Q&A: Exent Talks In-Game Ad Struggles, AdMuse

Since being established in 1992, Exent Technologies have been involved in many areas of video game monetization, including digital distribution and digital rights management, with technology that powers online distribution services such as GameTap.

More recently it expanded into the field of in-game advertising, and has touted its AdMuse technology not only as a solution for tradition in-game advertising, but as a way for advertisers and marketers to embed new objects into games during the production cycle or post-installation without changing game code.

This was most recently demonstrated in a partnership with online game community Xfire for an in-game treasure hunt tournament around Call of Duty 2, where users who played through CoD2's first five missions and located the secret codes were entered into a drawing to win a copy of Call of Duty 4.

Gamasutra talked to Yoav Tzruya, CMO of Exent, about how the company's in-game advertising has evolved since launch, plus his take on the current market, advertising to children, and the future.

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