GTA 5′s PC version to support DirectX 11

Recent bug listings leaked pretty much confirm that there's a PC version in the works for GTA 5, and that this version will support DirectX 11!

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GadgetGooch1588d ago

There better be a next-gen version too :)

Auron1588d ago

I was just about to say get ready for a ps4 and xbox one release.

NewMonday1588d ago

getting it on PC for the inevitable mods

showtimefolks1588d ago


oh yeh you better believe it, it will likely launch at the same time as pc version

i will surly buy it for ps4, also i would pay full price again for The last of Us. Played both already but i know that next gen versions will gain a lot by going next gen

moujahed1588d ago

No... it won't. If they ever do decide to release one for the current generation consoles it will be by the end of the year or around summer time.

showtimefolks1588d ago


oh please tell me why? porting from pc to ps4 takes very little effort, and i am sure xbox one is the same way

why is it that pc fanboys can't deal with the fact that next gen consoles could get GTA5 at the same time as a PC?

if pc is getting a GTA5 release than next gen versions will launch along with it. whether pc fans like it or not. It makes too much sense money wise for RS to not do it

you guy act like next gen consoles came out of no where and RS didn't know the specs or anything. For all we know RS could have been working on porting the game over to ps4 and xbox one along with PC while development was near finishing

anticlimax1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Let's not make this a pc-console thing. PC gamers don't care if it comes to next gen, and probably vice versa. Let's just hope they optimize and maximize whatever hardware they port it to.

Lior1588d ago

Nobody cares about your crap pcs with custom cases which are called consoles. I'll be playing at 1440p at ultra settings with the great mods

Bladesfist1588d ago

Obviously some people care about them if they are breaking sales records.

starchild1588d ago

You are assuming console gamers are "people". jk

GuruMeditation1588d ago

Did the arrogance come with your gpu, or did you have to cultivate it separately? People love their consoles, much like you enjoy your rig. I choose to play both, but even if I didn't I wouldn't understand the need to be such a d'bag about it...

TheSaint1588d ago

Just remember, you wouldn't even have GTA V if it wasn't for consoles. You're welcome.

Also, PC gaming would be in a much worse state without the consoles bringing gaming into the mainstream, again, you're welcome.

Lol at PC players.

tee_bag2421588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Lior...Seriously, how old are you ? You must have the smallest wiener

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kingduqc1588d ago

Or get the pc version, it will look better then the ps4 one and run smoother and has mods...

I don't get console gamer, there is no reason to play on console beside getting less

AusRogo1588d ago

For the exclusives, its cheaper then having to buy a nice pc set up? I play consoles and dont feel like im getting less. Not to say i dont like PC gaming though. I just dont get pc elitists.

GuruMeditation1588d ago

Well, there's people like me for one. I get paid on a per - contract basis and have 3 kids to feed, so I don't always know when I'll have spare cash. With that level of uncertainty, I can't always do my rig justice in terms of keeping up to date. For people such as myself, having a console is a great way to play the latest games without worrying about the cost of upgrading. If, however, I get a lucrative enough contract, I can consider adding to my PC. Everyone had a preference and a reason. It's not ours to understand nor care.

darx1588d ago


If money is a concern then you should stick with PC gaming.

GuruMeditation1588d ago

@darx read my post. Money isn't an issue, rather the regularity of it. Anyway, it's a moot point; I also prefer consoles for mainly illogical and personal reasons and, as everyone has their own preferences, maybe it's about time we just accepted that, rather than trying to {understand, counter, convert}

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DeadlyFire1588d ago

There will be buddy. They have made more than enough cash to bring it over to next gen consoles without even thinking about a loss of profit.

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sklorbit1588d ago

If i could count all the times that leaks have "pretty much confirmed pc gtav."


paul-p19881587d ago

They are pretty much the same regularity as 'Nintendo is doomed' articles, and they are pretty much every other post today lol

gamernova1588d ago

Why wouldn't it have it? It has been the standard for a looooong time.

1588d ago
bobsmith1588d ago

i hope next gen and pc version has las venturas

ELCID7771588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

There is a next-gen version, which appears to be based on the dedicated PC build of the game. Here's proof discovered by a modder scanning through the visualsettings.dat file.

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