Sony: You'll Be Hearing About PS4 Racer DriveClub's Release Date Soon

Push Square, via IGN: "We love DriveClub here at Push Square. That adoration's mostly due to its gorgeous visuals and unbridled potential, but also because the kerfuffle surrounding its delay is giving us mountains of material to write about. If you're not up to speed, a recent ESRB rating suggested that the game will be starting its engine soon, but we've yet to hear any truly concrete information regarding the racing sim's release date."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1406d ago

So we're waiting on a release date announcement then to be released. C'mon Sony announce it now I'm tired of waiting to know when I'll get to play the true next gen racing game:)

SugarSoSweet1405d ago

Get Project Cars if u want a truee next gen racer it looks miles better then DriveClub

xHeavYx1405d ago

Lucky you, already got to play both games, how does it feel to have a time machine?

Kayant1405d ago

"Get Project Cars if u want a truee next gen racer it looks miles better then DriveClub" - What if you don't want a *next-gen* sim racer?? Yh them options...

Heisenburger1405d ago

@xHeavYx I love those classic reponses. It still makes me laugh everytime(no sarcasm).

XD Great Scott!

Hicken1405d ago

What's the release date for Project Cars? How does it look on PS4?

Yeah, thought so.

inveni01405d ago

Yeah, hasn't Project Cars been in development since 1874? Still no release on that one, either. I'll take Driveclub free with PS+ as soon as it's ready!

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truefan11405d ago

They are trying to space as perfectly between forza and project cars. The devs for this game aren't showing much confidence in this game, with the constant push backs and surprise release date.

dantesparda1405d ago

oh vey, where would you get such a asinine idea like that? the fanboyism is strong with this one, stop trolling troll.

Mega241405d ago

can't wait to play it, the gameplay teasers looks so awesome!

Unreal011405d ago

Yeah I'm really looking forward to this too. But I was hoping for a February release date. I'm starting to think we'll be looking at March at the earliest.

Meltic1405d ago


Where is Watch dogs release date ??

Unreal011405d ago

Surely that's nothing to do with Sony?

Meltic1405d ago

they can push the developers

liquidhalos1405d ago


Id rather Sony didnt push its devs. Imagine how buggy games would be if they were pushed by console makers to hit release dates, as much as it pains me to say this, i would rather wait for it to be ready for release

xxShadow-Shockxx1405d ago

I read something about it being released in march, i hope its true

weirdo1405d ago

the neckbeards are restless. i'm pumped for both driveclub and project cars (a wee bit more for driveclub)

Jamaicangmr1405d ago

Sony Please i need a racer. Bought Rivals but that just doesn't cut it. Beat it and can't even bring myself to playing it again. :( Please and ensure that my damn Driving Force GT works and still waiting on my Plus Elite Headset patch Sony.

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