As with Hitman, which other titles should return to their roots?

This week IO Interactive fell on their sword a bit, with an open letter sent out to its fans and the industry. The letter pretty much explained that the next Hitman title would return to “core Hitman fantasy” and they have certainly learnt a lesson from the last title in the series, Hitman: Absolution.

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SynGamer1494d ago

SOCOM 2 HD (and modernized a bit). Though, we have H-Hour in development so...nevermind?

I would really like to see Monster Rancher return as a PS Vita game!

kalkano1494d ago

For the love of God, Final Fantasy.

I don't see how going action-RPG is going to benefit them. They've abandoned their fanbase, while removing the one thing that set them apart. They are now just another face in the crowd. I'd rather play a series like Elder Scrolls, or The Witcher.

Final Fantasy is now meaningless.

eyeDEVOUR1494d ago

Agreed...bring back turn-based

DCfan1493d ago

As bad as people make FF look like. I'd rather play it than a buggy mess that is an ES game.

DC7771493d ago

Agreed. Bring back the openness that made it an adventure.

Resident Evil. Get back to the creepiness.

ErryK1493d ago

FFXIII was perfectly fine for a FF game.

If you didn't like it, there's always Bravely Default.

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stavrami-mk21493d ago

hitman is a big one for me the last one was an atrocity . also like he says above be nice to see monster rancher or also known as hunter return to the vita

Buzz7S1493d ago

The FPS genre! Gone are the days of finding your own way around a map, picking up health packs and running out of ammo and resorting to cheap, dirty tactics to beat a level.

Nowadays, they hold your hand and guide you every step of the way, health regenerates, ammo can be found almost anywhere and with quite a large supply at hand...

We NEED more games like Metro!

dcj05241493d ago

Dude you don't know how pissed off i was when DICE added regenerative health. They destroyed the medic like wtf. Same with vehicles what the hell is the point of the egineer if it just regernerates. I do miss the fast pace Unreal/Quake shooters though. It required real perscion and accuracy.

pyramidshead1493d ago

Dead Space, and practically any other third person survival horror game.

Mega241493d ago

I would love to see a reboot of Dino Crisis on next gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.