Reeves admits PSP needs more new games

Matt Martin reports:

''Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president David Reeves has admitted that the PlayStation Portable is suffering from a lack of new games titles in the region.

Although the company has its Go! Explore sat-nav application, and cross-platform functions with the PlayStation 3, at its recent PlayStation Day the only new PSP games mentioned during the hour and a half presentation were Echocrome and Buzz! Quiz Master.

"Hand on heart, would we like more PSP games? Yes, we would. We really would," said Reeves speaking exclusively to''

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Harry1903871d ago

after the great first quarter of the year,there seems to be a lack of games right now.

Mcrmarcher3870d ago

yea they really do need some new games, i tell ya if there as good as GOW then i'll be happy =)

heyheyhey3870d ago

i dunno

i don't use the PSP too much anyway, i certainly don't use it at home or anything

for the small amount of time i really do need my PSP i have enough games, films and music on my PSP to satisfy

that being said, more original titles like Locoroco and Patatpon are always welcome

as are blockbusters like GOW

Kassanova073870d ago

There is literally no games coming out this year that are worth playing...Oblivion and GT have been delayed so often that most people presumed them as canceled. I guess we can look forward to a devil may cry compilation if that even makes its way here. Perhaps piracy has something to do with it.

snappywave3870d ago

Yes... Capcom where are you? We need more of your stuff on PSP please.

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