Microsoft to put mobile phones in hands of impoverished

Mark Raby reports:

''Microsoft has started a new initiative that it hopes will make mobile phones more affordable for people in developing countries, in a move similar to the highly publicized "One Laptop Per Child" program.

The company already has a shell of a project called Fone+, which has been moving at a snail's pace since it was first unveiled a few years ago. However, with the technologies for under-priveleged countries coming back to the spotlight, it decided to move Fone+ forward with a vengeance.

The move comes as Microsoft's "Unlimited Potential Group," which focuses on developing nations, appointed a new boss.''

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fmjpower3868d ago

screw the 3rd world food shortage when you can text message........

Nadine Coyle3868d ago

LOL. good idea if they are giving them out. dought they can aford credit though.

Harry1903868d ago

what you said FMJ.But i guess they view technology as an empowering tool,which could help those people.

wow4u3868d ago

Giving the poor a way to connect to the modern world, and all the information that goes with it is very helpful for them.

There are many examples of how this helps. Imagine they're sustenance farmers; they can check the price of seeds/fertilizers from many sources (potentially preventing exploitation by some suppliers), they can check the weather before they begin harvest or planting, they can phone markets to find the prices of product before they choose to harvest or to find a better buyer.

There are many ways that they can benefit by providing them a means to get information.

Imagine if they could use their Windows Mobile phone to read Wikipedia?

CrazyMystical3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

as someone said they should give them out for Free (never going to happen)

Gorgon3868d ago

And who's going to pay the bill? Good old Bill Gates? Great way to impoverish them even further.

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Sir Ken Kutaragi3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

Oh Dear!!! Haven't they got enough problems without having the risk of Burning to Death!!! ;-D

Why don't Bill Gates + MicroSoft just give the poor their Billions then??? That would help them out!!!

Fishy Fingers3868d ago

How about a Roof instead? Sorry, but I'm sure that money, time and effort could be put to better use.

clearelite3868d ago

Makes me wonder how exactly MS will benefit from this.... Besides who needs cell phones when there are turkeys to farm and plenty of wild goats to ride around.

likeaboss3023868d ago

Great, just what we need. MS providing better contact with other terrorist networks. j/k

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