The 20 coolest ways Wii Fit U makes you less of a couch potato

GamesBeat writes, "The ultimate threat to Wii Fit U is … cookies. Delicious, fattening holiday cookies. I thought I’d test how well Nintendo’s latest fitness game works by playing it over the holidays, the toughest time to keep the pounds off, and, well, I saw mixed results.

I’m not the only one who indulged a little too much this season. Now that Wii Fit U has hit retail (it released digitally late last year) and Wii Sports Club is available on the eShop, you have plenty of ways to burn those extra calories. Below are the best features and minigames the two have to offer."

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Tolkoto1560d ago

I find that Hula dancing thing to be more exciting that I probably should.

NagaSotuva1560d ago

Certainly less intimidating than Xbox Fitness.

deantak1560d ago

potato for me instead.

Sadie21001559d ago

Yoga? No thanks. Kung Fu, however....

jmosley6711559d ago

I'd really rather just go outside. I guess I'm lucky to live in Florida.

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