XB1 Software Outsells PS4 Software In US, Ghosts and Battlefield 4 Sold Better On XB1 And More

GearNuke: "People might argue about PlayStation 4 having superior ports but it seems like the general public doesn’t really seem to care much. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has revealed software sales figures for several of the first party Microsoft titles."

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Septic1313d ago

I'm quite surprised about the third party stuff selling better on the X1. The first-party titles not so much because the X1 has the better launch titles but why third party party titles? Maybe its because of the two week lead? Not sure.

DarkLordMalik1313d ago

Since Xbox 360 was the best selling system in US and many people used Xbox Live and had friends there, i think it has got more to do with the transition from Ghosts 360 to Ghosts XB1 and same for BF 4.

PS4 has sold reasonably well but its predecessor, the PS3 wasn't really much popular when it comes to these third party ports.

The next COD and BF game sales will shed a better light on this situation.

Kayant1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Edit -

"The next COD and BF game sales will shed a better light on this situation." - This

Actually this is rather interesting didn't see the part about both being combined..... That would mean it sold quite a lot in december to catch up because PS4 had quite a lead in november --->

Not sure about numbers just using chart positioning here.

US is going to be really interesting to watch going forward.

Chris_GTR11313d ago

I think it might have to do with killzone 4 or w.e number they're on now. might not have been the best game but it's a fps so it competes

GarrusVakarian1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

It's quite obvious why X1 games sold better in December, the X1 sold more units than the PS4 in the month of Dcember, it's only logical that people are buying games with those consoles (duh).

For example, let's say the X1 sells 1 million units in December and the PS4 only sells 500k, then let's presume people buy one game with each system, you have 1 million games sold on the X1 and 500k on the PS4. It's not rocket science, whoever sells the most BRAND NEW consoles is obviously going to have the most BRAND NEW game sales to go with those consoles.

GarrusVakarian1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Double post, damn, what is up with this site today?

NewMonday1313d ago

The numbers are for exclusives and 3rd party combined and the XBone has more 1st party games right now

This is Greenberg talking he can't help but spin, and from his info we can tell games like N4S, FIFA, Lego and AC4 sold better on PS4 or he would have mentioned them, and it is no surprise Cod and BF4 soldslightly more on XB1 because of exclusive maps and heavy advertising

Prophet1121313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Just curious but does this include digital sales on SEN?
There where a lot of Christmas Specials for the PS3 versions during Christmas and I know a lot of people who bought the PS3 versions(mainly BF4)online and then paid for the PS4 upgrade because it was cheaper.

mewhy321313d ago

Darklord is right about the xbox live thing. Since many were already on live they just bought xbox one to play with their friends that had live. that makes since.

fanboybeatdown1313d ago (Edited 1312d ago )


LOL your post makes absolutely no sense at all.
Sony has stated that they remain the cumulative sales leader for Nov+dec in NA.

Also, Sony was only barely outsold in December, which would mean that the 1 for 1 attach rate would not make a big difference to games sold for ps4 and xbo in dec.

According to your logic, Sony should have sold more games as they cumulatively have more consoles sold and their numbers in Dec were not far behind.

They didn't, though. (duh)

You are just fumbling for excuses, aren't you?

GarrusVakarian1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )


More consoles sold = more games sold, that's basic logic. Not my fault if you have top deviate away from the topic to try and prove a point.

"According to your logic, Sony should have sold more games as they cumulatively have more consoles sold and their numbers in Dec were not far behind. "

Sigh, that's not my logic at all. We aren't talking cumulative game sales and the NDP numbers aren't reflecting cumulative game sales why are you talking cumulative? In the month of DECEMBER ONLY, the X1 outsold the PS4.....hence the X1 had more game sales in that month. Duh. Try sticking to the topic (December sales only).

You're just fumbling for off topic points and non existent arguments, aren't you? :) You should change your username.

GarrusVakarian1312d ago


More consoles sold = more games sold, that's basic logic. Not my fault if you can't understand that are have to twist it into Sony vs MS to prove your point.

"According to your logic, Sony should have sold more games as they cumulatively have more consoles sold and their numbers in Dec were not far behind. "

Sigh. We aren't talking cumulative game sales though and the numbers from the website aren't reflecting cumilative game sales either.....why are you? In the month of December ONLY, the X1 outsold the PS4.....hence the X1 had more game sales in that month. Duh

You're just fumbling for off topic points and non existent arguments, aren't you? :)

nightsurge1312d ago


Ok so all those people that bought PS4 and Xbox One in November bought 0 games in December... glad we have your "logic" on here.

You even directly contradict yourself! "More consoles sold = more games sold" and yet the Xbox One has more games sold in December AND total 2013 than PS4...

TheGreatAndPowerful1312d ago

@Kayant So COD and BF4 didn't sell better on Xbone. I'll take Venturebeat over a little site like the one above any day.

GarrusVakarian1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )


"Ok so all those people that bought PS4 and Xbox One in November bought 0 games in December... glad we have your "logic" on here."

Lmao.....what?! How did i even remotely say that? Some people have serious reading comprehension problems on this site....i don't even.....

I didn't contradict myself because im talking STRICTLY ABOUT DECEMBER, not cumulative 2013.....what is wrong with you people? NPD is strictly referring to December, im talking strictly December, everyone else is talking strictly December....apart from you and fanboybeatdown.

"More consoles sold = more games sold"

It's pretty obvious i was talking about December, given that the NPD numbers and these articles are talking strictly December too.

My logic would be wrong if the topic was cumulative sales.....but it's not. Word of advice to people, if you're going to try and sound smart and argue a point, at least stick to the topic, read and re-read the persons comment who you are replying too. Unless you purposely are trying to make yourselves look like fools.

truefan11312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

I'm not gonna lie, I love when articles come out like this and it makes all the ps4 fanboys scramble for their excuses. What they should also notice is that it's not some XB1 gloating party either, a few fanboy comments, but nothing to bad. now if this article was reversed it would be ridiculous with all the ps4 fanboys. All in all go XB1, just imagine the spike in sales when Titanfall comes out in march and Halo 5 holiday 2014. The $100 more expensive is selling better and more people are buying more games with more choices, I LOVE IT. PS I'm American, so really I only care about the English speaking countries just in case we end up in the same lobby on live. Lastly, so much for resolution gate, the so called lesser version of BF4 and COD sold better on XB1.

nightsurge1312d ago

@Lukas it is just sad how you keep failing so hard... trying to pretend you are more intelligent, yet you still keep arguing under the false assumption that those who bought a console in November did not buy games in December.

We understand your comment is talking strictly NPD December. It is you that keeps failing to understand our comments. Console sales that occurred in November = more game sales in December! That is where your "logic" keeps going wrong and what we are trying to get through your thick skull... Sony had ~200k console lead for November. That's a lot of consoles that people could buy games for in December, yet Xbox One still took the edge. From the talk of how close the December console sales were, Sony should have been much closer or maintained their software lead but they did not.

Death1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )


Click the link. COD and BF are YTD numbers. According to NPD both are selling better on the Xbox One. First party games are also selling much better on the Xbox One according to the story. Keep in mind this is NA only. Impressive still since the PS4 has sold more consoles in the States.

I understand your logic about console sales creating more software sales. The two consoles sold pretty much the same amount in December according to NPD. Microsoft can claim victory in December, but it's by a few thousand units. The software totals don't even come close though.

Kleptic1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

listen to you guys with 'Xbox Live' being the reason for anything...XBL equipped machines have been the least played systems for BF4 from the get go...

PS3 and Ps4 still lead BF4 player counts daily in console terms (with the PS3 often topping PC), and have since release...the xbox one has averaged the least amount of people playing bf4, with the 360 not doing a whole lot better...

currently the xbox one only has ~27k players...while the PC, PS3, and PS4 all double that (or at least nearly in the PS4's case right now)

dig around the site, you can find more averages month to month...just saying, many are aware of BF4 player counts plummeting because of piss poor service from both DICE and EA...and if that happens...its pretty obvious that the xbox one will be the first to have the bottom fall out...

1312d ago
ABizzel11312d ago

Congrats MS, but stop with the spinning.

You have more exclusives on the market than Sony, so exclusive software sales you should win, as well as the PS4 being out of stock nearly most of December due to the EU and Korea launches.

When people buy their new consoles they more than likely buy at least 1 game with it. XBO was in stock all of December so that means they're sales were going to be up in the US, compared to the PS4 which was down and up a each week due to stock issues.

When you look at the Worldwide numbers you lost EVERYWHERE. Don't spin it for you to feel better. You did good, and if you take out Kinect you'll do even better with a lower price, and being able to ship consoles to other regions much faster like the PS4.

dedicatedtogamers1312d ago

Since the 360 sold nearly double what the PS3 did in the USA last gen, the fact that the PS4 and X1 are neck-and-neck (or slightly ahead, or slightly behind, depending on who you believe) should be making Microsoft sweat bullets right now.

With the supply issues, it was a long shot that PS4 would outsell X1 in the USA, specifically with Microsoft diverting stock to the USA. And yet, PS4 is still sold out while X1 is available everywhere. And yet yet, PS4 has matched the X1 in North America.

Obviously, early sales mean very little, but instead of declaring this a "win" for Xbox (which sold nearly double what PS did in NA last gen) this should be correctly interpreted as a sign that Microsoft is losing their foothold in their last strong territory.

Death1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )


No offense, but you are the one spinning. Sony and Microsoft sold approx the same amount of consoles in December. It's a difference of a few thousand.

Microsoft has 30% more retail exclusives selling almost 300% more than Sony. They are also selling more third party games. This is being done with a smaller install base and a $100 higher console price. That is not an easy feat to accomplish. The $100 higher price should be cutting into game sales. Instead customers are buying more games.


Sony doesn't have supply issues. They choose to spread the supply they have over a much larger area. This is their marketing strategy and not a supply problem. There are less PS4's in North America because Sony sent less to the region by choice. In my opinion that was a mistake since almost half of the sales in North America occur in the fourth quarter, but that is what Sony wanted to do.

SilentNegotiator1312d ago

It's just US numbers...why should this be a surprise to anyone?

Skip_Bayless1312d ago

Zombie statistics and spin here. Stupid Aaron Green burg says "these numbers are not only December since the X1 launched in late November so these numbers should have LTD". That's just spin there. And no the NPD did track the one week of X1 in November.

X1 is losing, end of story.

JokesOnYou1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

"Last #NPD fact : 1st/2nd party (exclusives) SW sales for #XboxOne 1.5M units vs. 599K for PS4. Led by Dead Rising, Forza 5 and Ryse."

hmmm, So not only did Xbox One outsell the ps4 in terms of consoles sold for their *1st full month head to head in the worlds *largest single market the US but Xbox One also has a higher attach rate for you game sales with higher totals but even beat ps4 with more 1st party game, so much for all those "tv, tv, tv" comments. Looks like my fellow X1 gamers are *gaming more than the ps4 folks. Actually I think digital is a huge factor this gen for full retail games, more so on X1 imo....I know myself and others prefer conveniences of all digital so far.

Skip_Bayless1312d ago

^Nice Spin

In JokesonYou's house the X1 outsold the PS4 by 1:0. And the games for the month of December in JokesonYou's house is 3:0. Therefore Sony's PS4 must be faltering.

JokesOnYou1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Skip nowhere did I say or imply ps4 is "faltering" or doing poorly. I just think it's sort of funny that so much of n4g is filled with how sony is crushing micro *in between* the announcements of official data....which is why I don't even bother commenting on so many of the hit seeking headlines amymore to give context to the BS so many crap sites like cinemablend and n4g member bloggs write to post here.

This is worth commenting on since its an official source and when sony announced ps4 was at 4.2m vs X1 at 3mil? I said congrats to sony but also no one wanted to hear that X1 sales were very impressive in comparison with only being on sale in 13 markets vs sony sales in 43. That's a huge distinction even if you believe ps4 would still outsell X1 in every single one of those markets only a extremely delusional sonyfanboy who sleeps with a ps blanket would believe 30 more markets wouldn't lead to alot more sales for X1's overall total WW.

Yeah so call me what you like but this is why I like whenever official numbers are released from either side because it makes all the fanboy talk of "a" killing "b" look stupid. Im proud of the fact I predicted long ago after the reveal of the X1 and the following months that all the BS polls wont matter much once the console WITH GAMES launched and folks get their hands on wheres all those scary NSA stories now?

I mean it's the same old thing the n4g analyst right now swear X1 sales are poor in other news but they conveniently ignore all the facts and just go off ps4 beating X1 in Belgium or Netherlands or whatever countries X1 isn't on sale....or assume they know actual #'s for territories they are both sold but have no links with up to date sales.

SITH1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

The problem was there were no battlefield 4 and call of duty games available on store shelves to match or exceed xbox one sells.


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a08andan1313d ago

Well Americans are really conservative and brand loyal so I always doubted ps3/ps4 would outsell the Xbox brand. But the race is much close so far this gen than previous gen!

a08andan1313d ago

Probably should have said: "..outsell the Xbox brand in the US" as that is what I meant ^^

BX811313d ago

Americans... conservative?.... How dare you sir!

extermin8or1313d ago

Last I checked stock aklowing ps4 was still ahead console sales wise in the usa... after all it sokd a million just in the usa in its first day-the xb1 sold a million split between usa and eu, in total xb1 sold 3.something million and ps4 is on what like 4.5 so since launch if xb1 sold say 2.5 million approx and ps4 sokd another 3.5 split mainly between the usa and eu.... unless xbox sold almost all of that in usa they would at the very least be about even? Even if there was like a 60:40 split usa:eu for xb1 and vice versa for ps4 then they should still be even. It seems more likely that as ps4 has kz as a launch title ps4 pkayers only pick up one of the two fps' s mentioned above. Xb1 has no fps launch title-so their owners are buying both cod and bf4. Makes sense?

Death1312d ago

Americans conservative and brand loyal? Typically blanket generalizations like that are never accurate. Check the PS1 and PS2 numbers by region and you will see Americans bought a significant portion of those consoles. If Americans were brand loyal like you seem to think, there would be no Xbox One.

As for conservative, I would love to see it here in the U.S, but unfortunately we have become a much more liberal nation in the last decade or two.