Why I'm Still Playing Far Cry 3

More than a year after launch, here’s why one gamer is still playing Far Cry 3.

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NintendoYouth982d ago

one of the best games ever made.

should have won GOTY.

Goro982d ago

VGA/VGX GOTY doesn't include games released late November or December, probably would have had a good chance if it was.

NintendoYouth982d ago

it lost to Journey last year in DICE awards.

I would have gone with FC3 or Xcom myself

air1982d ago

Title doesn't make sense.. You just purchased the game and liked it enough for a second run, most ppl that enjoy open world games that they just purchased would give it a second or third run... Now had you been playing the game since launch and still playing it.... That's the kind of read I was expecting...

Title should be, just got the game and love it...

e-p-ayeaH982d ago

videogame jornalism is all about the sensationalist headlines these days

e-p-ayeaH982d ago

someone should make a Far Cry 4 article.

roland82982d ago

I would love a next gen port with 1080p and 60 fps for the ps4 and xbox one.

Pintheshadows981d ago

I'd rather have Far Cry 4 to be honest. I don't want to encourage this trend of remakes. It is a new generation and I want new games.

snoopgg981d ago

I agree, the movie business is already doing this with alot of movies. They are remaking movies all the time. I don't want prettier versions of old games, I want new titles. Just my opinion. Bring on Far Cry 4

Plagasx981d ago

Just play the PC version. It's on a whole other level.

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The story is too old to be commented.