PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Super Stardust HD Versus mode

PS3 Fanboy writes: "Super Stardust HD received its first expansion pack last month, to much praise from the Stardust community. The Solo Pack added several different modes, and the upcoming multiplayer add-on promises to do the same. We had an opportunity to try it out during PlayStation Day and we loved what we saw.

The "Team Pack" adds a Co-op split-screen mode, as well as the incredible Versus Mode. Within Versus Mode, you can partake in a number of different challenges, similar to the offering found in many other multiplayer games: there's Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Grab and Run. This whole mode has been built specifically with party gaming in mind."

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Sevir043871d ago

i simply cant wait. now all they need is more planets and weapons and theme songs this new stuff is just awesome cant wait to play.