH etc. We just need one of them to realize the Modern Shooter is starting to become to cookie cutter. At least Battlefield 4 online feels like it won't get old the way CoD did.

Pro Racer1588d ago


I couldn't agree more! I don't need a million perks, killstreaks and attachments - just give me some good maps, realistic weapons, and solid gameplay and I'm in.

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Trekster_Gamer1589d ago

I wouldn't mind an updated looking WWII but I am sick of modern day FPS. I would love to see more futuristic themed games.

dcj05241589d ago

Nah man we need 6 years of sci-fi shooters and THEN World War 2 and the cycle continues.

3-4-51589d ago

Can't wait to get this for PC.

After all this modern stuff, we need to go back to a more diverse era.

* The weapons and landscape is so much more interesting in WW2 than now.

quenomamen1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I've been saying it for past year, BF4 needs a BF2 throwback expansion pack. A WW2 game using Frostbite 3 engine ? Gloroius, like actually playing through the Band Of Brothers series. Someone get Speilberg on the phone, time to do Medal of Honor right dammit.

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TheBurger291589d ago

no next gen? well i can always get it for pc but come on give up on last gen already

Activemessiah1589d ago

By the creators of... Alien Rage?

Grave1589d ago

Return?? Pretty sure Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 are still being played quite a bit.

MidnytRain1589d ago

Steam Charts says Iron Front's been averaging less than 50 players online since May last year...

WeAreLegion1589d ago

Love WWII. I'd love more. And more Civil War. Actually, an RPG set during the Civil War might be better.

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The story is too old to be commented.